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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a free, powerful photo & video editor and camera app that empowers you to capture and edit stunning images.
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May 8, 2023
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Lightroom MOD APK for Android is the go-to app when you want to take your photography skills up a notch. Pair it with Adobe’s powerful camera and awesome photo editor options, then use their new “split view” feature that lets users simultaneously shoot video or selfies while editing in different windows – what more could someone ask?


The app from Adobe is a great way to make any photo you want, and with all the different effects available it’s never been easier. You can change colors in an image or add some visual flourish by adding stickers on top of your work! If you want to take great photos but don’t know where to start, then this article is just right for your needs! It will teach how easy it can be with the help of Adobe Lightroom.

Introducing Lightroom Photo & Video Editor

A lot is going on in the world of photography, and while some people are just getting started with their cameras or lenses for mobile devices- Adobe Lightroom has been there from day one. This app can do everything you need it to whether it’s editing your photos after capture (or before), finding new inspiration via maps located throughout photos libraries; all this plus more makes using Lightrief handy!

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The built-in features of Adobe Lightroom are perfect for customizing and editing your images. With a few clicks, you can make the photo look like an old masterwork! It’s easy to use even if it doesn’t feel too intuitive at first glance – just take some time getting used to how everything works before jumping in with both feet (or fingers).

The world’s leading photo editing app is now available for your mobile devices. With Adobe Lightroom, you can edit photos on the go and even access advanced features that are only found in the PC version of this awesome tool!

Explore the features of Lightroom Photo & Video Editor

Take great photos with a pro-grade camera

The Adobe Lightroom app for Android users has a built-in camera with many professional features. Here you can easily take photos and enhance them using interesting control options that are available in this amazing program! The app’s intuitive interfaces and gesture commands allow you to effectively change the focus, and brightness of your images. You can also control other advanced features like exposure time or timer with ease using this mobile photography tool! With it being so easy to use from start – especially when Importing pictures taken on another device the possibilities are endless for what kind shots might come out next.

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Use the mobile editor to edit your photos anywhere

Whether you’re out on the go or at home, your images are always with you. And for those of us who love taking photos but hate carrying around bulky camera equipment–the mobile editor app is here to save us from ourselves! The photo-editing capabilities in Adobe Lightroom are limitless. You can tap and drag the sliders to customize lighting, color Balance adjustments, or even add some fun visual effects all while only having a few seconds per slide!

The awesome retouch options in Adobe Lightroom will allow users to breathe new life into their photos and make them stand out from other normally taken pictures. Have access to the various properties on your favorite shots, like exposure or color balance- use intuitive sliders for quick adjustments that adapt with any theme you want!

With these advanced tools, you can create super clean and realistic shots. You have access to all of the common or effective ones that will let your creativity go wild with different feels for it looks at its finest!

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Advanced editor with great features

The Android platform has some awesome photo-editing features that are even used by professional photographers. With these common and accessible options, users can have access to advanced editing tools which give them the ability to achieve amazing results with their pictures!

The Healing Brush is your friend when it comes to making changes to an image. Use this tool for fixing up any area you want or need more space on, like shrinking someone’s feet and expanding theirs so they’re not too small anymore!

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started, this app has something for everyone. With step-by-step tutorials that will show users exactly how to use the advanced features of their phone camera to improve any images, they take on Instagram!

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Presets and effective filters

You can now take your professional photos to the next level with just one click! With Adobe Lightroom, you have access to an extensive library of presets and filters that are easy for novices. And when it comes time to make whatever alterations or additions; there’s nothing stopping creativity here–they’re encouraged by this software’s intuitive interface designed specifically around what people want: more compelling imagery.

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Feel like you’re in the pro photographer’s seat as soon as this app releases its new features! With instant access to all kinds of presets, there’s no need for hours’ worth of manual editing. Save time by simply selecting one from among many pre-made combinations that will get your photos looking good fast – without any hassle at all on our part due tomorrow morning when we release these updates exclusively through Google Photos.”

A smart organization with Adobe Sensei

If you like taking pictures, then it’s a good thing that there is so much space in your library for more images. You’ll quickly find yourself running out of room if not careful with the organization–and this could take some time! The app automatically categorizes your photos into any tags that you want. You can also use Adobe Lightroom’s amazing Sensei tool for effective and creative organization of the images’ metadata!

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With just the click of one button, you can have those photos ready for edit or sharing. In addition to that, there’s also an amazing album where all your favorite pictures are gathered together so it will be easier than ever before when browsing through them again later on!

Share and access your photos with everyone

The new Group Album feature on Android is a great way to share photos with friends and family members. You can use the online cloud storage that comes included in this app, or invite others who also have it installed onto your phone!

The app will also enable cross-device synchronizations with your Adobe Creative Cloud Storage on the PC. Feel free to take and edit brilliant images before putting them up for safekeeping in an online portfolio that’s accessible anywhere at any time!


The app is a freemium item, so you’ll need to pay extra for all its features. This isn’t something we can do for everyone; thus the modified version of Adobe Lightroom on our website may be better suited if this suits your needs! Think of it as your photographer. With the Lightroom Mod APK, you can have fun taking beautiful photos and videos on any device without being interrupted by pesky ads or other distractions that might pop up at times when they shouldn’t be present (like while editing). And all these thanks to our free app on Google Play!

What's new

- [Premium] Presets: Enhance portraits in one tap with new Adaptive Presets.
- Easily undo/redo from the top navigation while you edit.
- Lightroom is now available in Filipino and Malay.
- Get the latest cameras and lens support (full list:
- Bug fixes and stability improvements.



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