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A revolutionary puzzle game! Here comes the MATCH ‘N SMASH RPG!
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Apr 20, 2023
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In Crash Fever Mod APK, you play by matching panels of the same type to attack enemies. You’ll create a team with characters that have various strengths and weaknesses and take on different quests. And don’t worry, as yourprogress in the game morecharacters will be available for your team.

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Take part in the Great Alice Adventure

The story you experience in Crash Fever is set in a world called Alice. This world is currently being controlled by those who influence its system, so you will be the one to resist this control with the units you have through impressive and tactical matches. You will not be able to ignore the attack effects and beauty of this world possess when you first experience it.

crash fever mod apk

You’ll command four units, each one from a member of your team and a helper from another player. You will constantly compare panels with various hues while the figure builds attacks and shoots powerful power sources on the foes during the game. Furthermore, this assault is delivered every three matches. It’s possible to infer that the amount of panels matched during those three periods determines the strength of your attack.

Unleash Powerful Attacks with The Many-Panels Match

When you start the game, your character will be the first to depart. The screen is divided into two halves, with the top half being the characters you control and the foes you encounter. The bottom half is made up of panels that you must complete a match on. It’s easy to do matches in this game; simply touch them until similar things appear connected. If you match numerous panels, a crash panel appears at which point each character’s ability will activate.

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After three taps, the character will attack automatically with whatever you provide. A number appears next to the portrait of the figure, and it rises as more panels are linked. Simultaneously, panels that are alike to the character will aid in the improvement of attacks, and you must prioritize colors connected with him. Furthermore , there is a particularly amazing panel that can add a specific amount of health during combat, which is known as the heart panel.

The System of Characters and Count Is Completely Diverse

Players will discover a very diverse character system in Crash Fever, with several traits and abilities. When selecting warriors with incredible talents to assist teammates or damage foes, this will produce unique tactics before you even begin the game. At the same time, these people all follow a counter mechanism linked to their characteristics. This is Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, and the front element counters the one behind it, you must pick the proper target in battle by using your intellect. The game boasts a diverse character system, which will take up time if the player wants to collect them all. One way to obtain these characters is through the gacha mechanic. Getting a rare character produces an impressive light show.

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If you enter Alice’s world, you’ll be met with plenty of things to get excited about:

  • A world delivered in HD, with jaw-dropping detail and units that can endure any battle against even the fiercest opponents.
  • The simple-to-navigate battle system is based on the match-three game, in which players attempt to link as many panels as possible.
  • The skillsets for each game unit are Totally different, with various effects that go against conventional thinking. You will need to be extra careful about their attributes.
  • Players are completely absorbed in the game as they may demonstrate their amazing strategies and unleash their character’s potential in combat.
  • Players will spend time gathering characters through gacha mechanics and will undoubtedly be ecstatic when they receive a powerful character.
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