Murder in Alps: Hidden Mystery

Murder in the Alps is a unique adventure story game! 🔍 It's a fully interactive crime novel with amazing Hidden Object gameplay features. ✈️ Journey back to the 1930s, solve countless mysteries and experience an adventure in the authentic atmosphere of the time!
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Nordcurrent Games
Feb 21, 2023
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If you’re a fan of thrilling adventure and investigation, Murder in the Alps is an exciting mobile title perfect for you. Jump into its immersive world as you unravel mysteries around every corner – from action-packed scenes to interactive experiences that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

Uncover the mystery in this story-driven adventure game and become an amateur detective, exploring vibrant alpine scenery while uncovering secrets. As you journey through a web of lies, deception, and murder, can you detect which suspect among them is truly guilty? Immerse yourself in miles’ worth of suspense as your investigation unfolds!

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Introducing Murder in Alps MOD APK

Get ready to immerse yourself in a unique and thrilling experience with Murder in Alps MOD APK! Gain first-hand interactive crime novel gameplay, filled with intriguing stories that draw you into their captivating mysteries. Test your detective skills as each scene unfolds before you for an addictive adventure like no other.

Follow Anna Myers, an intrepid journalist from Zurich, on her winter getaway to the gorgeous Alps. Experience idyllic mountain scenery and classic accommodations – but be warned: dark forces are at play! A murder has taken place in their midst; it is up to you as detective extraordinaire to uncover the culprit before they can wreak more havoc! Solve clues, interrogate suspects and bring justice back into an otherwise delightful holiday adventure.


Unlock the thrilling secrets hidden within a host of exotic places. Experience an interactive, immersive world as one of its characters and uncover dark mysteries in this captivating visual novel game – be prepared for some blood-curdling discoveries along the way!

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Revel in the realm of fantastic tales and magical mysteries! Unearth captivating clues as you explore meticulously hand-drawn scenes, and interact with characters and items within them to find your way. Put on the thinking cap—mindboggling puzzles await so brace yourself for an immersive journey like no other! And what’s more? Unlock exciting rewards as you traverse through each level — a unique experience that will keep bringing you back again and again.

Explore the features of Murder in Alps MOD APK

Engaging and engaging storyline

Dive into an immersive and captivating virtual world where you’ll get lost in the exciting storylines as you explore its vast array of interactive features. Challenge yourself to make quick decisions that can yield unpredictable consequences, allowing for hours upon hours of addicting detective gameplay. Draw yourself deeper down a rabbit hole full of thrilling surprises and enjoy every minute!


Unique characters and uncover their secrets

Embark on a thrilling journey as you explore the expansive world of this game, coming face-to-face with intriguing characters whose secrets will aid your investigation. With every conversation comes exciting opportunities to uncover new scenarios and information that could lead closer to finding out who’s behind it all. Test different approaches when engaging in conversations – no option is off-limits when seeking answers! Immerse yourself into an intensity-filled story where choices have consequences and decisions can change everything.

Authentic recreation of the 1930s Alps

In Murder in the Alps, Android gamers are invited to explore a world of adventure and mystery. Immerse yourself in stunning snow-covered mountains or marvel at historical structures from days gone by before uncovering dark secrets lurking within dank cellars; all brought to life with realistic visuals that create an authentic 1930s experience!


Intuitive instructions and accessible gameplay

Take on the challenge of detective work with simple, intuitive gameplay that makes it accessible to all. Get familiarized in no time and take your fun experience up a notch with interactive touch options – making sleuthing as convenient as ever! Can’t figure out what comes next? No worries; use our handy Strategy Guide to guide you through every step seamlessly. Explore tons of immersive experiences within this game and dive right into its captivating new features without hesitation – be an armchair detective like never before!

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Detailed and unique scenes with lots of collectibles

Explore Murder in the Alps and become a real detective! Uncover clues, collect evidence, and piece together details found within unique story-related scenes throughout your adventure. With stunning visuals that make you feel as though you’re really there along with interactive features like an investigation magnifying glass and hat included – it’s time to take on this intriguing challenge!


Brain-twisting puzzles that you need to solve

Enter a thrilling world of mystery and suspense with Murder in the Alps! Take on mind-bending puzzles, interact with intriguing characters, and rely on your quick wit to unravel clues – it’s all part of this captivating game. Sharpen those detective skills as you strive towards uncovering the truth behind an unforgettable case. Have fun diving into new adventures each journey yields fresh challenges that require creative solutions sure to keep any thrill seeker enthralled!

Unlock amazing achievements

Immerse yourself in the enthralling world of Murder in the Alps and uncover its hidden secrets by unlocking multiple achievements as you progress through your journey! Follow exciting quest lines to earn unique badges, a testament to all that you have accomplished. With so many rewards up for grabs, why wait? Start playing now and experience everything this captivating game has to offer.


Interesting mini-games

Murder in the Alps takes your gaming experience to a new level with its exciting mini-games, offering you an opportunity for thrilling and unique play. Uncover hidden scenes as you progress through engaging activities that will keep boredom at bay – come face-to-face with criminal masterminds while tackling ever more difficult detective challenges!


Murder in the Alps is guaranteed to provide an exhilarating experience filled with crime, adventure, and lots of excitement. Dive into a captivating world full of interactive mechanics that immerse you deeper than ever before Google Play. Follow interesting characters as they develop their own stories through every twist and turn – all without any ads or charges! Enjoy your action-packed journey like never before on our free version available now.

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