Craft School: Monster Class

Join Monster Class where Herobrune and his favorite monster students go through all the crazily fun lessons. Try your best to finish them all with your classmates and get the highest scores!
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Nov 23, 2022
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What’s better than a class full of fun and excitement? A classroom filled with monsters! Join Herobrune as he teaches his favorite students about the lessons that will make them all smarter. Get into this crazy mode where you try your best to finish every assignment, whether it be an easy or hard one – because who says there can only ever BE ONE Best Kid In Class?!


You’ll immerse yourself in a pixel world full of amazing challenges and thrilling dangers. Your skills, reflexes & calculations will be tested throughout the lessons where you have to outsmart grainless enemies with vile plans for destruction; avoid enraging obstacles while also running jumpingly towards your next round!

You can climb the ranks and break world records while collecting gold coins, but there are even more valuable treasures hidden in every lesson.

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Take on top-notch lessons

  • You are in a prison and there’s no way out. You need to find the keys, and avoid guards at all costs!
  • The siren head is a huge monster that attacks you with its voice. You must survive this attack and then destroy it using all of our explosives!
  • Parkour is a way of moving quickly and efficiently through an environment, solving problems along the way. If you are looking for something intense then this sport may be perfect!

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  • The player has to avoid the red light, green light, and glass bridge while running on a track. The difficulty level increases with every challenge that you face which makes for an intense experience!
  • The zombies are coming! They want to take over the world and turn it into a horror movie. Show these brain-eating monsters what you’re made of by taking them on in an epic zombie apocalypse face-off – shoot ’em before they eat your brains (and other parts)!
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Simple yet addictive stimulation

  • Use the buttons on your controller to move, run and jump.
  • The first person you see is an angle from which to view the world, while third-person perspectives offer up a different point of view. Dragging your mouse across screens will help find what works best for each type!

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Game features:

  • You can now take your guitar playing to the next level with this new and improved set of lessons. With 100 levels, you’re sure not going home bored!
  • There are skins for almost every type of character in the game! You can also equip various weapons that come with different stats and abilities.
  • Every level of this game will have a brand-new pixel map and landscape to explore, so you’ll never get tired of exploring!
  • The graphics are so 3D that it’s like looking at animation.

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The goal of this class is to have you strive for an A grade in every single one of your lessons. Can we do that? Join Craft School: Monster Class, where the only thing more difficult than learning how to use a sewing machine is trying not to make any mistakes!

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