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Become a Postknight in this casual adventure RPG. Fight through nasty enemy-infested trails and deliver goods to the adorable people of Prism!
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May 11, 2023
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Postknight 2 follows the rigorous and exciting journey of a young trainee in an unfamiliar land. Every item sold has a story behind it that speaks to the item’s greater purpose. However, you will always face people who disagree with you. The new version has fixed the game crash when returning to town after a conflict and the technical problem when you didn’t get the mail. As far as the login difficulty is concerned, we’ve attempted everything to fix it!Postknight 2 free


The job of an intern in Postknight 2 is to begin the main quest sequence. You’ll take care of everything that comes in from all around the world. If you’re starting from scratch, the manual will be your best friend. Orders must go through two approval processes, one for preparation and another for delivery. Do you think you’re up to this task or not?

At the end of your delivery, you will be given a number of tests to validate your diploma. However, the path is still long and difficult. A professional counter was used to build the hierarchy. The more stars you have, the higher your ranking will be. Show everyone your skills by making it to the top of the leaderboard!Postknight 2 free app


In Postknight 2, the area is indicated in several locations. Small towns to well-known metropolitan areas are among them. Furthermore, you must journey through mystical woods and frigid lows to arrive at your final destination. In the game, players will participate in a number of tribal conflicts and develop into genuine warriors as a result. At the aforementioned locations, you’ll discover the game’s diverse character system in unexpected ways.

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As you go explore the world, the stories of warriors and monsters will come to life. You’ll get to know them better as the story unfolds. Players may occasionally find rare characters that allow them to swap cards and combine them in order to gain power cards later in the game.Postknight 2 free Mod


Every character in Postknight 2 is taking a warrior training course that will teach them three skills: attack, defense, and recovery. Before each skill, you will be provided with its own weapon. For example, inventory may contain swords and shields for those who use more threatening attacks, daggers for fast-moving characters, or giant hammers for pre-planned plans. By being properly equipped, you will be better prepared to take on whatever comes your way.

The victor’s spoils will be used to create new weapons, proving their combat prowess. Weapons and armors are upgraded with coins, which improves their strength and appearance.Postknight 2 free Apk

How to Improve Your Firm’s Operations

Players can submit their suggestions for changes in Postknight 2 at any time, and these requests are reflected within the game. To give the greatest experience, optimization steps will be taken on a regular basis. The training program for new recruits will be completed soon, and their character leveling will also be more focused. They’ll experience mysterious space from a small village to a city–and become recognized warriors. And don’t forget to pick up the enemy in dangerous deliveries!

What's new

Update 1.8.3
• Adjusted enemies for Division Bounty to allow players to complete quests in fewer number of Patrols.
• Reduced screen stutter when equipping Armoury items.
• Fixed an issue where the Throwback skill trait could activate twice in certain situations.
• Fixed an issue where the Tanuchi's rock form is not behaving as expected when the Postknight knocks into it.
• More fixes for you to enjoy!
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