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VivaCut is an amazing video editor & video maker. Whether you want to make a great movie or just want to share memories and fun moments with your friends, VivaCut is the best choice for you.
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VivaCut: Pro Video Editor APP is a great video editor for mobile devices. The app has all the features you need to do light and simple tasks like trimming videos, adding music or subtitles, etc., but it also offers more advanced options if that’s what you’re going after! You can customize effects thoroughly enough so they look exactly how YOU want them to which means no one will ever be able (or willing)to tell there was any programming involved in creating this masterpiece of an itemized list).


Introducing Video Editor APP – VivaCut

The possibilities are endless with VivaCut! You can create professional pieces of visuals that will make your videos stand out from the rest. Explore all its features and customizations, which have been designed to give you an intuitive experience on Android devices as well so even those who don’t use other software such as Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Elements could enjoy using this app.

With a mobile video editor app like VivaCut MOD APK, you can do more than just record and edit videos. With tons of awesome features for adding cinematic effects or changing blending options to your clip in seconds flat; there’s no limit on creativity when it comes to making professional-looking content! Lastly, the entire experience can be easily performed and finished with just your mobile devices. This is made possible by VivaCut – an amazing app that you’ll find yourself using often!


The app is available for download on Android devices old or new. All you need to do in order is make sure that your phone has the latest software version and enjoy all features of this video-making tool kit! VivaCut is not an app you should use on low-end phones. This powerful and popular video editor requires a decent mobile device with capable hardware to run smoothly, which means that if your phone doesn’t meet these requirements it could cause problems when using VIVA Cut or any other application in this genre (including FilmoraGo).

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Explore the features of the Video Editor APP – VivaCut

Professional video editor for Android users

What’s better than a video editor that can make your videos stand out? With the newly-created ‘Hollywood app for Android users, you’ll be able to customize and personalize every aspect of it. From changing themes or adding filters – there are so many options available! And if all else fails? You could always go with one of their preloaded templates (like ’80s nostalgia).


With the Green Screen and Chroma key options, users can mix videos together to create amazing visual effects. With available cinematic video editing on Android devices as well you’re never without your favorite movie editor! With the Green Screen and Chroma key options, users can mix videos together to create amazing visual effects. With available cinematic video editing on Android devices as well you’re never without your favorite movie editor!

Users can now create their own videos with the available Keyframe animations and an editor that allows them to customize how it looks. Pick up certain stickers for more creative control over your masterpiece! You can always make use of the available Masks options with Linear, Mirror, and Radial effects. Each effect will allow you to create stunning visuals for your videos on social networks like Facebook or Instagram!

VivaCut users are able to edit certain tracks of music and sounds by performing individual changes on the audio tracks. They can also add multiple sound effects if they prefer it that way; alternatively, VIVA allows you to extract any available videos in your collection for adding more variety to whatever project is currently being worked upon!


Diverse video editing features

Another great thing about VivaCut is its intuitive editing interface. With so many commands and features available, you’ll be able to edit your video in no time! The intuitive multi-layer timeline will have you zoom in with great precision to make your changes. You can also perform various other customizations and adjustments on the text, like applying different styles or formats – all without having a single line of code!

VivaCut offers a wide range of transitions to customize for both videos and texts, so you can produce amazing cinematic films. You are able to adjust the brightness or contrast as well as many other interesting options that will create your desired effect in just one click!

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With VivaCut video editors, you can achieve any look or feel that your heart desires. With available filters and glitch effects to unlock the special editing options for each of your videos – there’s never been an easier way!


Control commands and intuitive editing

With VivaCut’s extensive editing interface, Android users will be able to manage their videos and edits with ease.

The best way to optimize your video is by duplicating clips and changing certain settings. You can also trim or cut pieces from different parts of one clip, which will help you tell a more engaging story in each section!

Join all your favorite moments together in a single video with the click of one button. Choose from slow-motion or fast-forward mode to create amazing comeback videos that will leave everyone asking for more!

Great and convenient editor

With VivaCut’s exclusive editing features, you can create stunning and interesting videos that will be viral in no time! The Picture In Picture view offers better exposures while the Collage adds images to your clips for an even more captivating experience.


The customizable Overlay options in Android let you create beautiful and creative layers. You can also make use of blending effects like Color Burn, Screen, or Soft to add more creativity to your work!

The app will let you create stunning visual experiences with unique effects. For your images and pictures, it’ll only take a few minutes for Android users in VivaCut to make their own slideshow using this great tool!

Export and share your videos fast

The easiest way to finish up your in-app experience is by having all of the videos properly exported and shared on a variety of social networks. Choose from one of our many presets or make use of these features! Rename them accordingly, save them onto any device you prefer (even if that’s just YouTube!), then share online when ready – no button needed anymore.


Exciting features in the future

With the new features and personalization options, Android users will find themselves having even more fun with VivaCut. And if you’re an avid gamer on mobile devices like me then enjoy exploring this app’s simple but fast text editor or use undo/redo functions when needed!


With VivaCut, Android users can enjoy an intuitive video editor on their device of choice. With the free and unlocked versions available online for download in our website’s app store section; there are plenty of reasons why you should have this program installed!

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