Magic Revenge: Casual IDLE RPG Mod APK
The brand new mobile game Magic Revenge is an Casual action-packed myth-style RPG with legendary heroes and epic IDLE gameplay. Fight for freedom!
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Mar 2, 2023
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Magic Revenge: Casual IDLE RPG Mod APK is a fully automated role-playing game that calls forth hundreds of heroes to combat creatures. Summon heroes, establish the most powerful group, and confront malevolent invasions! It’s a total auto battle therefore training and preparation are crucial. Furthermore, it isn’t known what to retaliate against.

About Magic Revenge: Casual IDLE RPG Mod APK

Although You’re Not Online, You Might Still Qualify for Bonuses

To compete, simply press the button that says “Play beside me.” The competition is entirely automated. To participate, raise the level or pay to play at double speed. Heroes will continue to fight for rewards even if the game is closed. Additional content must be unlocked by finishing quests.

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The Characteristics of “magic Revenge” Include a Variety of Characters

You acquire access to new material as you advance in level. This game is just available overseas, and its design is unique. Furthermore, the female character modeling in this game differs significantly from that of Japanese games-some may find it fascinating. The content may be classed as an idle role-playing game, you can concentrate on improving your character without having to deal with complex procedures. Finally, the training method is easy to comprehend and early training stages are amusing.

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Get to Know a Lot of Characters

You meet an explanatory figure after finishing the tutorial. You will encounter a variety of other unusual people along the way. I liked not just the appearance of attractive ladies and handsome men, but also men with strong features and non-human creatures. The mystery specification, where you must wait 10 seconds to play different stages, was, however, at times stressful for me. If Gachas aren’t your thing, they can be bitter; this is why I have such a conflicted feeling about them.

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Magic Revenge: Casual IDLE RPG Features

  • Make new friends from all around the world and improve your Rune with the Alliance Magician for goodies, get gifts from Relics Excavation, and earn greater rewards by defeating alliance bosses in Raids.
  • Climb the Magic Tower, complete Mercenary Guild tasks for various heroes, wage an all-out assault in the Airship, form advanced gear for your characters, and come to your pals’ aid as they vanquish bosses. You’ll be rewarded separately! Furthermore, there’s a lot more to discover.

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  • It’s essential who you bring with you into combat! Recruit six experienced fighters and emerge victorious.
  • Create a one-of-a-kind team with over 100 distinct talents from six rival factions! Create a unique squad by using our many cultivation options, level up your hero, and begin your mystical vendetta!
  • No time to fight? Check. With our AI, you can rest assured that the combat scenario is handled in a quick and automated manner. While you’re offline for long periods at a time, your heroes will continue fighting on your behalf! So when you return, all that’s left to do is celebrate your victory.
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Magic Revenge: Casual IDLE RPG will make your gameplay much better. You can fight with any dragon you want, as they will all be unlocked. As it is a popular game, it has over 100 million players, so it will be hard for you to become truly outstanding. You would need to invest a lot of time and money.

With our Magic Revenge: Casual IDLE RPG, you will get an unlimited number of jewels and gold. You’ll be able to enjoy all the game’s features at its best. And, none of your friends will be better than you at this game! After you show them your assets and progress, they’ll definitely be intrigued.

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