Welcome to Gardenscapes—the first hit from Playrix's Scapes™ series! Solve match-3 puzzles to restore a wonderful garden to its former glory!
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May 8, 2023
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Ready to break the monotony of your mobile gaming routine? Check out our selection of unique games that are guaranteed to bring a refreshing twist. No more bloodshed or shooters – just fun and innovative gameplay!

Unlock the secret of ultimate contentment and explore nature’s wonders as you join millions in their journey to a simpler, healthier lifestyle. Invest in an estate with unparalleled beauty – a luxury mansion plus a luscious garden included!


You have been given a mission: return your garden to its original splendor and beauty! As you work, get ready to be inspired by the remarkable people in your neighborhood. Take on this quest with Gardenscapes – redefine what an amazing neighbor looks like…become the hero of this story.

Introducing Gardenscapes MOD APK

City life can be overwhelming, and you sometimes dream of a simpler existence. That’s when your inner journey begins – an escape from the hustle and bustle to an idyllic home where peace reigns supreme. The city fades away as hazy dreams become reality once again…

Greet the morning with a chorus of birdsong and marvel at your garden’s daily transformation, adding more beauty each day. But is all this just an enchanting dream? When you receive a letter from your beloved great uncle who has recently passed away–that dream suddenly becomes reality!


You’ve inherited a stunning estate that’s been passed down through generations. Austin, the regal butler of your late relative, invites you to come to witness its beauty and enchantment first-hand – he assures you it’ll be love at first sight!

You thought it was a dream, but you now find yourself standing in your great uncle’s majestic mansion. But soon enough the euphoria of hitting the lottery fades as you survey an unkempt garden that appears to have been forgotten for years. Fortunately, with some elbow grease and perseverance, this could still become your paradise!

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Uncover the hidden mysteries of Gardenscapes MOD APK! Restore its past beauty as you embark on a thrilling journey. Explore and discover an entirely new world waiting to be explored – what secrets will you find?

Explore the features of Gardenscapes MOD APK

Addictive and unique gameplay

Embark on an exciting journey with Austin to the Gardenscapes! Take part in a range of activities, missions, and adventures for you to explore – from restoring and decorating this old garden, there’s something different awaiting at every turn. Enjoy hours of thrilling gameplay as your discoveries unearth new secrets that were hidden away since long ago. Join forces with Austin now – be prepared for an adventure like no other!


Exciting match 3 levels

Every morning brings with it a new set of possibilities! Get ready to explore and uncover the secrets buried deep in both an old mansion and abandoned gardens. Lend assistance to your neighbors while tending the garden that helps make this place so special – all part of a day’s work here!

Funny and interesting characters

With the help of everyone’s favorite gardener, Austin, and all his friends in Gardenscapes you’re never truly alone. Take time to get to know each one as they have interesting stories waiting for your discovery – plus a few surprises up their sleeves that may come in handy down the road!


Customize your beautiful garden

Transform your garden into an oasis with Gardenscapes! Decorate it to perfection by adding monuments and structures that match your style. With the ability to customize at will, you can take pride in creating a stunning outdoor space for everyone to enjoy.

Have your friend around

On your life’s journey, you don’t have to walk alone. Having a furry friend who is always willing to offer an unbounded supply of love and loyalty can be the most reliable companion imaginable! As you navigate through Gardenscapes, why not show extra appreciation for this special bond between man and his best pal?

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Different areas in the garden

Gardenscapes await with endless secrets, unlocking a world of eccentric surprises beyond your imagination. With each discovery, you make in the garden, anticipate an extraordinary adventure that Austin had never even dreamed about!

In-game social network to interact with other gamers

Unearth the forgotten corners of your garden – long-abandoned fountains, perplexing mazes and a majestic old mansion with untold stories tucked away within its halls. Bring these hidden treasures back to life and experience discoveries anew!

Create your own story when you

The creativity of the game creators knows no bounds; they’ve created a world within a world with an immersive social network, allowing gamers to effortlessly connect. With this new platform for connection, there are endless possibilities for making meaningful friendships and keeping up-to-date on exciting news from their shared virtual reality!


Great neighbors

Gardenscapes is bringing new excitement to gaming! Players get the chance to not only dive into an engaging story and exciting puzzles, but also make real-life connections as their Facebook friends become virtual neighbors. Interacting with your neighbors in Gardenscapes allows you to explore helpful collaborations – lend a hand for daily tasks or ask for help yourself – all without leaving home!

Enjoy the game offline

With the ability for offline play, this game is ideal for on-the-go gamers who travel frequently. Make long rides more interactive and enjoyable by challenging yourself to some quality gaming time but be ready! It’s so addictive you may lose track of your destination!


Get ready to live the life of your dreams! Gardenscapes is waiting for you, where each day dawns with a stunning view from the window. Invite friends over and embark on unforgettable adventures – this game has it all! Android users have unprecedented access to the game at Google Play, with an effortless download and install process – even easier than a few taps on their device. But beware of in-app purchases or ads that could detract from your experience!

What's new

- Get the rewards of Skydiving Season in mid-May
- Find the Golden Deer in the Klondike Expedition in the middle of the month
- Save and renovate the mansion of the brave pilot Claire in early June
- Merge items and organize a garage sale in the middle of June

- Find out how Jacques and Steven's adventures on the Wonderwood base end!
- Unlock the new area to discover the mysteries of an ancient Egyptian princess and meet a new character—the charismatic Balthazar!



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