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PhotoRoom is the all-in-one app that edits, designs and optimizes great visual content that helps you run your business from your phone. Remove or erase the background of photos, use templates and create your own content.
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PhotoRoom Background Editor App
May 11, 2023
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The art of removing backgrounds from a photo is very difficult to master. You can’t do it with just any object, and the more complicated your subject matter becomes- well you get my point! To be able complete this task you’ll need professional tools that will help give depth details about what’s going on in each frame so they’re easy enough for anyone who understands how editing works (even if their only experience has been done via Instagram).


With PhotoRoom MOD APK, you can easily fix and edit any photos that are not correctly lit. With its simple features for beginners as well as accessible ones obtain pro-level expertise without the need to be an expert editor! You will find yourself using this app often because of how easy it is with all those great options available such as adding text or logo to your desired photo’s background.

Introducing PhotoRoom Studio Photo Editor

The PhotoRoom app has a brilliant background removal feature that will allow you to edit your photos easily after removing any distractions. You can crop objects and people in the picture completely automatically, giving it an even more professional look!

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The automatic cutting and assembly process makes it easy to turn your footage into a professional-looking video. If you don’t have any experience with editing videos, this app will help give the right cuts for whatever purpose that may be needed!

Cropping is a great way to add creativity and uniqueness to your photos. You can use the standard editing features like lighting or text on objects to fix what’s not quite right with them, but you’re also able to try new things like adding stickers that are relevant for each photo!

Explore the features of PhotoRoom Studio Photo Editor

Simple and easy to use

With a simple and intuitive mobile app, users can quickly edit their photos on Android. The photo-editing process is made even easier with the ability to select pictures or videos from gallery apps installed onto your device! With PhotoRoom’s multiple templates, you are sure to find one that suits your style. Pick any background image or video for the perfect visual experience!

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The app is easy to use with many customization options for you. You can add texts, apply filters, and contrast adjustments easily on your photos without any trouble! The library also has interesting logos that users can choose from – there’s plenty of choice at this point so find what suits you best before adding it into the mix!

With the auto convert and upload option, you can easily export your designs on any social media channel. Alternatively, just save them directly onto device storage!

Many apps from a photo editing app

The Android users in PhotoRoom will be able to freely create and edit their photos with many different applications from the mobile app, which allow them a whole range of uses. You can even make use of yourself if you’re looking for an alternative way on how product images should look when marketing your products online through eCommerce pages or marketplaces!

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Get the perfect passport photo in seconds with our extensive collection of templates. Fromaptively decisive, colorful options to relaxing black & white shots- we’ve got something for everyone! The cover for your YouTube channels, Instagram stores, and Facebook pages is now unlocked. You can showcase incredible stories through many activities within the app including creating fun collages with stickers or editing content in background-editing tools to customize it how you want!

Use PhotoRoom for everyone

Whether you are an expert or just starting, there is something for everyone in this photo editing app. You can create amazing photos by using the background eraser to cut out objects and erase their backgrounds easily! Have trouble deciding what to put on your Christmas tree this year? Get creative by turning regular photos into stickers and then customize the background! You can also use seasonal templates like these for Valentine’s Day or Halloween which will help make editing easy.

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Use PhotoRoom for Resellers

The app is a fantastic way for any reseller to get their products in front of customers. With the help of this background remover tool, you can easily create cutouts and send out edited pictures that will make your brand stand out from others! When you want to get your products exposed, PhotoRoom’s batch export mode helps with quickly and easily generating multiple images in one go. The program will make sure they are fully optimized for viewing by others too!

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The cover for your YouTube channels, Instagram stores, and Facebook pages is now unlocked. You can showcase incredible stories through many activities within the app including creating fun collages with stickers or editing content in background-editing tools to customize it how you want!

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Use PhotoRoom for Small Business

You are a small business owner and you want to start getting your products on websites. PhotoRoom can help! With just one click, we’ll take care of all the hard work for you so that when people see what great things they have in store their customers will be impressed immediately by how beautiful these items look – without any need whatsoever from them having taken hours or days worth involving themselves with an editing program like Photoshop (which could sometimes feel overwhelming).

Use PhotoRoom for Creators

PhotoRoom has many easy-to-use templates for social media posts, YouTube covers, and podcast banners that you can create with just the push of a button. With so much content out in today’s world, it is important to have your images fully exposed online whether they be photos or videos because not everyone will have access like those who make they are living off photography do!

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Enjoy enhanced functionality with PhotoRoom Pro

When you need to do some serious photo editing, there’s no better tool than PhotoRoom Pro. This new app offers access and options that are otherwise only available in professional-grade software packages like Photoshop or Lightroom CC for photographers on a budget who want more power without paying an arm and leg!

With the app, you can remove watermarks and choose from different cutout options for your photos. You’ll also have access to templates that are optimized for Instagram or other social media sites like Facebook with advanced settings so all of it will be just what you need!


The simple and accessible features of PhotoRoom make it a great tool for removing backgrounds from your photos. With the powerful background remover, you can edit pictures in many ways without worrying about any pesky issues like copyright strikes! We know you’re excited about the new features, but don’t forget that all of this will be available for free in our unlocked version. PhotoRoom has always been a place where users can experiment with different editing techniques without worrying if it’s worth their time or money – and now we’ll have even more opportunities at hand!

What's new

This update brings new features and stability improvements to make your PhotoRoom experience even greater.

- You can now create and edit custom Instant Backgrounds! 🧑‍🎨
- Regenerate your Instant Backgounds and Shadows inside the Editor 🪄
- Many fixes and improvements under the hood 🏗



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