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RORTOS has released a mobile game that allows you to experience the air traveling industry from the top down. You’ll be able to take control of your plane and see how it feels like being in charge, while also unlocking new planes along the way! The game is an in-depth and realistic simulation that will teach you about every aspect of the business, from planning steps to operations. You’ll get a real feeling of what it takes when your planes have successfully boarded their targeted destinations!


If you have ever wanted to fly like a pro, this game will allow for endless possibilities. The immersive gameplay of Real Flight Simulator offers people endless opportunities and adventures in the aviation industry! Whether you want to be the pilot of your plane, or manage an air control station with multiple options available – there’s something for everyone in this game! Find out more about RFS- Real Flight Simulator by reading our reviews below.

Introducing RFS – Real Flight Simulator

The RFS – Real Flight Simulation MOD APK game is an exciting and new take on the popular genre of flight simulation. The player gets to explore their skills as they complete various tasks that are necessary for transporting passengers from one place to another, all while learning what it takes behind the scenes in this process!

You’ll have opportunities to get involved in multiple activities such as planning for your next flight and having the schedules cleared and ready. You can also perform certain preparations on board a plane or follow required procedures like when piloting an actual aircraft off track while wearing a headset virtual reality technology!

The game of air Traffic Control will make you feel like an expert pilot. Not only must your plane stay in the sky, but there are other factors to consider such as direction and distance between yourself and others around you! The freedom of the open skies is an experience you won’t want to miss. You’ll face rain, hail, or even blown away wind but it’s all worth it when nature throws some nasty surprises your way!


Explore the features of RFS – Real Flight Simulator

Get access to your airport with realistic elements

The game’s developers have created a fully functional airport with realistic in-game elements to make your experience as authentic and enjoyable as possible. Your airports will be full of life with intuitive satellite imagery that shows all currently operated flights, and a taxiway for drivers to pick up passengers and drop off those who have just arrived or left. The accurate 3D buildings’ in-game experiences make it more fun than ever before!

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Your work inside Air Traffic Control

The gaming industry is a very competitive one, and gamers need to be well prepared if they want any chance at success. One way that people can prepare for their next game launch or other important events in the future? Check out all of those helpful notifications from Air Traffic Control!


You’ll need a good map and plenty of time to plan your journey if you’re flying somewhere new. The satellite terrains will provide all the information necessary, as well as height maps that let us know where we can best fly over in order not only to arrive at our destination safely but also to avoid any obstacles or receiver interference along this route!

You can also keep in contact with the Air Traffic Control Tower through interactive voice protocols and communications. Check your location’s important flight info such as ATIS, and GROUND TOWER APPROACHES before taking off!

Please check your plane before the flight

The next time you’re about to take off, make sure that your plane is in top shape with all of its instruments and gauges looking perfect. Gamers can freely check their planes by using the Advanced Multi Panel System before selecting multiple customizations for themselves!


However, there are certain checks you can perform on the plane to make sure it’s working properly. From investigating its parts and lights as well checking in 3D cockpits for controllers with liveries of your own! This is incredible news if this was something that gamers wanted too – having their very own livery or scheme across all planes would be amazing.

The in-depth control system on your plane

The Android gamer will be able to take control of their plane with an in-depth multi-panel system that gives them total supervision and maneuverability. Here, they can get access to the advanced options for creating pilots’ licenses on Real Flight Simulator’s planes!

The instruments on board will show you exactly what’s going down in your flight deck. With the Map, Engines and Fuel populations are available at all times with an intuitive indicator system to let pilots know about their Air/ Ground speed as well altitude AGL or ASM which could be critical when making decisions for alive!

Control your aircraft with ease and precision, whether it be through the use of levers or buttons. In addition to these intuitive controls for moving around in-game spaces easily while avoiding obstacles at all times; Android gamers can also make use of their smartphones as an instrument panel by using different screens according to each function – including navigation maps that show exactly where you’ll end up if don’t pull off landing successfully!

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Customize different flight modes

While playing the game, you can customize your aircraft to have different fuel types and passengers. You’ll also be able to change how much total load is on board for each plane during the flight which will help with experimenting when making customizations! Guide a plane through tough weather conditions and see what happens when there are problems with engines or systems. You can also change the atmosphere of your flight to experience different environments like snowstorms, hurricanes etcetera! In addition to being able to fly and control your planes, this game is also an excellent simulator for multiple situations that could happen during flights.

Your online game anytime

The chance to interact with fellow gamers from all over the world is what makes RFS – Real Flight Simulator so perfect. With at least 40 thousand real-time flights each day, you can participate in a variety of different types and sizes of planes! Take to the skies with global gameplay as you jump on available real-time flights from different airports all over the world. Guide each plane and make sure they’re safely delivered to their targeted destination while progressing through these hilarious adventures! The world of flying is filled with challenges that you can only experience in this game. Enjoy chatting while controlling your aircraft, and make sure to avoid obstacles by tilting the device!


From where you stopped and started enjoying

The convenience of being able to continue your abandoned activity with the press of a button is one reason why many gamers love RFS – Real Flight Simulator. The app also features quick access options so you can go right back into what were previously playing without having to find another task or wait until it finishes loading!


If you’re looking for an immersive, realistic experience that will make your heart racing and hands sweating then look no further than RFS – Real Flight Simulator. This flight simulator offers one of the best mobile gaming embodies what it’s like to fly with its deep gameplay mechanics which are sure to give any gamer plenty more hours playing! The game is completely unlocked and free on our website.

With the ability to have incredible graphics, the gameplay plus a level of customization that you can enjoy we don’t see any reason why people shouldn’t enjoy this amazing app! Yet despite all those amazing features, the game still offers free gameplay for Android gamers to enjoy their flight simulation experiences at a certain level. Hence you can easily gain access to this awesome title from Google Play Store without having to pay anything!


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