Mr Bullet – Spy Puzzles

Are you ready to become a hero, spy, and legend? Solve puzzling challenges, show off your deadly accuracy and take aim at the enemies. Come experience the shooting phenomenon.
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Lion Studios
Feb 27, 2023
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Stage your own thrilling espionage mission with Mr. Bullet, an immersive and action-packed game from Lion Studios. Take on the role of a cunning spy as you take out enemy forces using your tactical shooting expertise. Test yourself and become a hero by progressing through diverse missions full of unique setups to keep you entertained for hours!

Redefine your gaming experience with Mr Bullet MOD APK, the shooter game that brings unparalleled creativity and fun to all Android gamers. Challenge yourself by planning clever strategies in diverse levels full of unique setups– go beyond guns and take down enemies using unexpected tactics!


Introducing Mr Bullet MOD APK

Play as an unstoppable hero and save the day in exciting adventures! Through a series of daring missions, you’ll have to defeat powerful criminal organizations while protecting innocent hostages along the way. Put your wits and agility into good use – think on your feet with limited firepower at hand to come out victorious against hordes of enemies ready for battle.

With each mission unique from the next, this game will challenge you to make every bullet count. Plan strategically and take out your opponents with precision before time runs out – failure is not an option!

In this game, outwit your enemies by adjusting different scenarios to fit the objectives at hand. Prioritize tasks and devise a clever plan that takes advantage of all the surroundings have to offer. Use barrels as projectiles; take note of bounced bullets for extra firepower; or blow up surrounding explosives to clear out obstacles with ease!

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Explore the features of Mr Bullet MOD APK

Become a super agent and beat all competitors

Mr Bullet invites Android gamers to join an exhilarating puzzle journey as a super-agent, with the mission of stopping evildoers and averting global disaster. No ordinary shooter game, Mr Bullet offers players a distinctive tactical experience – one that is sure to test their wits like never before!

Various in-game missions and challenges

Step into the shoes of Mr Bullet, a world-renowned super spy and agent on a mission to save the planet! Explore exotic locations as you tackle mobs, criminals, zombies – even aliens in thrilling action sequences. Gear up for chaos with an array of unique weapons and gear while being thrown random curveballs that will test your skills like never before.


Embark on a thrilling adventure where you take control of your surroundings and combat enemies with tactical precision. Test yourself to the limit by tackling missions that increase in complexity; whether it’s rescuing hostages from danger or eliminating adversaries without harming civilians, nothing is too much for you! Enjoy an exhilarating experience as you dive into this exciting game world.

Unique levels with interesting settings

Get ready to delve into a captivating world of shifting landscapes and new challenges! As you make your way through Mr Bullet’s missions, each level will test you in different ways by offering varying environment combinations – providing plenty of opportunities to use the items at hand for an edge over your opponents.

Make every shot count as you take aim at your foes and unleash a barrage of bullets. Tackle each level by using bouncy projectiles, powerful explosives, and massive barrels to lay waste to the enemies in overwhelming numbers. Construct an explosive combo that will leave none standing on their feet as you journey through uncharted territory!

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Realistic physics makes every hit extremely engaging

Android gamers, you’re in luck: Mr Bullet has some of the most realistic physics around! As your bullets fly through the air, don’t forget to factor in timing and other environmental elements. Test your skills while earning rewards by taking down enemies with precision shots – only use as many as needed to get that perfect three-star rating on each level.

Fun gameplay with friends and online players

For those who rise to the challenge, Mr Bullet offers an opportunity for thrilling online matchups. Take on opponents from around the world and face off in wild PvP battles! Engage your friends or test yourself against other top agents in unpredictable scenarios where you’ll have a laugh as well as prove your skills.

Wish you have fun with attractive mini-games

Get ready for plenty of fun with the exciting mini-games in Mr Bullet! Join him on his BBTAn shooter adventure, or test your skills with Flappy Bullet. Plus, there’s much more variety to explore – Android gamers are sure to be impressed by all this action and excitement!

Exciting customizations for your character

Level up your characters to the next level with awesome outfits and weapons! Choose from a wide selection of costumes or get yourself some killer firepower – you decide how bad-ass your hero looks. Join online battles for an experience like no other, showing off special heroes that make you stand out against the competition. Create multiple characters so each adventure is just as unique as can be!

Enjoy new features with each update

Get ready to experience something new each week with Mr Bullet! Progress through the game and enjoy thrilling features like unique levels, powerful weapons, and stylish character outfits—all of which are constantly updating. So strap in for entertainment that’s ever-evolving; you’re sure to discover something fresh every time you jump back into your favorite gaming world!


Get ready for the action and adventure of Mr Bullet at Google Play! This tactical shooter stands out from other great games like Shootout 3D and Stupid Zombie 2. Plus, you don’t need to pay anything or unlock it – just jump right into all the fun without cost on our website.

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