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WorldBox is a free god and simulation Sandbox game.
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Maxim Karpenko
Mar 20, 2023
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WorldBox is a fantastic simulation game written by Maxim Karpenko. This game has a very personal feel to it, making it ideal for “changing the wind” if you’re tired of bloody killing games. Players may freely purchase equipment with WorldBox MOD APK version!

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Download WorldBox Mod APK — An attractive simulation game

Worldbox is a mix of two genres, Sandbox and Indie. Worldbox’s innovative and appealing gameplay has slowly won over a large number of players. Are you interested in creating your own version of reality? Let’s get started!

In your creative eyes, the world is a canvas.

Maxim Karpenko’s Worldbox is a wonderful way to give you the strength of the Supreme. You will take on the part of a powerful god in this game. In your own style, you’ll be reconstructing the structure and creating the world. Previously, you may have found yourself dissatisfied with certain elements of your life, but they may now be corrected or destroyed. All of the authority now resides in your hands, and you are the only one who has it. The power is concentrated near the display panel. Players must keep in mind concepts like as downloading a sample world then making your own unique world with your own rules. If you understand these guidelines, playing the game will be simple and not difficult at all.

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In Worldbox, there was formerly just a limited amount of space. In your hands, life will begin to take shape. Players start with little villages based on their knowledge of historical civilizations. Continue to expand the village into a great empire as time goes by. Humans live in the Living World with other organisms and animals. They are tenacious in their perseverance, even in the face of harshness of nature. As a result, don’t be hesitant to offer them challenges such as: remove the monsters, cause natural catastrophes, or flood … Some way, man must succeed over everything. Otherwise they will always be lost. With just a few swipes, drags, and drops on the screen, the enormous planet is suddenly reduced to the scale of your imagination.

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You may destroy anything you want.

Yes. In the Worldbox, along with recreating it, you have the power to delete anything you believe should not exist. There are several ways for you to use this power. The first is to destroy many places’ lives with landmines, atomic weapons, meteorites, or infinity coins. The second option is to employ TNT. When it comes into touch with the earth, this is a type of high-yield explosive that has extremely powerful destructive capability. Players may also utilize natural calamities and monsters to intimidate humanity in addition to the carnage. Test humanity’s patience and fortitude as you fight the terrifying fire dragons. Alternatively, see what happens when you mix water with fury.

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Relative graphics

People today are much more used to 3D realistic backgrounds, though in the past, many individuals preferred them. Despite this, Worldbox elected to utilize 2D pixel art instead. With over 10 million downloads, however, there have been a lot of people who like this style. Because, in many respects, this 2D graphics technology is an excellent fit for the game’s gameplay. The picture is somewhat less sharp, but the explosion effects and surrounding environment are both lovely. It is because of this that Worldbox has made a valuable and distinctive contribution to the game’s success.

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Android Apk MOD Version: The Worldbox APK Mod

  • Unlimited money
  • Unlock
  • Shopping

Worldbox is a new and interesting entertainment game. The game is ideal for individuals with a vivid imagination and advanced creativity. Download Worldbox MOD APK to build your own world!

What's new

## 0.21.1 - Picking Eggshells
- added: option to adjust the intensity of the night
- added: option to adjust the intensity of the color of some ages
- changes: dragons now friendly with fire elementals
- changes: dragon attacks have now a small force effect with damage
- changes: added bigger timeout for alliance plot creation
- changes: removed whoosh sound when map is moved
- changes: ufo disaster changed to appear only at age of moon
- changes: dragons will prefer flying to lava or ground...



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