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Meitu is the All-in-one photo and video free editor on mobile, which gives you everything you need to create awesome edits. Meitu AI Art generates creative anime style photos with one tap.
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May 3, 2023
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Introduce about Meitu MOD APK

Meitu MOD APK is the ultimate photo and video editor for your phone, giving you everything you need to produce amazing edits. With our powerful AI-based editing tools, you can edit videos and images with ease!

Edit your photos and videos in the new, smart way: with automation

With the recent popularity of photo and video editing applications, many people are looking for something more than just another overused filter. People want an app that is simple to use but still has a beautiful aesthetic effect. And above all, they want an edited version of themselves that still resembles their real-life self, but with improved features.

Meitu Mod APK is a mobile-friendly video and photo editing software. It generates a variety of intelligent beauty technologies with advanced AI. With Meitu Mod APK, you may spice up your social media profile with stunning photographs.

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Turn your photos into works of art

With Meitu Mod APK, you’re always one touch away from taking average photos and turning them into masterpieces. Out of the 200+ filters available, you’re sure to find ones that fit your style perfectly.

Meitu Mod APK provides users with many unique, artistic photo effects. Each effect uses advanced technology to quickly transform your portrait into a beautifully detailed profile picture.

Beautify every photo

Meitu Mod APK is an Instant Beauty function that edits your photos to make you look more beautiful with just one touch. This feature has many tools to enhance facial features and offers several makeup effects, like creating sparkling eyes, perfect teeth, or applying lipstick and blush.

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This functionality package is particularly beneficial in the event that you forget to apply make-up. You may be a newer, more attractive version in a matter of minutes and ready to post on social media.

meitu mod apk

Additional features of Meitu Mod APK

In Meitu Mod APK, there are several unique editing tools for altering photos with different styles, such as:

  • Mosaic: With this software, you can create images that look like traditional Mosaic collages, but with many smaller pictures.
  • To develop a unique style for each photo, add frames, text, and stickers.
  • Collage: You may combine your pictures together by utilizing any of the available layouts or your own design developed based on app suggestions.

In addition, Meitu Mod APK has powerful body editing tools, such as face slimming:

  • Skin editor: Proof can help improve your skin health in many ways, including evening out your skin tone, reducing dark spots and wrinkles, and clearing up acne. Additionally, it can help to brighten your entire body.
  • Eye editor: Proof helps you to achieve brighter, wider eyes that are free of dark circles and crow’s feet.
  • Body editor: Proof enables you to change your body shape, making you look slimmer or fuller, shorter or taller.

AI is used to modify images and videos

Apart from that, the video editing procedure is aided by AI. AI plays a significant role in all of Meitu Mod APK is a tool to help edited photographs and videos appear more natural, gentle, and familiar. This is a unique skill not possessed by many other photo editors. In addition, this smart AI technology works particularly effectively in conjunction with the video editing process.

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Meitu Mod APK Features:

With Meitu Mod APK, make your photos look sensational and stunning! Whether you’re into a natural or glam look, we’ve got you covered!

  • With the original and distinct filters, you’ll be able to add color to dull images. You can also transform your photos with 200+ unique and creative effects!
  • Unique Art Photo Effects: Our most popular effect! Cutting-edge technology that transforms your photographs into breathtaking pictures!
  • Instant Beautification: Tap to instantly improve your looks with just one tap – skin that is clear, eyes that are bright, a straighter nose, whiter teeth, and more!
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Edit Pictures

– Effects: Enhance the atmosphere of your photos by adding filters.

– Mosaic: Cover anything you don’t want to be seen.

– Magic Brush: Use a variety of brush strokes to adorn your photographs.

– Add-ons: Add borders, text, and stickers to your images to make them more personalized.

– Collage: With this app, you can take several pictures and turn them into one collage using different templates, text options, and layouts.

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Retouch Body Features

– Skin: Colour correct and tone your skin to the shade you desire!

– Blemishes: Clear up your skin with our acne-removing tools.

– Eyes: Bring brightness and dimension to your eyes, as well as erase any dark circles.

– Body Shape: Change your appearance to become more hourglass-shaped, lose weight, bulk up, or grow taller.

Artificial Intelligence

Meitu Mod APK is groundbreaking AI technology is able to detect your facial features and add hand-drawn effects or cute motion stickers to your face while taking selfies.

Video Edit

  • Edit Videos: Make your videos more interesting with cool features like text overlays, filters, stickers, and music. Make your Vlogs and Tiktok videos at a high-end level with special fonts, graphics, and sound effects.
  • Portrait Retouch: Makeup, face, and teeth adjustment are just a few of the effects that may be utilized to alter the portrait.

Meitu Mod APK VIP

  • VIP members of Meitu Mod APK can access over 1000 materials!
  • All of our esteemed VIP members are always welcome to take advantage of our selection of exclusive stickers, filters, AR cameras, stylish makeup, and other materials. (Special partner material excluded)

Meitu Mod APK (Full unlocked)

With Meitu, you can experience Full Unlocked functions such as teeth correction, hair bangs adjustment, wrinkle removal, and eye retouch right away. You won’t be disappointed with the results!

Download Meitu Mod APK for Android

Meitu Mod APK is one of the greatest smart video/image editing programs on the market because it allows you to make your pictures look light and natural. You’ll be able to produce more beautiful, better-looking photographs while still retaining your natural beauty.


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