Fireworks Simulator 3D

A fireworks simulation designed with a 3D display and beautiful fireworks effects and the vast world in the game will make the experience of playing fireworks more exciting and more interesting.
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Apr 30, 2023
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Fireworks Simulator 3D MOD APK takes the opportunity of being able to watch live fireworks at home and turns it into an accessible experience for people who might never get that chance. With your mobile phone in hand, you can be on top with all eyes fixed solely on what’s going off up above as if they were happening right before us- without any travel or advanced expenses needed!

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Explore the features of Fireworks Simulator 3D

  • Experience the most realistic gameplay with this genre-specific simulation game.
  • The gameplay will be like fireworks with a unique, exciting experience for gamers.
  • The fireworks displayer is an important new role that will bring emotions to the game.
  • The sky is the limit with fireworks. You can get anything from hearts and flowers to animals like pandas or lions!
  • The graphics in this game are so detailed that it’s hard to tell whether you’re looking at fireworks or the real thing!

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Admire the beautiful fire rings

When do you want to see the fireworks, but don’t have time or money for a trip out in front of them? Fireworks Simulator 3D is here! With just one click, players can enjoy watching live, vivid digital displays that are no different from reality. This game takes all excitement away – making it perfect both as entertainment at home during your downtime and being informed on what’s going off up there so close by without having to go anywhere else.”

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The game has an exciting feature that lets you move around in a large and spacious fantasy space. There’s also the option of using left-side buttons for control, as well as symbols on your right-hand side if needed! You get to light the fireworks and then wait for a colorful show in front of your eyes. The sound is exquisite, with all these wonderful sounds coming together at once- it’s impossible not to be moved by this!

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Added some unique fire types

The game brings a lot of different types of fireworks, and most importantly they’re constantly updated. You don’t need to find a way to make your firework displays everything is available in this one free app! The fireworks in this game are so beautiful and amazing that you will never get bored of them. They each create an effect that is unique to the type, but they’re all fascinating!

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Fireworks are a great way to celebrate any occasion, but if you want your celebration to stand out there’s an easy fix. Try different types of fireworks together for more vibrant colors or shapes that will make everyone in the sky look like they’re celebrating with one big smile!


Fireworks Simulator 3D is an incredibly realistic and stunning fireworks simulation. With a beautiful 3D display and amazing fireworks effects, it`s sure to provide an exciting and interesting experience for players. The vast world in the game will make you feel like you`re right there at the show! So download Fireworks Simulator 3D at UpToMods.Com or Google Play now and enjoy the show!

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What's new

+ new fireworks
+ special ramadan firecrackers
+ kite
+ bug fixes

+ alcohol firecracker / petasan spritus
+ paper bundle firecracker / petasan buntelan kertas
+ fixed some lagging firecrackers and fireworks
+ bug fixes

+ bug fixes on cinema map
+ fixed the effect on paper bundle firecracker



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