Citampi Stories: Love Life RPG

You decided to move to the town of Citampi to pay your parent’s debt and find your happiness. However, you also found so much more there! You also found a lot of beautiful girls in this pixel art – anime game. You'll feel like you're trapped in a dating sim (not that it's a bad thing though).
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Ikan Asin Production
Apr 28, 2023
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Citampi Stories MOD APK – You decided to go to Citampi mainly to repay your parents’ debt and find happiness. However, you found out there was much more! In this pixel art – anime game, explore your character’s unique love story.

About Citampi Stories

In Citampi Stories: Love Life RPG, players take on the role of protagonist who is leaving home to pay off their parents’ debt. They will have to explore a new city and find essential places while building their ideal life with the woman they love. This game simulates real-life experiences and choices, giving players the opportunity to create their own story. This game is similar with Idle Life Sim – Simulator Game.

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The story has many layers

If you’re looking for a game with an engrossing story, Citampi Stories is perfect for you. The protagonist’s parents are in debt to a large sum of money, and he has very little time to pay it off – only 10 weeks. However, if he accepts to marry the lender’s daughter, the debt will be extended. He decides against this option and leaves his hometown for Citampi city to find a job instead, in order to send money back home and pay off the debt.

The main character will go through many different situations, here. Become friends with those around you by being friendly and greeting them every day to level up the intimacy. You’ll meet seven beautiful girls specifically, and one of them will become your wife later on. Of course, take each relationship slowly and thoughtfully to find the love of your life.

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Discover fun things to do in the city

Citampi is one of the most bustling, developed cities in this game, so finding work to progress your career shouldn’t be too difficult. The main character can find a lot of different guidebooks that explain various jobs available and their requirements; simply pick the one you like best!

Information about the requirements of each minigame will be readily available onscreen, so you can pick something that’s appropriate for your skillset. We’ll start with easy games that won’t take much time but still offer a reward. Plus, this game uses a real-time system! So as you play one of the minigames, time will pass in game just like it would in reality. When nighttime comes around, though, feel free to head home and take a break.

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Easy interactions and controls

Citampi Stories is an interactive game that allows players to control what appears on screen by interacting with it. The player can explore the city and participate in activities as if they were really there. The controls are also very simple, requiring just a few touches. In addition to the available quest system, the player can also walk around the neighborhood and find jobs or go to stores to buy items.

Get married and have children

After the player has settled down in Citami City, it is then time to think about getting married and starting a family. The romance between the main character and 7 beautiful girls is decided by the player; there can only be one chosen wife. After dating for some happy days, they will get married and have children together. To provide the best life for your family, you must always ensure you have stable job with continuous development.

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Classic pixel graphics

Citampi Stories, although only equipped with pixel graphics quality, provides an impressive experience through its large open world. The game’s details are built in a simplified style so that any type of player can easily understand and play the game. In addition, the funny background music played throughout will definitely help you relax more while playing.

About Citampi Stories MOD APK version

MOD features

  • Unlocked: Citampi Stories MOD APK provides unlocked features to help players quickly reach higher levels and enjoy more interesting content.
  • No Ads: Citampi Stories MOD APK also removes all ads from the game, so you can enjoy the content without any disturbance.


Citampi Stories is an attractive and addictive game with engaging graphics and funny music. With the help of Citampi Stories MOD APK, you can easily unlock all levels and enjoy an uninterrupted gameplay experience. The game also provides a wide variety of interesting content to keep players engaged for hours. So why wait? Download Citampi Stories MOD APK now and start your exciting adventure!

What's new

minor bugfixes:
- fixes citagram image problems in heart events
- added alt connection for connecting to apartments
- fixes masking problem in credit screen
- fixes so that birthday notification isn't showing in calendar for NPCs that we didn't know yet



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