Discover the most popular dragon Breeding game in the world! Can you hatch them all? Your dragon-filled fantasy park awaits in DragonVale!
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DragonVale MOD APK (Free Shopping) – Dragons have always been associated with mystery and power, thanks to the holy saints who have inhabited them. It’s no stranger to this sacred creature if you ever watch dragon movies like Erogan or Dragon World. So what if you could raise and command dragons one day? That fantasy will come true in this game.

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Introduce about DragonVale

If I mention a farm game, many people will think of Hayday. However, if it’s a dragon city, DragonVale is one you can’t miss out on. Publisher Backflip Studios’ product has surpassed 10 million downloads on Google Play after years in the mobile gaming industry.

Make your own dragon valley

That’s correct, there is a valley for dragons. Your objective is to create a living area for dragons, after which expand and turn them into pets.

Players can design, decorate, and develop their own valley in DragonVale. The store may contain amusing items or be unlocked after completing a mission. In addition, the game has been integrated with the function of exploring new areas to meet the demands of territorial growth. DragonVale now offers 280 items across 27 locations.

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More than 500 different dragons and seven types of magic to discover

Into a world with no other dragons, players will be able to discover and create their own descendants. Each element is divided into seven basic qualities, including Earth, Fire, Water, Ice, Metal, Wind, and Natural.

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Players may select the precise elements and city structure they wish to have in DragonVale, giving them a lot of alternatives. In the game, there are 502 dragons; 174 of which are elemental dragons, 169 special dragons, and 182 epic species that promise to provide players with thrilling experiences.

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Create unique dragons by mixing different breeds together

Aside from the core components described above, players may create other species through the breeding tool. If two dragons have compatible elements at the right ages, they can be put into breeding. What makes this feature so intriguing is that you won’t know which dragon you’ll get until the dragon eggs hatch.

Some funny activities

Players who reach the required level can participate in the dragon race. People all over the world will bring their finest dragon races to compete with other players, as long as they raise dragons. Many attractive presents for dragon trainers are available if you win a high ranking in the competition, including gems and diamonds. These gems will be employed by dragon breeders to boost the chance of producing rare dragons by using them.

DragonVale also understands how to satisfy players by constantly holding large and little events, giving players the chance to earn more valuable goods. If you want to obtain precious things, you must visit year-end festivals such as Summer Holiday or Christmas Day at least once.

DragonVale is still a free-to-play game, but it also offers paid service packs for players who want to access more of the game’s features.

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Unlock and Upgrade Islands

There is only one island in the game at first. As you go through the game, you’ll unlock additional islands that you didn’t know existed, such as a typical island, an epic breeding ground, a lost island, a dragonarium island, and so on. There are more than 100 different islands to discover in the game.

You can add more decorations, structures, and habitats to your islands after you acquire them. When you buy an island, it is immediately upgraded to the maximum level of 165.

Eye-catching graphics

Dragon City has some of the best visuals in the game, and DragonVale is still attractively designed by visual design standards. The players were impressed with the balance colors in the game. When you’re creating really amazing and cute dragons, you’ll feel thrilled. Furthermore, the lighthearted and energetic game music will undoubtedly provide gamers with some of their most peaceful hours.

Download DragonVale MOD APK latest version for Android

DragonVale, which is now available on mobile devices, belongs among the best management simulations. The tournament draws gamers right away with its first encounter.

It’s easy to guess why DragonVale is so popular. It contains beautiful graphics, soft each frame, and a plethora of online control options in the staging of an internet game version.

The DragonVale Mod APK is a game that allows you to fully enjoy the growth of your dragon and the island’s progress. Make an island for your dragon, why not?

What's new

- Adjusted dragon draw system
- “A Thawsome Spring” event added
- Thawing Lake decoration added
- Cherrie Petals decoration added
- Ancestor Dragon added
- Dapplethorn Dragon added
- Ichigo Dragon added
- bug-fixes


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