Merge Wildwood Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

Longleaf Valley is in danger and it’s your job to save it! Design and create your own wildlife reserve: build habitats, rescue animals and restore the forest.
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TreesPlease Games Ltd
Apr 25, 2023
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Merge Wildwood Mod Apk is a fun and colorful puzzle game from TreesPlease Games Ltd. You must merge items to save the animals and the forest in this game. As you go forward, you’ll encounter several people who can tell you amazing tales and help you explore the island, as well as construct a house and decorate the site. It’s possible to combine elements that are comparable to produce unique goods that will appeal to your eyes. The exploration of the reserve may result in the growth of your belongings. Build them how you like, and they’ll turn a lovely nook in your home. There are several advantages to the region that may be utilized in the construction of your cabin. Attract a variety of creatures to the jungle and see what happens!

Gameplay of Merge Wildwood Mod Apk

Let’s protect the forest

The condition of old-growth forests has deteriorated to an unprecedented degree in recent years. Its ecosystem will be destroyed if it continues, causing an imbalance. As a ranger, you and your teammates will preserve it with the spirit of being a ranger. To discover the tools you’ll need for a tricky situation, join forces in fusion levels. Then put them to use in your own growth efforts. Assist trapped animals from inhumane cages. Working together is only going to make things better and more challenging!

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Many items

Of course, we’ll need things for each scenario. The forest is full of various and nutritious resources, including medicines and food crops like mushrooms, flowers, and dried fruits. Cereals are also available. You will lose if the conditions do not match what you discover in the woods. As a result, it is critical to thoroughly examine the problem and gather everything required. You will observe the effects of the items on offer in the Forest. They are sure to provide you with a slew of fantastic advantages.

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Change the forest for the better

If the Merge Wildwood locations have extra stuff, they will become a draw for the forest animals. The island will be razed of all impediments, allowing for more room to display decorations. Players may get advice from friends to upgrade items and make them ideal. In addition, while playing, your relationship with other players grows. Each figure has its own backstory and becomes one of the challenges you face. From one spot to another, the woods will be improved and your quest will continue until conditions improve.

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Complete the quests

Merge Wildwood will allow gamers to explore their imaginations with regards to how to combine objects and rearrange the house. Each player is assigned easy levels to start out with simple items. The forest will be freed, allowing you more places to store things in your home. Achieving certain objectives may earn you trophies based on the number of completed tasks. The act of preserving a threatened ecosystem and building new locations for houses will bring you wonderful connections.

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Download Merge Wildwood Mod Apk

In this engrossing narrative, you’ll meet a plethora of intriguing personalities. These characters will include friends, pleasant animals, and evil villains. These individuals will have a significant influence on your actions. As a result, we may learn more about how to restore forests by studying them. Download now Merge Wildwood Mod Apk at

What's new

Together we have planted over 350k real trees. That’s the size of 85 soccer pitches!

*New* - There's 10 extra levels to complete, be careful with our new Cactus chain, and can you help Ash get into an abandoned mine?
*New* - Free up some space on your board with an upgraded Inventory
*New* - Share how many Trees you've planted with your friends and family!
*New* - We’ve squished even more bugs

Enjoy playing, and your feedback is always welcome, tell us how we’re doing via the settings menu.



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