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Death is not the end.
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Apr 6, 2023
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Dead Cells MOD APK is a platform-action game with a great mix of old and new that’s perfect for fans of the Metroidvania genre. If you like classic Metroidvania games, you won’t want to miss out on this fantastic title.

The current platformer game Motion Twin is well regarded by critics, and it is now available on the App Store.

Games from India are becoming global sensations, and Motion Twin is one of the leading developers. Our team of 10 young members works tirelessly to turn creative ideas into reality. Whether it’s making new games or giving old ones a fresh twist, we always aim to amaze our players.

Introducing Dead Cells

With a mix of smooth action sequences with tense objectives and mod splash gameplay, Dead Cells is exceptional in both graphics and gameplay.

dead cells mod apk

The game’s title, Dead Cells, refers to the protagonist: a mucus-based parasite enters the body of a dead warrior, revives him, and the game begins. Life is wonderful! You could be little more than green goop at this point, but your host’s muscular physique is extremely adaptable as a result of the sharp and smooth control method.

Dead Cells gameplay

Players are usually familiar with the concept of a platform game combined with elements of adventure and action. In this game, you start out with a basic weapon and have to explore dungeons, upgrade weapons, unlock new weapons, fight enemies, etc. in order to progress through the story. Each state has its own mysteries and rewards for players that they can discover as they explore further.

dead cells apk no mod

The terrain of Dead Cells is broken down into several regions. Each region is divided into divisions. You are free to explore each location without following a pattern, as in other adventure games. The enemy grows stronger with each stage. If you want to continue your journey, you’ll need to improve your weapons and abilities. When fighting, don’t forget the most essential thing: “death isn’t the end.”

How to control Dead Cells

The joystick on the left side is used as a move motion controller, while the buttons on the right side are for actions such as rolling to avoid arrows or Rolling over a narrow wall. You can also use them to jump (and double jump), toss grenades, trigger traps, and use weapons.

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With its tiny buttons, the layout of this button is quite complicated. You will not be able to touch the incorrect button due to their small size. Even if the arrangement isn’t perfect yet, you may modify the button positions and sizes as needed.

Furthermore, the mobile version of Dead Cells includes a distinct auto-attack mode that allows you to use your character in melee combat if an enemy comes within a certain distance. This is an excellent method to acclimate yourself to the game’s lightning-fighting style.

dead cells mod menu

Explore the dungeon Dead Cells

With every twist and turn of these treacherous mazes, you’ll find plenty of loot, swarms of enemies, and umpteen traps. The weapons you come across will have 3 different variants (pooled by color), and the papers strewn about will help increase your weapon’s damage or give you a much-needed boost to your health.

dead cells mod menu apk

You may become perplexed with all the choices. However, you should be brave and try new weapons to discover new talents and combinations, such as freezing grenades, 3-way arrows, throwing blades, and blocking shields. Dead Cells is constantly looking for innovative methods to keep you on your toes. Each level is generated automatically, so each game offers a unique experience. The appearance of enemies will also change to ensure that you are not inconvenienced by them. The bosses will suddenly appear among the regular monsters; they’ll move faster and deliver more powerful attacks, pushing you into a defensive posture.

At some moment, you will undoubtedly fall and have to begin your trip all over again. However, there are a few techniques to make the trip more straightforward. You may exchange the cells you’ve gathered between areas for unique goods, such as your health regeneration increasing so that you can drink more times before running out of blood.


You can also give the found weapon design diagrams to us, from which we will unlock and buy new equipment for you. If you have enough money to retain our services, you will quickly be able to accumulate wealth and buy high-end equipment that will help you overcome the early levels.

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dead cells mobile download

You can choose to unlock the ability permanently or until you hit one of the game’s goals. You will also receive a cosmic power based on your choice that may be enhanced by defeating special monsters. Some generate vines out of green liquids, while others aid in the teleportation between coffins, and the third gives you the ability to leap between walls to gain greater heights.

You may play the original game with the APK version. Only Rise of the Giants and The Bad Seed are accessible, as well as any future updates.

Why choose the MOD APK version?

Dead Cells is completely free to download at Uptomods, but it is a paid game. If that isn’t enough for you, don’t worry. Dead Cells’ MOD APK version will make you happy.

Features of Dead Cells MOD APK

Menu with features (Can turn on/off):

  • DLC: Rise of the Giant, The Bad Seed & Fatal Falls
  • Unlimited Cells: After using them in the game, you will have plenty of cells left.
  • Free Shopping: You will have more money when you spend it.
  • The enemy does not attack you.

You need to take note:

Your device must be compatible with the MOD feature before you can use it. If you don’t see the MOD Menu, make sure your phone is set to Settings -> Applications -> Dead Cells -> Allow to Appear on Top.

This game caters to a wide range of gamers. The distinctive doors that may be accessed only if certain objectives are met are an excellent illustration of this. You must complete the aim within a specific time limit, providing you with additional objectives to achieve once you’ve mastered the fundamentals of the game. Killing a set number of foes without taking damage is sometimes required (that’s ideal for cautious players).

You’ll be relieved to discover that, regardless of the style you play, each time you practice, you’ll feel great. While your dead cells grow into powerful warriors, you will enjoy Motion Twin’s platformer-action game masterpiece. The Android version of Dead Cells has been launched; you may download the APK or MOD version of Dead Cells from Google Play. Every day, Uptomods sends out news about this game as soon as it becomes available.

What's new

- Fixed Null access on skin selection out of bounds
- Fixed Crash on launch for 32bits devices
- Fixed Collector menu invest button hidden when opening the menu
- RAM Disclaimer should show up only once in the app lifetime
- Uses the latest google play protection



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