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Apr 12, 2023
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About BTS Island Mod APK

The BTS Island Mod APK is a puzzle game developed by HYBE IM Co Ltd. It asks you to build a soothing island and decorate it with the goal of giving players a therapeutic experience. There are several types of puzzles available. There are several games accessible to play on a smartphone if you’re searching for them. Classics such as checkers, chess, and other games may be found in the category of puzzles. Several puzzles, on the other hand, encourage you to play more. BTS Island is a popular location for puzzle games.

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In this fun game, you’ll help the kids sink their boat on an island. You’ll have a choice of options for what to do and how to talk in certain areas. In this fun and relaxing game, you’ll come across many stories. The most essential thing is to complete the many puzzles that need you to gather certain items, such as leaves and fruits. To access a number of things to play the game, discover identical puzzles. Do you have the ability to help the boys?

Gameplay of BTS Island Mod APK

This game is all about choices. The decisions you make will have a big influence on the game’s outcome.

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For example, you’ll choose which member should perform which function. You’ll also have to select how to distribute the limited resources. Your decisions will influence whether the seven members survive or not. There are several things to do on the island. You can repair your boat, explore the island, and build huts. You may also forage for food and gather fruits. You can use these rewards to acquire essential goods from the game’s shop. This way, you’ll never run out of things to look forward to. Fortunately, you will get bonuses every time you complete tasks. You may utilize these gains to purchase vital amenities from the game’s store.

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Warmhearted Characters

This game has seven likeable characters. They are as follows:

  • RM: This is the group’s selfless leader, who puts others ahead of himself all of the time.
  • J-Hope: This is an energetic, optimistic person who is always eager to assist.
  • V: He is the group’s maknae, but he is also the most level-headed.
  • Jin: He is ready to make any sacrifice for the sake of others at all times.
  • Jung Kook: He is a strong individual who will not take no for an answer.
  • Jimin: He is a pleasant and considerate member of the group.
  • Suga: He is the most laid-back and easy-going of the group.

bts island mod apk download

In the game, you’ll encounter several BTS figures as part of a gang called “The Outlaws.” These individuals are based on real-life members of BTS. In the game, you’ll be able to observe each personality’s distinct characteristics.

Customize Island Your Way

After your boat has failed, you must figure out how to make the island look nice. You’ll trim the trees and plant flowers on the lawns. You’ll also need to construct homes and other buildings. To keep you occupied, you can play matching puzzles. These challenges will keep you busy, so you’ll have more time for adventure! You may spend these cash on goods that will improve the look of the island. You must ensure that the island is relaxing, with the seven members unwinding and having a good time. The better you plan the island, the more benefits you will receive.

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An Easy-to-Follow Game

This game will start out with a lot of discussion. The seven members will discuss the issue and search for a way off the island, as you can see in this clip. Then you’ll go through a choice-based narrative. There are several options to select from. The decisions you make will have a significant influence on the game’s conclusion. For example, you must decide whether to rest and wait for help from the ARMY or investigate the island in search of food. It will be simple to follow whichever path you choose. The tale is also uplifting, and you’ll feel a bond with the characters.

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bts island mod apk english version

BTS Island Mod APK Features

  • Emoji & Stickers: You’ll see a variety of interesting emojis and stickers as you communicate. You may utilize them to spice up conversations.
  • Live a Fun-Filled Life: You can fish, make fires, participate in matching activities, and other things. You may also get to know the seven BTS members better by engaging with them.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing Graphics: The game has lovely visuals that are appealing to the eye. The colors are vibrant, and the overall design is pleasant.
  • Special BTS Bombs: If you’re stuck on a puzzle, use one of the unique BTS bombs to assist you. These bombs will break down the barrier so that you may keep playing.
  • Differently Themed Items: This game has a large number of differently-themed things. You may use these objects to make the island more appealing. Ping pong, firework displays, swimming in the sea, and much more are all options that you have.
  • Endless Gameplay: There is no end to this game. You may play it as long as you like. The tale will continue, and you will be able to explore various locations on the island.

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Download BTS Island MOD APK

This modified game has been updated to incorporate enhanced capabilities that will enhance your game experience. The game has been made more difficult, and you’ll be able to earn better prizes. You’ll also have a more satisfying interaction with BTS characters! Some of the features include:

  • Unlimited Money: This game will provide you with an infinite amount of in-game currency. With this money, you may purchase various goods and beautify the island.
  • No Ads: There are no advertisements in the BTS Island MOD APK 2022 game. You’ll be able to personalize your island without being interrupted.
  • Unlock All Items: This BTS Island MOD APK for Android will allow you to get all of the game’s items. You may use these things to make the island more appealing.

bts island mod apk free


The BTS Island Mod APK is a thrilling game that will take you on a journey with the seven BTS members. You must find a means to escape the island and make it welcoming for everyone else. The game is simple to follow, and it has an amazing narrative. You may use a variety of goods to improve the attractiveness of the island. You’ll also utilize bombs to assist you when you’re stuck on a problem.

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What's new

Update to the latest version and meet the new BTS Island!

- Chapter 2 Winter Island Day 7 Story is now open!
- You can now ask your club members for help to win difficult puzzles!
- A new exciting event! KORE Race is coming soon!

Wait, there’s more!
- New events for May, the king of seasons, will soon be coming your way at end of April!



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