Hill Climb Racing 2

From the Creators of the original Hill Climb Racing comes Hill Climb Racing 2! It's Bigger, It's Better And It's Much Much Funner!?
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Mar 27, 2023
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Hill Climb Racing 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is the sequel to the successful terrain racing game on extremely high hills. While its gameplay is similar to that of its predecessor, it features new and improved elements, controls and graphics.

Introduce about Hill Climb Racing 2

Hill Climb Racing 2 is an game that provides both fun and difficulty in its off-road races. With the ability to race against many other players who each have their own individualized car, parts, and upgrades unlocked through play; this game promises new challenges with every playthrough. Better yet, by attending the game’s events you can earn rewards that’ll help improve your experience.

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New challenges and vehicles

In Hill Climb Racing 2, players will be able to compete in a new cup called the Mystical Cup. They will still need to beat other players on different tracks with various obstacles, but now there will also be a certain number of laps for each game screen. This means that players will have to win all required levels in order to get the prize. The rewards available are diverse and can range from chests to new vehicles.

You can find chests with varying degrees of quality, each offering a different reward. You might also discover new car parts that can be used to upgrade your ride. Plus, the newest vehicle added to the game – the CC-EV – is sure to turn heads with its striking golden color. If you’re lucky enough to unlock it, you’ll be able to continue tweaking and upgrading its performance stats. So ignore this info at your peril!

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Overcoming many different opponents

In Hill Climb Racing 2, players will be taken to an exciting and challenging level where they must reach the finish line as quickly as possible with their car. The most interesting point about this race is that the road is rarely flat, so there will be many different terrains for users to find and navigate. Players will need to take advantage of these terrains in order to overcome other players more quickly.

There are only two buttons you need to know in order to drive the car and maintain control over it throughout the game. Without any navigational support, all players have to rely on are these two buttons. While playing, be sure keep an eye out for other things on road that can help you; one example is gasoline.

You will find many gold coins and a gas tank with an undeniably unique red color on the track. They both serve different purposes, with the gas helping you to maintain your race momentum. Every time you move your car forward, a specific amount of gasoline is consumed. You need to collect  gas in order reach the finish line sooner or go at the speed you desire. Beyond that point, there are numerous other obstacles, each yielding its own outcome.

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Upgrade car parts and open new parts

When playing Hill Climb Racing 2, you will sometimes be the winner and other times you will lose. Therefore, it is necessary to not only increase your driving skills and judgment but also to upgrade your car performance by using coins to make each part of the vehicle more efficient. You can also add new elements to the car as you progress and continue upgrading these parts with better pieces.

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Key features

  • Rise to the top driving or riding in more than 20 unique vehicles, from automobiles and trucks to bicycles and tanks!
  • Get new car parts for your dream car by finding and unlocking them!
  • Change the way your character and car look to however you want!
  • Join forces with your friends online and compete in teams mode!
  • By completing amazing tricks, you will definitely have a lot of fun racing in the arcade!
  • There are many genres of music to choose from!
  • The much-loved adventure mode is back and better than ever.
  • Every week, there are new and exciting events that change the gameplay.
  • You can only win by race to the top of the hill. By participating in online races, you have a chance at amazing prizes!

About Hill Climb Racing 2 MOD APK version

MOD Feature

Unlimited Money: The more you use Diamond, the more it will increase. You can also get some free in-app items.

Download Hill Climb Racing 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) for Android

Hill Climb Racing 2 is an excellent game that improves upon the original in nearly every way. It’s still one of the best games in its genre, even with dozens of competitors. With its fun gameplay, beautiful graphics, and progressive progression model, it’s no wonder this game is so popular. And did I mention it’s free?

Newton Bill is on a quest to reach the top of the tallest mountains in the world, and you can help him achieve this goal through the game’s various mission types. You’ll need to spend hours playing this game to really get good at it and show off your driving skills. Any racing enthusiast will be satisfied with this game.

What's new

* New vehicle: Muscle Car
* Featured challenges reworked
* Added the ability to create challenges from public events
* New team icons
* Added a cooldown period for player name changes
* Various bug fixes



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