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Dec 22, 2020
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Nova Launcher Prime MOD APK allows you to renovate your Android phone entirely with just a few clicks. Your home screen will be much more personalized and stylish after downloading this application. Click on the links below to download the MOD APK version now!

Introduce Nova Launcher Mod Apk

Mobile personalization is an up-and-coming trend, especially among young adults. If you frequently use your smartphone to express yourself, Nova Launcher Prime MOD APK is an app you should check out. Not only does it have a lot of features, but it’s also a practical application. This software is capable of handling numerous functions, but its capacity is still quite limited. Additionally, it has a flat interface design that makes it relatively easy to use.

Download Nova Launcher Prime MOD APK

Highligt features of Nova Launcher Mod Apk

Every inch of loveable little detail

Nova Launcher Prime MOD APK is best known for its ability to unlock applications with special effects. However, it also has many other great features that users love. It provides users with a wide range of transition effects, including 2D and 3D. These transitions can help make your video more engaging and visually appealing. You can personalize your device by customizing each application to have a separate effect. You will be able to enter into a miniature animated world with one-of-a-kind effects right from your home screen. This experience is just for you and promises to be wonderful.

You Pick the Size

This app is designed to optimize user gestures by allowing you to design your own actions to open the app. This is a time management feature that allows you access to your frequently used applications with little effort. More understandably, suppose when you want to go to Facebook instead of directly touching the icon with your finger, now you can just swipe down from the top. Then, Facebook will appear right in front of your eyes.

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The Application Bag of Magic

The Swipes feature designs the icon for applications to be unlocked. When you open any application, usually its active interface will appear. However, with this camera icon, suppose when you open it, the photo in your gallery appears instead or opening Facebook but Instagram appears. This feature allows Shortcut Keys to have control over many different applications from the same icon.

Nova Launcher Prime MOD APK

The Magic Bag’s App Unlock Feature

This application offers an unlimited number of apps in one icon, making your interface appear neater and more organized. What’s more, depending on the gesture you use when touching the icon, different apps will appear. For example, swiping up will reveal a different app than simply tapping the icon. You can also customize which actions cause which app to appear from within the same icons. Consequently, this magic bag of apps is extremely versatile and customizable according to your needs.

The Fashion of App Icons

With Nova Launcher Prime, you can change the icons’ theme to something new whenever you’d like – giving your phone a fresh interface each time. And if you ever get bored of the themes available, you can always download more of your favorites to apply to “beloved phone.” Plus, this feature provides a few cool little extras like being able icon size to better fit your eye level.

Hide Apps

Rather than uninstalled bloatware hogging up storage on your phone, this app creates a hidden space for apps you rarely use but don’t want to delete. The apps that you no longer use can be moved into this pane. This way, they are stored and don’t need to be uninstalled completely. This feature gives your home screen interface a more minimalist and clean look. Modification needed: If you find yourself needing to use a hidden application again, simply go to the hidden application drawer. There’s no need to search and reinstall it if you’ve already deleted it.

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You have a new notice

Would you like to never forget an unread email or message again? If so, then Nova Launcher Prime’s TeslaUnread plugin is for you. If you’re like me, you miss too many important messages and notifications. Well, with this new feature on application icons, that’s a thing of the past! You’ll see numbers appearing on each icon now, representing how many messages or notifications are waiting for you to read.

Nova Launcher Prime MOD

Boost your company’s productivity

The mobile application industry is not only booming but users are now accustomed to opening multiple applications at a time for work or leisure. By investing in this software, you can be ahead of the curve and appeal to modern consumers. In order to enhance your experience, we’ve specifically made these fixes to target and reduce any lagging you may have been experiencing.

The above-mentioned utilities are only a few reasons why this is the most useful application for personalizing your smartphone. It allows you to personalize the main screen while also easily managing the system of other applications- all of which are both smart and convenient. In order to use this app, you need to install Nova Launcher. Essentially, Nova Launcher Prime acts as a license for this free application.


Not only does Nova Launcher Mod Apk have the features mentioned above, but it also has many more for you to explore and customize the interface of your Android phone. You will feel comfortable when the application is in the position that you want. The MOD APK version of this app will allow you to use all paid features for free. Please follow the link below to download the app.

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