Samurai Blade: Yokai Hunting

Become a hero of the legend following the journey of destiny with lovely girls,
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May 2, 2023
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Install Samurai Blade Mod APK v1.12659 (Damage/Defense Multiplier). Become the hero of the legend after a fateful journey with lovely girls in the action RPG game.

Introduce Samurai Blade Mod APK

Based on the Samurai theme, which is inspired by Japan. To join the fights, play Samurai Blade Mod, which is based on the Samurai motif. The game revolves around Samurai and terrifying monsters’ conflicts. The action component of this game mixes with role-playing elements in a fantasy setting. It’s a fantastic journey that will put your skills to the test. You’ll have to complete a variety of activities throughout your trip. From journeys to epic confrontations. Or take part in PvP duels and complete raid missions. The distinctive 2D visuals will be especially appealing. Simulate the environment of breathtaking conflicts while recreating them. At the same time, play with the idle control system while battling. Unlike other action games, you are not directly controlled during battle.

samurai blade yokai mod apk

Highlight features of Samurai Blade Mod APK

Background story

The tale of Samurai Blade Mod begins in the Warring States period of Japanese history. In a contrived world created by SBLGames, humans and monsters coexist on the same territory. There have been many paradoxes as well as rising difficulties due to this. Here is a mysterious village that protects a treasure. It was a precious spiritual stone, an ancient seal with tremendous power stored within it. The protagonist is a Samurai warrior sent to protect the spirit of jade’s soul energy.

Do not be taken advantage of by monsters. Something terrible has occurred, however. Monsters have slain the entire village and seized the spirit jade. You play as a Samurai warrior in this game. Begin the quest to recover the spirit of jade while avenging the creatures that murdered your people.

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samurai blade yokai hunting mod apk

Difficulty level over time

To begin, play as a Samurai warrior in this mod. The gameplay of Samurai Blade Mod continues with each level. Each conflict is played out in real-time. Samurai warriors will have to attack rapidly throughout the fight. All monsters must be destroyed. In the final battle, face the boss. After defeating the boss, the mission is completed. You’ll receive a lot of treasure including gold coins, gems, ninjutsu books, and weapons after you complete this operation on a new level. On a new level, join another war.

Monsters have grown in number and strength. Attack and defense have also improved. A new adversary, who is more powerful than the others, will confront you. The intensity of the conflict will be increased even further. To triumph, you must nurture your Samurai warrior’s power.

samurai blade mod apk menu

Create a fighting team and increase your team strength

Use the Samurai Blade Mod levels to go through the fights. You may also recruit numerous other martial artists. Assemble a team of up to 5 Samurai warriors and you’ll be able to battle much more effectively. The game’s character system is varied. There are many distinct Samurai warriors that you can add to your roster. Their stats are displayed in terms of strength. A variety of Samurai warriors are available for recruitment. Their combat ability, attack power, and physical defense

The degree of difficulty gradually rises over time. As a result, you must upgrade in order to enhance your power. Collect jutsu books through battles or missions to collect them. It may then be utilized to boost strength displays. They can attain a maximum of 6 stars if they improve the warrior’s star count.

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samurai blade mod apk all unlocked

Auto, idle feature

In Samurai Blade, your task is to keep an eye on the action in the arena. Use warriors’ abilities to boost damage against foes. When you touch their avatar symbol, they will use a unique attack that deals more damage. Alternatively, you may employ the Auto function while resting combat. The Samurai warriors will then go on and execute their own moves automatically.

They will also pick up gold coins that appear in the arena, which is not only amazing but also useful. They were delivered by vanquished monsters.

samurai blade mod apk multiplier

FAQ about Samurai Blade Mod APK

What is Samurai Blade Mod APK?

  • It is a modified version of Samurai Blade with some features unlocked.

How do I download Samurai Blade Mod APK?

  • Just click on the provided link above and it will start downloading automatically.

Is Samurai Blade Mod APK safe to use?

  • Yes, Samurai Blade Mod APK is completely safe to use as it is virus-free and has been tested by our team of experts.

What are the features of Samurai Blade Mod APK?

  • Damage/Defense Multiplier
  • Massive Dodge Chances/Crit Chances

Do I need to root my device to use Samurai Blade Mod APK?

  • No, you don’t need to root your device to use Samurai Blade Mod APK.

What is the size of Samurai Blade Mod APK?

  • The size of Samurai Blade Mod APK is 53 MB.


Aside from the level-by-level Samurai Blade Mod adventure, you may also engage in numerous other game modes. Battle mode allows you to compete with other Samurai warriors. Alternatively, you can take part in the furious and dramatic struggle for dominance. Win by demonstrating the strength and becoming the greatest Samurai warrior.

You can also join the guild and engage in battles with other organizations. You’ll have to accomplish a variety of activities in addition to this. Win a match. Successfully recruited a Samurai warrior. Complete 5 encounters in the story mode. There are several additional unusual missions to discover. A lot of wonderful benefits will be given to you after completing the operation.

What's new

1. New SSR Samurai Ariel added
2. Attendance event on the 7th of May
3. Communication module version update
4. Balloon Event
5. Capsule Drawing Event
6. Raid boss sleep immunity added
7. Laura illustration change



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