Talking Tom Hero Dash
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Apr 26, 2023
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The iconic talking friends franchise is back with a new game that has been tearing up the charts! For the first time ever, players can join Tom and his crew in their run & dash adventure. Find out more about this amazing mobile title from Outfit7 Limited by reading our reviews now!


Introducing Talking Tom Hero Dash

Join Tom and his friends on an epic adventure into the world of Talking T privilege. Experience talking tom gameplay like you’ve never played it before as we journey through familiar landmarks, and fight enemies in battles that will make any warrior rejoice with joyous celebration! Befuddled by such feats? Don’t worry; this game is made for those who love adventure stories at their core but also want something fresh and new to enjoy every time they play so take off running (or walking) toward your next objective while I tell us about these pesky raccoon animals.


Explore the features of the game Talking Tom Hero Dash

playing the game is fun because of its many features!

Play as characters from your favorite series

What’s better than one friend? Two friends, of course! In Talking Tome Hero Dash MOD APK players will have their chances to play as different characters from the Taking Friends series. Choose your favorite heroes and take down evil raccoons with them.

  • You’ll start the game as our main hero, Tom. Dress up in a superhero costume and punch your way to victory! We know you all love this little guy from back home so let’s show him some support on his adventure tonight.”
  • The girlfriend of our little Tom is trouble. She often lets the enemies take advantage, but she’s also sweet and caring towards him all this time!
  • Ginger is a small orange kitten with all the notorious traits of an adventurous child. He loves playing pranks on others and will do whatever it takes to get your attention, even if that means sitting close by while you two are grossing out each other with romantic gestures!
  • Hank is a playful little dog with an uncluttered mind. He has shown this during his time as Tom the talking cat’s friend and roommate, but there are still plenty of things to explore in him!
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Reunite with your friends and betrayed family in this interactive video game that allows you to play as other famous characters from the series. You’ll be able to do more Excellent work when reaching those final levels, so grab a friend or two for help!

Save your friends from the evil panda gang

In this new talking-themed arcade game from developers with roots in Canada – where they’re known for games like maple syrup dynamics! In it, players control their own hero character as well as various other unlockable companions through dangerous stages filled up with obstacles and overcoming challenges.

Many different levels

The game’s map is vast, with stages taking place all over the world. You’ll fight against evil raccoons and rescue friends while running on skyscrapers to cross crowded Chinatowns or pass through beautiful tropical beaches – it really adds another dimension!


Improved run and surf gameplay

Talking Tom Hero Dash is an interesting take on the genre. In this game, players will have to chase after a target and avoid obstacles while also kicking the raccoon’s butt! But there are some new mechanics that keep things fresh: your characters’ superpowers allow them to power-charged through certain walls or floors if you stored enough energy before running out; however, it’s important not to charge too many times as doing so may lead to losing all yours stores of sustainment as well which could make things difficult during intense moments where defeat seems inevitable.

Different stuns

The maps in Talking Tom Hero Dash are incredibly interesting. They allow you to jump between rooftops, chase your enemies down a slope and run on ships while swinging from cranes; each one has its own unique elements that will make this game even more fun!

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Cinematic takedown

As you chase down the enemies, there are chances for exciting cinematic takedown scenes. If it’s a rascal raccoon your after and they’re in front of yours as an opponent goes fleeing from battle then give them what-for with some flashy fighting skills! You’ll reduce health drastically if done right which not only helps win but also makes those moments more fun watching how we do things around here.

Rebuild the world

The raccoons are ravaging the city! They cruise through, making piles of rubbles at their leisure. You must drive them out and clean up all that they leave behind in Talking Tom Hero Dash- a peaceful life for everyone again depends on you restoring these locations back into working order so it will be easier to progress levels past 5 bosses across an entire map.



The new Talking Tom game is an exciting addition to the genre, with plenty of features that make it stand out. With all those bells and whistles at your disposal, there’s no way you’ll be able to notice this title when looking through what games are available on mobile devices today!

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