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Get the official YouTube app on Android phones and tablets. See what the world is watching -- from the hottest music videos to what’s popular in gaming, fashion, beauty, news, learning and more. Subscribe to channels you love, create content of your own, share with friends, and watch on any device.
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Sep 12, 2022
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Varies with device
Varies with device
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With the world’s best social media platform for videos now available on your mobile devices, enjoy watching millions of online content with a convenient and functional application. The new Android release guarantees high-quality video viewing that is easy to use regardless if you’re at home or abroad!


When you’re looking for a video that will keep your attention, the Explore page has everything from gaming and fashion videos all over various genres. There’s something here to satisfy any taste or preference- whether it be beauty tips & tricks; or educational lessons about different topics such as math, language learning techniques, etc., there are tons of options available! Enjoying your favorite online content is easy with the YouTube mobile application.

Introducing YouTube Premium

YouTube is a great way to get your foot in the door of YouTube Premium APK vast video streaming platform. You can work with this fully-featured, globally accessible, and easy-to-use tool that features billions upon trillions of online videos created by professional content creators or amateurs alike! With a collection of content that is constantly updated, you can always find what your heart desires and enjoy them on the go. Most importantly; this entire mobile app will be free for Android users without any hassle!

Watch any videos you want and subscribe to your favorite content creators. The different topics, watch lists, and many other types of great stuff will allow for a fully immersive experience! The YouTube community is a place where you can connect with other viewers who enjoy the same content as yourself. Whether it’s video games, funny videos, or tutorials on how to make something cool in 3D animation software like Maya..we’ve got your back!

Interested in starting your own YouTube channel? A video-sharing website is an amazing place where you can create and share videos with other users. All of our members are allowed to upload content, so why not give it a go?

Explore the features of YouTube Premium

The simple application user interface easy to access

With a simple and accessible interface, the YouTube app for Android users is an entertaining way to spend time. With many different videos available at your fingertips right on the home screen,,,,, you’ll never run out of interesting content! The intuitive menus will allow you to explore videos or unlock other useful features with ease. You can customize your theme settings in a way that better suits you by making it brighter, smaller text size,,,,, etc., so there is no need for any additional assistive technology when using this app!

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Useful and powerful search bar

YouTube is an amazing place to find videos of all kinds, but what if you’re looking for something specific? The Search option on Android lets users search through content from various sources without a hassle. Just type in your desired keywords and hit “search” – YouTube will automatically sort results by relevance so that wherever they lead takes only moments more than necessary!

With the new feature, Android users will be able to quickly sort through a list of search results and look for their preferred content. This way you are guaranteed not only to to to to to watch what wanted but also to avoid any embarrassing mistakes that could happen when trying out something new on YouTube!


Explore the huge video library

YouTube’s video library is the largest of its kind, with billions upon trillions available to watch. Whether you’re looking for classic movies or up-and-coming clipsribbed by professionals in their field – there will always be something new waiting just around every corner!

With a wide variety of videos to watch, you’ll never be bored again. There are various genres and categories for all types of people including Trending Now – which makes it easy when your favorite show goes off the air or if someone posts their latest video online!

The app will analyze your search options and other personal preferences to recommend the best content for you. You can also be recommended by trending videos from all over the world, or just in specific locations that interest you most!


Personalize your preferences with various customizations

There’s a new way to find and watch what you want on YouTube. With the latest update, Android users can customize their recommendations by selecting from lists such as recommended channels or genres they enjoy watching so that these videos show up more often!

Subscribing to your favorite content creators and their different channels not only enables you to keep up-to-date with what they have going on but also gives you a chance for some behinds scenes looks at how it all happens! You’ll be introduced every time a new video is released.

The new Watch tab in Discover will help you find great content more easily. You can like videos to show the app which topics interest or creators, and look through your refreshed watch lists once again by searching for them from here!

Watch videos with the online YouTube community

It’s easy to get distracted from your video when you’re streaming, but now there is an interactive commenting feature that will help bring people back! You can easily join other viewers in discussions and share thoughts on what they are seeing.


You can now access your favorite creators’ posts, stories, and other updates to send comments that will spark interesting discussions with others. The ability for viewers’ opinions on the content they have watched or are about to read adds an immersive experience not possible before this update!

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Your home video is customizable and easy to control

With the new update, YouTube users will now be able to control their family video preferences. This is an extremely helpful feature for those who have kids since children can easily become exposed to inappropriate content due lack of judgment and understanding about what’s appropriate or not at such a young age.

The YouTube app is a great way to keep your kids safe from adult content on the internet. You can use filters in both of these apps, which will help you manage what they see when visiting youtube or using their standard browser-based video starting point!


Create content and upload it from your device

YouTube is a great platform for aspiring content creators who want their creative skills seen by the world. Simply set up an account on YouTube, find your niche in entertainment or information-based videos (or anything between!), upload some of these creations onto it and wait until someone watches! Working with the available features to set up and customize your online video channel is a great way of starting on YouTube. You can make viral updates, start becoming famous today!

Become a celebrity and earn money with the app

What if you were able to make money for your online videos? Become an influencer and partner with YouTube. The platform will give Android users the option of becoming a famous YouTuber, earning them monthly payments based on how many views their video has received!

With YouTube’s new ad Pluto, users can now support their favorite content creators by simply subscribing to the channel and watching ads. Or they could go for a membership available only through this platform in order to encourage more video releases from these popular figures of our time!

The awesome and entertaining app for Android users will be even better with your premium membership! You’ll get early access to all of our videos, in-depth interactions from the creators themselves along side shiny badges showing how diehard fans you are. So what are waiting on? Get it now while there’s still time before this offer expires!


YouTube Premium is a service that allows users in countries with restricted access to enjoy YouTube without any advertisements. The app provides an immersive watching experience, giving you more choice on what videos and channel subscriptions are available for your viewing pleasure!

You can start by getting rid of unwanted ads during your videos so you don’t have to worry about streaming interruptions. You might also want save certain clips for when there isn’t an internet connection, which is really convenient! And if the device ever goes off or locks itself in some other way while watching a video ( screen orientation matters), just turn it back on again; sound will resume where we left off without any hassle
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YouTube Music Premium is the best way to enjoy streaming high-quality audio tracks and their different variations. In addition, with a YouTube subscription you can also get access premium services plus more!

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