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Screen Recorder helps you capture smooth & clear screen videos, screenshots in the easiest way. Use XRecorder to record videos with No recording time limits & No root needed! Just with a tap on the floating window, you can record HD video tutorials, video calls and videos that can not be downloaded even. No watermark & No lag when recording! And you will never miss live game shows, and important moments anymore.
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XRecorder is a mobile app that’s designed to record your Android device’s screen. It can be used for making tutorials, capturing bugs and errors, or even recording gameplays. The app also has an easy-to-use interface, which makes it perfect for everyone, regardless of their experience level. Plus, XRecorder doesn’t require root access on your device! So if you need a powerful and user-friendly screen recorder for Android, look no further than XRecorder – the HelloHero AllStars: Idle League Edition!


The app has an easy-to-use record option so you can capture any action on your screen with ease. If that’s not enough for customization, there are other advanced settings where YOU make the call! There is also live stream access if watching others while doing something else helps keep things interesting.

Introducing Screen Recorder – XRecorder

The features of XRecorder MOD APK, which are available on Android devices can be used for capturing smooth and clear videos. This is possible because you do not have to look outside your application when taking screenshots in order to avoid missing anything important or valuable with what’s happening inside it; rather than doing this automatically by default like before!

The more you can make your video feel like active participation in the process, rather than something being passively shown to us without any input from yourself or other participants involved; then not only will people enjoy watching it but also be much better at understanding what’s going on due their ability for self-expression through drawing on screens!


Stop worrying about watermarks when capturing your perfect screen videos. Unlock the useful brush tools to easily draw on anything and everything, whether it be an app or game! Make use of pause & resume options so you can comfortably work with its features without any pesky limitations holding back progress.

With the screen adjustable to a vertical or horizontal orientation, this video app offers many interesting options for optimal recording conditions. You’ll enjoy great quality videos with ease thanks to its simple interface and easy-to-use features!

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Explore the features of Screen Recorder – XRecorder

Enjoy your video without a watermark

XRecorder is the most advanced screen recording app on Android. It has been designed to make your life easier by removing all those pesky watermarks that often appear when using other similar apps, so you can capture videos and screenshots without any hassle!


Turn on the internal recording

The use of sound on videos is becoming more and more popular, as it can help make them feel fewer media. With the ability to capture footage with enabled internal audio in XRecorder; now you’ll be able to add depth by including what’s happening around your subject at any given time!

Freelance with the brush tool

The available brush tools will make it easy for you to work your magic over the screen even while recording or live to stream. Feel free to draw anything that comes into mind, and use different colors depending on what is being talked about in order to create emphasis where needed- all this plus helpful settings makes XRecorder more than just useful!

Pause and resume recording you easily

While users have the option to pause their video immediately and work on configuring settings, they can also use XRecorder’s Pause/Resume feature if needed. This won’t affect your final records and you’ll still be able to enjoy videos with no downtime in between takes!


Adaptive recording in full resolution

The new XRecorder for Android has some great features that will help you record your screen. You can now use the app in horizontal or vertical mode and with different ratios, so it’s perfect if you’re always on the go! There are also resolution settings like 240p – 1440P (16×9), 60FPS video recording at 12Mbps bitrate…and more options to choose from!.

Enjoy working with useful floating windows

With the new floating windows in XRecorder, Android users can finally enjoy a hassle-free experience while they Livestream. The one-touch control enables easy switching between apps and hiding any unnecessary features that might get in your way when recording live video without editing afterward as most other programs do!


Easily take screenshots

the recorder has a new and improved screen capture option! Now you can take clear screenshots on your mobile devices without having to use dedicated settings. This makes it easier than ever before, so go ahead—take that perfect shot now!

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Use countdown timer to schedule recording

Manually managing your recordings is a thing of the past! With XRecorder and its countdown timer, you can sleep peaceful nights knowing that everything will be done just when it should. And if there are certain intervals during which tasks need completing more than others? No problem – simply enable schedules for each operation type in order to automate them all at once or individually.

Turn on Facecam so others can see you

Now you can also use the Facecam to easily interact with your audience while enabling screen recording. Feel free to show off any faces and make cool interactions like in games or videos! This feature should work great whenever you want to react instantly on YouTube, for example when playing certain types of video content where it’s difficult not to break into laughter (or Song).

Unlimited recording time

The XRecorder for Android provides an unlimited recording period that allows you to capture everything on your screen. This includes the time, date, and even system notifications!


Use the powerful photo and video editor

XRecorder is more than just a video capturing app, it’s an editing platform with built-in tools to help you transform your footage and create interesting content. Trim moments together or use the many options available for converting videos from standard definition up to HD! With the ability to reduce video size, edit your images with crop and brush tools as well as other standard options. And last but not least – camera beauty settings will allow you to streamline confidence when interacting confidently onstage or in front of a screen!

Work on multiple video platforms

With the new update, you can now record your live streams on different platforms while still using XRecorder’s mobile app. This means that instead of having a folder full of clips from one platform or another—you’ll have everything in order right there at hand!

Easily customizable storage location

The new Android feature allows you to choose the storage location for all your files. This means that if there isn’t enough room on Internal Storage or SD Card, then just load up some old content wherever it’s most convenient!

Enable rich theme settings

Dark mode and many unique theme settings will allow Android users to comfortably enjoy the mobile app. Feel free to select any preferred visual setups so you can have more fun with X recorder, making sure that you are always encouraged in discovering this great program!


With the new addition of XRecorder for Android, now you can capture every moment on your phone. The app has many features and is very easy to use so it won’t take long before you start enjoying all its benefits! And with our free unlocked download from Google Play Store, we’re giving even more reason as well because who doesn’t love getting goodies?

What's new

- Customize floating ball: Modify size, transparency, custom icon.
- Optimized the interaction of the video editor.

- Lighter and easier to use.
- Better recording experience.
- Other bug fixes and performance improvements.

Update XRecorder to start a better recording experience!

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