Angry Birds Blast Mod Apk

Blast into a new Angry Birds puzzle adventure game! The birds are trapped inside balloons, and you can bet the pigs are behind it all. Tap matching balloons to blast them to smithereens and free the flock!
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May 4, 2023
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Angry Birds Blast Mod Apk is a match-3 game focused on rescuing kidnapped birds. In order to progress and beat each level, there will be different requirements you must fulfill with the given conditions. Also, a number of boosters will assist you in gaining points while completing the levels.

Introduce Angry Birds Blast Mod Apk

Do you ever feel bored with your day-to-day routine? If so, it might be time to add some excitement to virtual games. Mobile games can definitely put users in a different mindset and make them much happier. We now live in a highly advanced society, where we have access to millions of Android games. In fact, most PC games can now be played directly on our smartphones.

This article is specifically for all of the Angry Birds fans out there! We know that everyone has their favorite character from these games, but let’s be honest Angry Bird is a fan favorite for billions of players. Finally, the Angry Birds series has come out with a new game called Angry Birds Blast. This puzzle game is not only fun but also provides an element of adventure. Its graphics are quirky and vibrant, the characters are varied, and it overall has a cheerful feel to it. In addition, the chirpy soundtrack and new map make it all the more enjoyable.

download angry birds blast mod apk

Download Angry Birds Blast MOD APK to enjoy all of the premium features for free! With this modded version, you’ll have a much more relaxing and entertaining experience. This improved version contains everything that the original offers but without having to spend any money!

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Save the birds in the balloons

In Angry Birds Blast, the objective is to pop colored balloons to save birds that are captured inside. To do this, you will need to complete various levels by matching three objects of the same color. The longer you play, the harder it will become as more colors are introduced and your score increases.

On the game screen, you will see a line-up of balloons next to each other. Touch the balloon you want to select it. To touch the correct balloon, look for one near other fruits of the same color; if you touch them, they will explode and free any birds nearby. You will find the target you need to prioritize among a variety of balloons of different colors. Of course, the challenges that appear before you become more complex over time.

download angry birds blast mod apk

Different levels of Angry Birds Blast Mod Apk

Can you beat more than 1000 different levels ahead of you? Each group is a complex arrangement with many moving parts. Obstacles can prevent you from completing your goal. The problem gradually gets harder and harder, so you must be careful in your decisions to get the best benefit. In this book, you will explore various chapters with exciting themes on the birds’ journey. There are many wonders waiting to be discovered. The upcoming birds will have to face many difficulties along the way.

angry birds blast mod apk unlimited moves

Overcoming tough challenges

One of the reasons why match-3 games such as Angry Birds Blast are challenging for players is because they have to complete a level’s specific goal. For example, each level will require rescuing an object and being in the right playing space; there can be other helpful or hindering factors too. Furthermore, you aren’t entirely comfortable with randomly making decisions; rather, you need to take your time in observing the game screen and developing smart strategies.

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Once you’ve played a few match-three games, you’ll start to wonder what sorts of boosters are available. Depending on the balloons that explode, you’ll receive different powerful weapons. These can include a missile specializing in straight-line attacks, a bomb that deals massive damage, and a laser that dispels elements of its own color. Therefore, this can be seen as a tool to help you overcome many different levels of play.

angry birds blast mod apk all levels unlocked

Upgrade items

With our arsenal of weapons, you won’t ever need to face the Pigs on your own. We have three items available: missiles, laser guns, and bombs. They all serve the purpose of destroying a set number of bubbles. The destructive power is the only significant difference, and you will find them more useful during a standstill. The primary drawback is that there are always limited numbers. If used carelessly, they may not be available when needed most urgently.

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Play with friends

With Angry Birds Blast Mod Apk, the friends you connect with on an official social networking site like Facebook will appear on the leaderboard next to your profile picture. The conquered player’s profile photo will also be visible. See who can progress further in a shorter amount of time!


Angry Birds Blast Mod Apk is a game where you have to use your brain to think about the moves. Each player will have different strategies, so it’s hard to predict who will win. The key is to be flexible and not get too attached to one strategy. Download the game now at the website.

Angry Birds Blast Mod Apk is a great game for people of all ages. It’s challenging but also very rewarding. I highly recommend it!

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