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Are you ready to become a giant by lifting weights?
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Jun 16, 2023
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Here’s a weight-training game you’ve got to try! Lifting Hero is an app where players can download mods that offer different levels and types of exercises. It has cute graphics, and sensational challenges with rewards galore – it really feels like something outta Pitfall/ journalistic accounts from years ago (but better).


Introducing Lifting Hero

Lifting Hero MOD APK is a game that will help you get stronger and build your muscles. The virtual training process gives an idea of how different exercises are performed, with small weights in the beginning stages to gradually increase as one gets more skilled at lifting them up high!

It’s not just about completing tasks, you have to be creative in order for them all to get done. There are multiple levels with unique challenges that will test your skills and unlock rewards along the way! These coins & gems can help power up our hero when they’re really needed most so make sure not to lose sight of what matters: victory at any cost (or perhaps I should say “even if it means losing”).


Explore game modes Lifting Hero

Gradual skill progression

The best way to get strong is by going through the game’s progression. You will not have any huge weights thrown at you from day one, instead, they start small and increase in size as time goes on – this ensures people don’t give up because it seems too hard or whatever else may come into mind when we’re faced with an intimidating challenge!

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The game is not your typical, boring weight room workout. You’ll be asked to lift everything from shopping carts and chairs all the way up through pick-up trucks! The weights get heavier as you graduate levels but even then they don’t feel too difficult because of how unique this experience can always feels with new challenges coming at every turn in order to keep things interesting for players who may get tired after doing something similar over again ad nauseam (no pun intended).


Simple and attractive game

The game is designed to be quick and easy, so you can play whenever the mood strikes. It doesn’t require much time or effort on your part before picking up again without worrying about losing progress in another session!

This game is as simple and easy to play, with one-touch controls that allow you to click the screen once. You can earn more resources by continuously pressing down your device’s buttons while lifting weights!

The more you click, the better your muscles get and so does everything else in this game. You’ll be able to buy items with these earned resources that will help make things easier for yourself on top of earning them!


The game is so much fun that you will be hooked and eager to come back for more. As your character progresses, they grow stronger with each session; it’s satisfying when viewing from a bird’s eye view of what has been built up over time in this virtual world!

Element buying and selling

Lifting weights is not just about building muscle. Selling your old equipment and using the money to buy new ones gives you an opportunity for profit too! The heavier a weight, the higher price they’ll be sold at; but if someone wants something lighter in size or cost-effectiveness then this could make sense – after all, there’s always room under bars.

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With the rise in popularity, there are more ways to make money playing strength training. You can sell your old weights and buy new ones with the cash you might have been saving up for a while now!


Cute graphics and a great soundtrack

This game is perfect for those looking to get in shape. The graphics are engaging and fun, while still being informative about how your character moves on screen or which weights they’re working with when you start playing! It also helps that this title has an upbeat soundtrack – it will make sure even exercise feels exciting enough so there’s no need to worry if music makes people want to quit early (like gym class).

Auto click feature

The faster you click, the more money & resources you will earn. However, there are times when a break or something else needs attention and this is where auto-click comes in handy; setting up your phone to automatically go through all of its motions for earning cash without leaving what’s happening on screen!



Lifting Hero is the perfect game to take your mind off of whatever’s wrong. The goal in this fun, yet the challenging platformer-style mobile app is simple: earn money by lifting weights and buy new items for yourself or unlock them using our MOD APK!

Lifting hero is a free-to-play gym app on Google Play where you can build your muscles and become the strongest weightlifter in town. You have two options: either spend money on in-app purchases or download our mod apk that gives unlimited resources so there’s never any worry about not being able to buy whatever tool/ Lodestone Activated Items needed for training!

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