Towing Race

Could you tow a TRUCK with your Pick-up? How fast can you drive while towing a CRUISE SHIP?
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Rollic Games
Apr 21, 2023
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If you’re sick of playing the same car racing games over and over, Rollic Games studio has something new for you. In Towing Race, not only will you race against others, but you’ll also have to drag heavy vehicles without breaking the chain. While it may sound easy, it can actually be quite challenging. That’s why we’ve decided to bring Towing Race MOD APK to your attention – which gives you an advantage in the game. Curious? Keep reading!

Introducing to game Towing Race

The Towing Race is a fun, light game in which you control powerful automobiles and try to pull every other car out of the scene. You may tow even the heaviest of trucks if your automobiles are in good working order. The game’s controls are easy to comprehend. Simply keep your finger on the screen for as long as possible to proceed. A heavy vehicle that is chained will begin to be towed by your automobile. When the danger symbol appears onscreen, release your finger so the chain does not break. At certain skilled levels, you must also compete against other vehicles using accuracy.

The gameplay of Towing Race is easy to follow but can be addicting as you move up in levels. For each car you tow in the game, you earn a good amount of coins. This money then allows you to unlock bigger and better vehicles like trucks and race cars. Keep in mind that your vans won’t have much strength at first–but don’t worry! As long as you keep towing other vehicles, you’ll gradually rack up enough rewards to upgrade your own van’s features until they’re top-of-the-line. You can even check out all available 4x4s from the main menu by accessing your garage.

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Instructions on how to play Towing Race

Towing Race is a towing game in which you drive powerful trucks down short courses while towing something enormous behind you. If that’s the case, you’ve come to the correct spot. We’ve discovered the greatest hints, strategies, and cheats while playing Towing Race, and we’re going to share them with you right now. You’ll be yanking everything if you want to win, including boats, trucks, and tanks. And it goes without saying that you want to win… Therefore, here you have it: our best ideas for beating Towing Race. stick to these if you want to emerge victorious every time; it’s really cool.

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Don’t press your finger down for no reason

If you just continuously press the screen with your finger, it will break. Instead, you should tap and lift using your phone’s vibrations to determine when the tension is too much.

Watch out for the exclamation mark!

When the chain is about to snap, an exclamation point appears above it. You should stop pulling when this happens. The chain will also turn red if something is wrong. Use these signals to guarantee that you never break your chain and fail the level as a result of your slack technique.

Evenly upgrade stats

You should concentrate your upgrades on your power and chain strength but do so evenly. If you become too powerful without increasing the strength of your chain, it will snap too frequently. Increase your chain strength without increasing your power, and you will not finish first in every race. Increase your earning potential when you have some extra cash.

towing race mod apk

Towing Race MOD APK – How to play better

Towing Race is now completely free to play, so you and your friends may enjoy the majority of the game’s features without spending a dime. To get started, simply download and install the app from the Google Play Store. There are, however, certain in-game purchases that might upset you. If you want to have the best possible experience with Towing Race, then consider downloading the mod version of the game. Towing Race MOD APK is a free mobile game that allows you to get unlimited Money/Coins without watching advertisements. You can join the club, purchase anything you want, and run in a variety of ways. Finally, Towing Race MOD APK allows you to drive an off-road tractor linked by a chain to trucks, tanks, passenger buses, and other heavy vehicles. What is it going to take for you to tow the track without breaking the chains? Play the game yourself to find out!

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Towing Race MOD APK

In Towing Race mod apk, you get to find out how fast you can drive while towing a huge CRUISE SHIP! Pick the strongest car and upgrade its engine before you HIT THE GAS! Though driving fast is important, it’s definitely not enough to win the race. Find the right balance between car speed and your towing chain’s resistance carefully. If you push too hard, you’ll damage the chain. BE SMART AND FEEL YOUR VEHICLE! It gets more difficult to tow on each level, so don’t forget to unlock new vehicles with greater engine power and towing skill! To become THE CHAMPION, not only be THE FASTEST but also THE STRONGEST! Demonstrate who the REAL TOWING RACE BOSS is!

towing race game

Towing Race MOD APK Introduction

Towing Race mod apk is a widely beloved racing game as of late and has received fans worldwide who love playing racing games. If you’re looking to download this game, the world’s largest mod apk free game download site – Uptomods is Your best choice. Not only does UPTOMODS provide you with the latest version of Towing Race for free, but also provides Freemod for free. This helps users save on repetitive mechanical tasks in the game so they can focus more on enjoying what the game has to offer! Uptomods promises that any Towing Race mod will not charge players any fees, and it is 100% safe, available, and free to install. Just download the Uptomods client, you can download and install Towing Race with one click. What are you waiting for, download Uptomods and play!

Unique and attractive gameplay

Towing Race mod apk has quickly become a fan-favorite racing game due to its one-of-a-kind gameplay. In fact, it’s so easy to get started that you only need to go through the novice tutorial before you can begin playing. At Uptomods, we strive to provide a platform for all racing game lovers around the world to communicate and share their experiences. So what are you waiting for? Join us today and start enjoying Towing Race with players from all over the globe!

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Nice effect

Towing Race isn’t your average racing game– its updated virtual engine and bold upgrades make it a unique experience that is sure to impress any racing fan. With high-quality graphics, maps, and characters, Towing Race provides an immersive gaming experience that traditional racing games cannot match. The maximum It enhances the user’s sense. There are several distinct types of apk mobile phones with excellent adaptability, ensuring that all racing game enthusiasts can fully enjoy the joy brought by Towing Race.

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