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Catching zombies has never been so much fun!
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Dec 6, 2022
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The Zombie Catchers Mod Apk is a thrilling and action game in which people are no longer afraid of zombies. Now you’re a zombie hunter, not afraid. You’ve started your own company and don’t want anybody to know about it. You are a zombie hunter who may capture zombies. You have the ability to eliminate zombies and produce desserts and beverages from their bodies.

People enjoy desserts and beverages based on zombies, but they are unaware that they are eating or drinking foods based on zombies. In this game, there are a plethora of unique and exciting activities to participate in. You’ll never get bored playing this game because zombies will never be boring for you. With the help of sophisticated traps and sedatives, capture zombies without injuring them. You may purchase different traps as well as other means to capture zombies.

About Zombie Catchers Mod Apk

Become a monster hunter

Monsters dwell deep below the earth and are extremely wary when they emerge. Their identifying feature is a hunger for brain consumption. Unfortunately, you have an abundance of intellects. Place them near their locations, then hide somewhere or wait for the monsters to appear using the javelin gun. Catching all of the monsters that you encounter will be simple with the javelin gun.

You must capture the monster before it escapes after they fall to the ground. The number of monsters on each game screen is limited, forcing them to flee. Players may release the zombies using Zombie Catchers. Take them to the laboratory for your bonus.

zombie catchers mod apk

It’s time to hunt Zombies

Zombies have consumed far too many human brains, and now it’s time to track them down. Every time the two primary characters in this game are seen, the zombies become terrified and try to flee.

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You are A.J or Bud in this game. Your goal is to catch all the zombies indicated for that level before you can advance to the next stage. The gameplay operates similarly to puzzle games where you need fulfill the requirements quickly. In this case, you need to use a javelin to catch zombies by first luring them out with your brain power. When you capture a zombie, he will be restrained in a hot air balloon and hurled into the air. Then your coworkers will fly the ship in, grab them, and depart. When you have more cash, you may purchase additional items such as nets, stun guns, anesthesia guns, traps, explosives, and so on. Zombies exist in many forms, but your plan should not be affected by this.

zombie catchers mod apk unlimited money


In this game, you will play the part of one or the other character: A.J. or Bud. These are two aliens from another planet who want to capture zombies for money. Your goal is to discover locations where zombies may be found and set traps there. Then you must wait until the zombies emerge from their cave before shooting them. You must catch a specific amount of zombies in each mission in order to finish the level successfully, so make certain you reach that target.

After that, you may bring zombies back to your spaceship. Then you’ll be able to make a variety of zombie-based meals and beverages. The zombies in this game are considerably less frightening than those in the movies, always managing to outsmart their captors.

download zombie catchers mod apk all levels unlocked

Various maps

Monsters are hidden in Swamp, Beach, Snow, ChinaTown, and Lagoon. You’ll look for them throughout the world. However, you must explore each area based on your current stage. Starting with the Swamp where the game screen is not difficult because you must hurry to collect monsters before they enter the forest. To speed up the search process and perform the task, use Plutonium. If there are enough monsters, attractive bonuses will be waiting for you.

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zombie catchers mod apk all levels unlocked

Equip the equipment

There are a number of things you can use to assist you in your quest for monsters. Equipment, Extras, Drones, Squeezers, please provide the character with the tools required to capture demons faster. Let no monsters get away from beneath the earth’s surface. Bring them all to the lab and make an analysis of them there. Advanced weapons such as Jetpack, Net Gun, Tranquilizer, Harpoon Model 2, Tesla Trap… You will not only want to have an arsenal of weapons at your disposal, but you will also need to upgrade each weapon for optimal performance. Each gun has its own individual stats that need to be upgraded, such as Max Ammo, Power, Max Traps, and Rope Length.

zombie catchers mod apk unlimited zombies

Shaping the characters

Furthermore, Extras allow you to personalize your character with a variety of styles. Cowboy Hat, Hunting Hat, and Winter Cap are all simple goods that anyone may acquire. However, if you want to buy high-end products with significant value, look no further than the Zombie Catchers Mod Apk. A Swim Suit, Goat, or Fast Food costume is both pricey and time-consuming to create. You may outfit your character with the accessories you desire.


If you’re looking for a fun game to help relieve stress after a long day, Zombie Catchers is perfect. With its good 2D graphics and simple controls, it’s easy to pick up and play. Plus, the cute music makes it all the more enjoyable! Download Zombie Catchers Mod Apk at UpToMods.com.

What's new

Hello Zombie Catchers around the world! We have made the following changes in this update:
- Experience the new zone “Infested City” with exciting new zombies to capture. AJ is hungry to taste test the new dishes for his business.
- new level bug-fixes



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