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May 4, 2023
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The FRAG Pro Shooter is an online first-person 3D shooter that will put your marksmanship skills to the test. You’ll take part in dramatic gun battles and need excellent aiming mechanics if you want any chance at victory on this platform! “Shoot-em-up” games are all the rage these days, but none have upped their anti -heroic game play like this one. The 3D graphics and design of guns make for a tough yet fun experience where your adrenaline will be pumping from start to finish!


The FRAG Pro Shooter is a video game that allows players to control an elite gunner. Enter the chaotic battlefield with up ten heroes, and you’re divided equally between two teams; Each team can choose their own general who will defeat enemies in front of them for victory! Your main task on this intense combat field? Move quickly towards enemy territory using excellent reflexes while accurately aiming your weapon – because quick elimination tactics are key when fighting superior opposition.

The game is full of different characters, each with their own appearance and ability. You can change your heroes quickly to avoid getting attacked by opponents in the battlefields you’ll find yourself on! The fighting system makes it easy for players like me who love tactic battles; we just need one good idea then our team will be able take out whoever stands against us (I hope).

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FRAG Pro Shooter matches are very intense and fast-paced. You need to quickly eliminate the enemy’s targets while killing as many networks of theirs that you can before time runs out in order for your team get a high score! After all done, whoever has higher amount will win gold coins or Experience Points depending on what type its more suitable towards (hp). With 40 characters and counting, this game is sure to keep you on your toes. Each character has his own weapon that can be customized with different attachments or mods for an extra layer of strategy when playing online!

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You can change the approach to a game and influence your team’s tactics in this 3D shooter by upgrading characters. Join now for real-time PvP battles, show off how good of shots you are with any one character type that catches their attention! The FRAG Pro Shooter is an exciting game that brings the first-person shooter experience to your phone. You can challenge other players in real time 1v1 matches, build a battle deck with whatever strategy you want like offense or defense and control it all from afar using First Person View!

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Join your own club and show off to friends with this fighting game! Each character has their own unique power that can turn the tide in war. Get popular enough, join an official one too for even more recognition among gamers around the world who want nothing but top-quality content like yours when they play these awesome mobile battles later on down load times or through wifi connections at home while waiting out dinnertime obligations back here already?

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The FRAG pro shooter is an excellent game that includes lots of voyeuristic action. In particular, the environment in which it takes place has been designed to be 3D with vibrant colors and lots visual effects/techniques for players’ enjoyment! Your journey through this game will be filled with surprises as you explore new maps and fight against enemies. You’ll have to work together with your teammates if they are alive or defeat them in order for victory!

What's new

What's new?
- 3.8: 4 Years FRAGniversary!
- Play with the new character: Detective Guizmo!
- New FRAG Pass with an incredible collection of ""Anniversary"" skins!
- Discover brand new menus for your Club and Friendlist!
- Game optimization, balancing, and bug fixes.



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