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This interactive interpretation of the Gospels puts YOU on the scene of over 50 Bible stories, where you can either repeat history or rewrite it! Follow in the footsteps of a prophet across 30 historical locations as he seeks to enlighten the masses, and find your place among 200 other characters - each with their own values and allegiances. Be the devil that tempts him or the disciple that betrays him, as you walk the thin line between the dark and the light. Unlock the mysteries of creation and use up to 24 different powers for good or evil, in an action-packed world where the struggle to survive tests your faith.
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Feb 1, 2023
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The You Testament MOD APK (Unlocked All) is a Bible-based simulation game. Mat Dickie, a developer from North Lincolnshire, England, developed the game. He also created School Days and Wrestling Revolution, one of the best wrestling games for mobile phones. Mat Dickie’s games are characterized by low-quality polygon graphics and poor controls. He said that it allowed his title to achieve greater performance and “can cross many barriers.”

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Introduce about The You Testament

The You Testament is Mat Dickie’s last game, according to some sources. But he changed his mind and created a follow-up, Making of a Prophet, which focused on Muhammad, who established Islam.


The You Testament is a game that focuses on Bible stories. After completing the character creation, you will be transported back to B.C., where you will meet Jesus immediately in the first scene. You may choose from historical figures such as Columbus, Thor, or Skywalker, or from famous film characters such as Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker.

You will encounter 50 biblical tales in the game. And you are the one who lives it, changes it, and rewrites it as you see fit. The game provides various methods to tell Bible stories in a fresh and innovative way. If you’re a non-religious person, the game has plenty of fascinating things for you to discover. Although utilizing context and Bible stories and history, we may comprehend that The You Testament is a typical life simulation game. We can create our own personalities and observe how our actions and choices impact our futures.

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The main screen of the game has a virtual key on the left to control the character’s movement up, down, left, and right. Double-click in the direction you wish to run. I’ll go through the rest of the keys in further detail later.

  • A: Attack.
  • G: Throw or hold.
  • P: Pick up or put down an item.
  • U: Select the object you want.
  • P + U: Combine any two things together.
  • Eye icon: Push to sleep or keep the button pressed to meditate.

Every choice creates a new narrative

That’s right. This allows The You Testament to provide players with a variety of emotions. A guard appears and demands that you pay taxes in one scene. If you are willing to comply, nothing terrible will happen to you. However, if you decline, he will jail you and many more stories will emerge as a result. So it’s possible for your adventure to continue in some manner.

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There are several enjoyable things to do

When you play The You Testament, your character continuously feels hungry and quite. To compensate, you may capture animals like chickens, rabbits, geese, and so on and eat them. You can also vomit if your food bar is full while you continue to eat. Your health will be greatly reduced as a result of this.

The best way to heal is to get a good night’s sleep. One thing you should be aware of is that sleeping on a bed or in a warm environment is preferable than sleeping on the floor. Sleeping on the floor may deplete your energy bar.

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During your journey, you will encounter many people in need of assistance. Some individuals are on the verge of death and may be saved if you hold them in your arms. You’ll feel good about yourself and receive their thanks. Isn’t it true that excellent work is always a pleasure?

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About The You Testament MOD APK

MOD Feature

  • Unlocked All: Players can now access all biblical events without any limitations.
  • Unlimited Powers: This version is more powerful than the previous one. This implies that players may use the abilities at any moment to fight evil beings.

Download The You Testament MOD APK latest version

Overall, the You Testament mod APK is a fantastic method to learn more about Christianity. It might assist you in increasing your understanding of God and his function in daily life. Even better, it allows you to experience biblical events via a 2D narrative. The best part is that it includes lots of interesting features, which make the game even more enjoyable for players.

What's new

- Enhanced compatibility with the latest Android hardware.
- Controller support for paying customers! Xbox One+ & Playstation 4+ controllers should be recognized on Android 10+, other/older devices may need to visit the "Calibration" option.
- Exclusive link to try the new multiplayer PC version!
- Fixed shortcut from Ptolemais to Calvary.



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