Blitz: Rise of Heroes

Unlock unique champions to build the ultimate RPG squad. Immerse yourself in hundreds of hours of story-driven campaigns with over 100 levels. Come fight for glory in Blitz: Rise of Heroes!
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May 11, 2023
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A new arena-format RPG mobile project, Blitz: Rise of Heroes Mod Apk is quickly captivating fans of games that require strategic thinking and beloved battle royale lovers. With special arenas that occupy gamers from the moment they press the “Battle” button, dynamic battles become memorable and unique in each manifestation. And now, with an offline mode option, players have a new way to increase their character’s power and reach a higher level of development.

Even when a player is logged off, their character continues to progress by winning battles and earning experience. The developers realize that the auto-battle mode is highly sought after among players and have taken measures to improve its quality.

Introduce Blitz: Rise of Heroes Mod Apk

With Blitz: Rise of Heroes Mod Apk, you can create unique builds for each battle, thanks to its flexible upgrade system.

Assemble a team of powerful champions to take on all challengers in Blitz: Rise of Heroes. With hundreds of hours of story-driven content and over 100 levels to play, there’s always something new to experience. So come fight for glory today!

There are many different ways to play the game, and each one requires a different strategy. Choose your heroes wisely, considering their class, faction, skills, and upgrade level. With over 50 unique characters from 5 factions (Alliance, Keepers Awakened, Ashen and Divine) already waiting to be unlocked – ranging from brutal beasts to smart wizards, noble knights to stone golems, hideous skeletons To bloodthirsty vampires – the number of champions is always growing!

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Discover the salient features of Blitz: Rise of Heroes Mod Apk

Character leveling

You will be able to develop your character(s), train new warriors, and improve them further. The Upgrade system is well developed with various possibilities for development lines–thus competing with many other PC games in this genre. You may even succeed where others have not. Winning rewards are varied: you can receive both money for improvements as well as new fighters.

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Hero rank

You can merge duplicates of the same hero to make them stronger. There are 5 tiers of rank development, each with 1-4 stars. Higher ranks give your hero better stats. For example, a one-star champion is nothing compared to a four-star hero. Build up your army and become unstoppable in PvP battles!

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6×6 battles against bosses

By gathering a team, you can help develop your strategy to use on the battlefield. With each battle, more complexity is added, which in turn makes character development more important. Rewards also become higher and more tempting over time. It’s crucial to approach squad development with a clear head, taking into account the weaknesses of opponents. This undoubtedly adds excitement to the gameplay.

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Management system

The controls in Blitz: Rise of Heroes Mod Apk evoke a classic feeling for gamers. You can auto-attack with regular blows, but you also have the opportunity to use skills when needed. Despite this, players can easily automate all aspects of battles without any need to participate in the game process directly. For navigation through the world, developers provided teleportations that open up after passing sections of the game and defeating bosses.

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Game modes


In the Arena, players can test their strength against others in thrilling PvP battles. Fight for rating points, extra experience, and gold – and prove your superiority by climbing to the top of the rankings!

Treasure maze

The Treasure maze is a unique, non-linear game mode consisting of several levels with split paths. Develop a strategic plan for your heroes to follow so they can meet merchants, recruit assistants, restore health and energy, and even bring fallen comrades back to life. Win rewards for every battle you complete along the way.

Flaming fortress

As you advance through the Flaming fortress mode, the challenges you face will become increasingly difficult. Clever opponents will be lying in wait for you on every floor of the fortress, and they will only get stronger as you progress to higher floors. If you are able to beat an opponent on one floor, you can then move on to the next where even greater rewards await you.

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Story campaign

The epic Story campaign in Larnes offers 80 different territories to explore, each with dozens of levels full of adventure. Take part in battles against opponents from different factions and see what the future holds for your heroes!


Events that have time limits offer new challenges and the potential for excellent rewards–sign up now!

Graphics and sound

Good graphic design does not come from high-resolution textures, but rather from good and spectacular combat effects. Blitz: Rise of Heroes Mod Apk is well-optimized and available to play smoothly even on budget devices. The sound design reminds one of a fantasy style for better immersion in the game atmosphere. We can say that the game composers did their job well. Many fans of RPG games remember them not for the graphics, but also for the soundtrack and gameplay. During tense moments in battle, you can hear ambient changes to formidable music that tune you into the battle mood — something followers of this genre are sure to appreciate.

FAQ about Blitz: Rise of Heroes Mod Apk

Does Blitz: Rise of Heroes Mod Apk require a powerful device?

  • Blitz: Rise of Heroes Mod Apk is optimized to run on most mobile devices with ease. It has been tested and works smoothly on Android 4.1 or later versions.

Is Blitz: Rise of Heroes Mod Apk safe to download? 

  • Yes, Blitz: Rise of Heroes Mod Apk is a genuine modified application that has undergone various safety checks before being released for public use. No malicious code has been detected in the mod version so it is safe to install and play.  You can download it free at uptomods or download the original version at Google Play

Does Blitz: Rise of Heroes Mod Apk require an internet connection? 

  • Blitz: Rise of Heroes Mod Apk works both online and offline, allowing you to enjoy the game regardless of your internet connection. You can also choose to play in single-player mode if you don’t want to connect with other players.

Final words

All in all, Blitz: Rise of Heroes Mod Apk is a fantastic addition to your gaming catalog that offers exciting battles, stunning visuals, and tons of extra content. It’s safe to download and recommended for gamers looking for an enhanced experience when playing Blitz: Rise of Heroes. So give it a try today!

What's new

- The 5th Skill for Legendary Heroes: Prepare to witness a new level of power! Our Legendary Heroes have uncovered a new set of abilities that will make them unstoppable.
- Join the Guild Dice Games - fight against the enemy's Overseers.
- A new Star Rank will make your mightiest Heroes even stronger!
- Five new Heroes: ranging from a beautiful Elf to a mysterious Ashen rat.
- Ten new Campaign chapters: Get ready for a headlong collision that will leave you on the edge of your seat.



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