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🐲 Monster Tales is an addictive Match 3 RPG Puzzle game of monsters and dragons with PVP multiplayer battles - it's legendary! 🐉
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Jan 12, 2023
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Monster Tales Mod APK gives you powerful companions with natural elemental powers to fight against in-game opponents. You can efficiently perform powerful attacks in match three levels with fully accessible mechanics. At the same time, the number of enemies you encounter is diverse and requires you to change tactics and formations.

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About Monster Tales Mod APK

Monster Tales Mod APK gives you access to an interesting mix of characters with incredible abilities. You can choose your favorite character and use their elemental power to lead them into battle. Whether it’s fire, water, or earth, each element brings its own unique characteristics that give you a tactical advantage over your opponents. The combination of elements also enables you to unlock powerful combos which can turn the tide in any battle situation.

Three-in-a-row Match Between Monsters

In Monster Tales Mod APK, you will find many different monsters, each with their own unique form and strengths. You will join them to overcome challenges and enemies through match-three battles. The matches themselves are the basis for attacking the enemy and destroying them. This offers an exciting experience for players.

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Those who have played video games for a significant amount of time will find that the match-three levels present in this game are not new gameplay. The mechanics remain unchanged; players must still match elements and create boosters to win. However, the new element is that monsters gather energy to attack. Thus, it becomes necessary to use certain tactics in order to level up and defeat opponents.

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Use your skills to defeat your opponents.

When you start the level of Monster Tales Mod APK, you will see the field. There are many colorful match elements with close shapes such as flames, thunder, drops of water, and other elements. You can easily match them to create energy for your monsters. After the turn is over, you will be able to see them attack. If you are lucky, five characters may attack simultaneously. There will be five team members, each with their own corresponding attributes. When you make a match of these attributes, the attack energy will accumulate in a health bar. Once this bar is full, you can then activate it to deal an extensive amount of damage to your enemies. Many players like this element because it becomes helpful in numerous battles–also emphasizing that strategy and strength are key component elements to win against opponents.

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Besides the PVE levels, the PVP levels also bring challenges for you, and you will need to use your strongest squad. These are players with skill and strength, so caution is always essential. At the same time, you can easily create boosters with special effects to collect a lot of energy so that your monsters can attack powerfully and quickly fill up their respective attack bars.

When You Need to Be Stronger Than Ever

You earn a specific number of items for each level you complete in Monster Tales Mod APK. One of those items will give you access to the monsters’ eggs. The monsters all have different rarities, which are determined by the number of stars they possess. Additionally, each monster has a corresponding attribute and their strength will grow over time if you feed them enough food, which is earned from every level completed.

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An important thing for any player to remember is that each character has different attributes. They all have their own strengths and weaknesses, so you need to be strategic about which characters you choose to form your team. That way, you can make sure that your attacks are always effective against the enemy. There will be many monsters ahead waiting for you, but if you’re smart about it, you’ll be able to take them down easily.

Players will find themselves engaged in the exciting match-three gameplay:

  • In order to defeat the foes before them, players will traverse match-three levels alongside various monsters.
  • The attacks are made possible by harnessing the energy from match-making and collecting many elements.
  • The rules of match-three games are simple: you must line up three identical symbols in a row to score points. However, many games also offer boosters that can help you influence the game within a specific range.
  • New monsters will regularly appear to help you switch up your formation so that it’s the most effective against the current counter mechanism.
  • In order to beat level opponents in PVP mode, you will need a powerful squad of monsters that you have raised over time.
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With Monster Tales Mod APK, you have access to an exciting match-three puzzle game that is packed full of content! From customizable characters to powerful elemental attacks, this game has something for everyone! So what are you waiting for? Download this incredible Android game today and unlock your potential! Download Monster Tales Mod APK (Menu/Dame, God Mode) latest version at UpToMods!

What's new

Now it will be even easier for you to find how you want to play Monster Tales. Explore the islands, complete the daily, weekly or special events, participate in our Tales or compete for being the best in the PVP mode.

A new gaming experience awaits you at Monster Tales!


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