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Stickman Red And Blue is an addictive puzzle game where you have to embody both characters. Control both stickmen at the same time and use the buttons to move, push boxes, and collect coins to find the exit in the jungle.
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Dec 7, 2022
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Adventure games always fascinate us, especially those that blend narrative and challenge. However, Stickman Red and Blue Mod Apk is created in a basic and conventional style. It lacks the typical features found in many premium applications these days. Its oddity, on the other hand, has an intriguing appeal. Simple operations with substantial challenges await players at the end of hope’s road. At the conclusion of hope, exciting adventures will officially begin.

About Stickman Red and Blue Mod Apk

Overcoming tough challenges

The Green and Red Stickman pair went into the woods with a burning desire to learn new things. They become lost in an ancient people’s mysterious dungeon, which is packed with traps meant to repel intruders. You’ll have to keep your cool in order for this pair to overcome these obstacles. It will be more challenging than usual to control both characters at the same time. These 2 characters, on the other hand, may collaborate in many situations. When you finish the game screen with both characters, you will win. These are the things we must know to survive safely.

Around the dungeons, golden coins will be strewn about. You may collect them to build up for additional things. The more conditions you fulfill, the bigger your shopping basket gets.

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Difficult levels

This is a wonderful puzzle adventure game with just the right amount of riddles. The beginning of the game will be somewhat basic, though the following lessons will raise the bar significantly. It asks you to think and carefully execute each move. If you accidentally cause one of the two characters to die, you will have on replay from the start. Keep in mind that blue stickman can interact with items like water or ice while Red can walk on fire and is resistant to extreme heat. Our ultimate victory relies on teamwork.

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Change the character’s costume

The stickman pair, which has the default appearance, makes us feel dull. When players go to the store, they can quickly alter it. Here you’ll find a large selection of beautiful costumes with a variety of themes. You’ll see Superman and Wonder Woman, Thor and Loki, Sonic the Hedgehog… There are several characters from popular comic books and movies that you can discover here. More particularly, it would be ideal if you bought your costumes in sets. That was enough to transform our two stick people into such distinct individuals. There will be a lot of new and updated costumes every week. Let’s raise as much money as we can so that you may have them back again.

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Collect the rewards

There are several rewards available to us with Stickman Red and Blue. Daily tasks, as well as special occasions with a lot of benefits. Collected coins may be used to acquire a significant sum of money for the fund. Daily attendance is also a reliable source of income that can be harnessed to its maximum potential profits. Keep in mind there are occasional developer giveaways where you may get your hands on free skins if you keep an eye on things. This game is pay-to-win; thus, it provides us with the ideal balance in terms of fun and security.


  • Avoiding obstacles and moving Red Stickman and Blue Stickman with arrows is the objective. Red Stickman must avoid water, while Blue Stickman must avoid fire.
  • To switch from the Blue Stickman to the Red Stickman and vice versa, simply touch the button “Swap.”
  • As you can see, the gameplay is straightforward: grab as many gems as possible.
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Download Stickman Red and Blue Mod Apk

Do not wait any longer to download and play Stickman Red and Blue Mod Apk, the most popular puzzle game in order to participate in challenging endeavors. Have fun and complete each difficult level of Stickman Red and Blue as quickly as possible. Download Stickman Red and Blue Mod Apk at

What's new

We've worked hard to bring you version 2.3.0:
- More new skins character
- Best UI experience
- Fix some minor bugs
- More levels
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