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Darkness fell, and the new world broke again. The brothers and sisters who were far from the town were hunted by the devil. After waking up from the nightmare, the younger sister had been taken away by the devil's men.
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Apr 24, 2023
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Introduce Relic Warrior 3D

The story

Relic Warrior 3D Mod Apk is the story of a knight named Autelan who goes on a journey to find his lost sister. The world is in chaos after the demon king escapes from hell with a group of demons. Shirley, Autelan’s sister, was hunted down and kidnapped by the demon king during the escape. When Autelan heard about what happened, he rushed to find her and defeat the demon king so that peace can be restored to their kingdom.

Relic Warrior 3d


Relic Warrior 3D Mod Apk is an exploration game with gameplay similar to MU Online. Players will battle their way through a vast world, encountering deadly challenges and treacherous dangers along the way.

The game proceeds through a series of missions, during which you will receive instructions from NPCs who will also lead you to different parts of the world. In addition to helping these characters with tasks such as destroying monsters and finding items, you will also get to experience new stories.

Relic Warrior 3d Mod Apk


The warriors in Relic Warrior 3D Mod Apk are designed with care and detail, right down to the health and MP indicator bars. When performing special combat skills, MP is depleted quickly, so you will want to keep an eye on those numbers. Pick up MP bottles from monsters that are defeated or buy them from stores so your warrior can continue fighting without issue.

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Relic Warrior 3D Mod Apk gameplay consists of characteristics from the MMORPG genre, such as ʺpervasive monsters that attack when they spot humans. You can either run past them or stop to destroy the horde.” Defeating monsters gives you experience points that enable you to level up; sometimes you may also earn rare equipment or support items.

There is a great variety of monsters in the game. The character’s level will determine the strength of the monsters and how much HP they have. However, they make up for it by bringing more experience and higher-quality equipment.

Also, occasionally bosses will appear on the map. They have large bodies and very powerful attacks. You can find their whereabouts by the flashing lights on the map. Make sure to carry a health item with you, and upgrade your sword and armor when you have the chance.

Upgrade your weapons

The upgrade system in Mu Knight Journey allows you to enhance your character’s abilities.

Arsenal is key and with weapons and armor that can be upgraded to level 13, you’ll be well on your way to success. The best part is that these upgrades can all be performed directly from your backpack, without having to take a trip back home for supplies or anything else!


The character starts with only one skill, auto-attack. The more stories he reads and the higher level he reaches, enables he learns new skills that have a wider range of effect and causes more damage.

In games like Relic Warrior 3D, skills are very important to winning. Through skilled character development and proper equipment usage, you create an unstoppable force. Having a strong skill helps the character to complete the task more easily and quickly, which in turn allows them to progress further on their journey to defeat the demon king.

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The game’s graphics stand out because they are designed with Unity Engine technology. not to mention the intricate details of each scene and 3D object. When combined with magical light effects, it creates an extremely alluring experience, special skills included.

Many people say that the graphics in Relic Warrior 3D are quite good. The game looks realistic and runs smoothly, even on devices with lower specs.

Relic Warrior 3d Apk

MOD APK version of Relic Warrior 3D

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: You can buy premium items for free, even if you don’t have any diamonds, by accessing the Shop icon at the top of the screen.

Download Relic Warrior 3D MOD & APK for Android

Relic Warrior 3D is a story-driven game about a courageous warrior. His sister is lost, and he sets out on a journey to find her. Overcoming multiple obstacles and dangers, he displayed great courage all for the chance to be reunited with the one person he loves most. Furthermore, he possesses a compassionate heart, willing to risk himself in order to defeat the demon king and bring peace back to the land. Do you want to join him on this adventure? Please install this game and experience it!

What's new

Added the ability to display other online players on the map
Corrected the calculation formula of Warrior's Light of Life (Maximum HP*(12+Physical Strength/100+Intelligence/60)/100)
Fixed the problem that some users could not drop +7 materials, and at the same time, the drops could be increased by 30% in online mode
Fixed the problem that some users could not see others in online mode
Fix various known issues


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