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Scientists have discovered an ancient alien artifact. It was activated and a giant alien mothership appears in orbit of the Earth.
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Mar 1, 2023
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About Occupation 2.5 Mod APK

If you’re a fan of PC action games, then Occupation 2.5 Mod APK is definitely one that you should check out. One of the most defining features of the game is that it can be played from both first and third person perspectives. Once you enter the game, you’re transported into an unlimited 3D world with day and night cycles – making it hard to step away from your computer screen! In addition, you’ll have to contend with countless Zombies in various locations across the map. You’ll also come up against Mutants who act as boss battles; they are the result of flawed scientific research gone wrong.

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The Real Secrets of Alien Archaeology Were Finally Revealed

Scientists were looking for a way to improve humanity’s advancements and condition when they found an oddity which they thought was from an ancient alien. But in reality, it was just old technology that had fallen to Earth by error. Once switched on, there would be consequences unknown to anyone who activated it because it would connect with the mother ship server belonging to the aliens’ world.

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A Journey Around the World

The mothership platform that discovered the signal, sent it to the world, and immediately re-appeared in Earth’s orbit when it realised the value of the object is known for its challenges. The quest for ancient relics has caused many people on Earth to worry – especially since everything appears to be upside down in this dimension.

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The Onset of the Zombie and Monster Apocalypse

Every person on Earth is now a zombie, according to the second Occupation 2.5. If they aren’t frightening zombies, they’ll become horrible monsters instead. You should keep in mind that governments will almost always take the aliens’ side over humans in stupid ways. You are the good guy who is ready to combat evil and bring peace back into existence once more.

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Mission to salvage Scientists’ Errors

The overall objective of the Occupation 2.5 scenario is global. To begin, if you want to keep the world safe, you must stay alive. When surrounded by strange creatures and fighting monsters all day, it’s difficult to live a normal life. Is it possible for you to save your life while also traveling hundreds of miles in order to correct thousands of scientists’ mistakes? It all comes down to how well you do and what you see along the way.

Hundreds of Unusual Characters, from Mercenaries to Strange Creatures

Players of Occupation 2.5 are transported to a world that immerses them in the real world by cycling through day and night. They must face attacks from many different enemies, including zombies, monsters, mercenaries, and other anomalous creatures.

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Key Features Of Occupation 2.5

  • Help defend the world from extraterrestrials that want to conquer it as their own.
  • The righteous leader wages war against zombies, monsters, and hundreds of governments that are aiding aliens in their efforts to destroy humanity.

occupation 2.5 mod apk god mode

  • Take on an endless supply of weapon dealers and a rising number of devoted soldiers who intend to harm you.
  • When it is feasible to locate and correct scientists’ mistakes, the duty of saving lives takes precedence over the more typical goal of preserving history.
  • Experience the night falling and the light brightening thanks to the day-night cycle system, which replicates real life.
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What's new

One guy wrote a comment, that instead of a horror shooter, the game turned into poor gta style game after adding cars. This update is my first attempt to fix the game balance
• Now you need a key, to use a car
• Now car's fuel tanks have a capacity - little car - 32 liters, big car - 159 liters
• Car collisions enhanced
• Other fixes and enhancements



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