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The toughest prison sim in the yard - now celebrating over 10 MILLION downloads!!!
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Feb 1, 2023
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Unique storylines and immersive gameplay are what always attract gamers to simulation games. And Hard Time (Prison Sim) MOD APK is one of those games that promises an interesting and innovative experience.

Introduce about Hard Time (Prison Sim)

Hard Time is a prison life simulation game in which the player must either come up with creative solutions or live through a hostile and frightening environment. Although the idea is unique, the variety and depth of the setting will always provide players with many innovative ideas for escaping or generating everyone fear them. The prison will have numerous new features based on each player’s advancement, providing more thrill to this simulation category.

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Characters in Hard Time (Prison Sim) will be able to create a character and attempt to survive in a harsh prison environment. Keep an eye out for any one word might result in a grisly demise. The game features up to 12 areas with complete furnishings, as well as characters for players to interact with, more than 100 distinct inmates, and plenty of free-living citizens. There are also inspectors who enforce various regulations to keep people from doing unlawful things.

Each prison sector will be controlled by a distinct gang. The goal of the game is for the player to defeat gangs and rise to become the prison’s leader. Can you fight, avoid being noticed by prison guards, and climb your way to becoming “the ruler” of the facility?

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Combat system

MDickie’s games are designed with a wrestling system that is very detailed. Players can customize the skills for their characters to be able to overcome tougher challenges. Hard Time (Prison Sim) is more realistic than any AAA game to date, according to gamers, because of these features. It also creates the most genuine combat sensation.

To swiftly win in combat, you must pick and combine skills in a unique fashion. Improving the entire character’s performance as well as individual control tactics are required. You may also perform other tasks to increase your income. Touching the buttons on the screen to utilize your selected abilities is quite simple: improving agility, strength, knowledge, and reputation are all straightforward.

  • G = Grapple/Throw.
  • T = Taunt.
  • A = Attack.
  • R = Run.
  • P = Pick up/Drop.

It’s easy to anticipate that. You can use this guide to keep your account secure and ensure you’re playing on a safe site. To make stronger assaults (combos), there are some minor pointers available. For example, combine A and R to produce a powerful assault. Alternatively, combine R and P at the same time to burn items and throw them at your opponent. Additionally, if you quit one game before being able to continue playing, touch the clock to pause it. If you find the dialogues boring or unimportant, click on them to skip them.

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Your character is a normal person. As a result, his morale and health will be affected, particularly after combat. To get your character back to peak performance, you must allow him to relax. However, you aren’t always allowed to sleep, so there are other things you can do to help yourself relax. Especially if your character doesn’t rest for some reason or another, he’ll get incontinent. It indicates an issue since you won’t be able to control him for a time period. As a result, you must improve the disposition of your character in several areas:

  • Agility: Strengthens the ability to move quicker. Making the opponent unable to avoid offers this a distinct edge for launching assaults. Running or exercise can help them.
  • Strength: A character’s damage output or resilience to damage is represented by this stat, and it can be increased through physical activities such as weightlifting or sparring. Even though his muscles were not visibly large, he was able to push himself past his limits.
  • Intelligence: By reading books, you gain an understanding that leads to wisdom. As more knowledge becomes available, you are able to work better and faster in terms of recovery and training.
  • Reputation: This is a talent that helps players advance as leaders. Do more objectives or force others to have respect for you in order to complete them.
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As you can see, these are extremely realistic and illustrate how well MDickie paid attention to their product.

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About Hard Time (Prison Sim) MOD APK version

MOD Feature

VIP Unlocked: With the VIP unlocked MOD version of Uptomods, you’ll have access to all features and content that are otherwise locked if you haven’t paid for a VIP membership.

Download Hard Time (Prison Sim) MOD APK (VIP Unlocked) for Anroid

Although being inside the prison, you can escape the prisoner’s control to become the ruler of other prisoners. Money is quite important in this game and you can earn it through many different ways. Then use them to maintain relationships, your gang and bribe police for an easier life.

What's new

- Enhanced compatibility with the latest versions of Android.
- Improved controller support for paying customers, which now recognizes Xbox One+ & Playstation 5 as standard. Older devices may need to use the "Calibration" option.



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