Vera Outline White Icon Pack Mod Apk

Let us introduce Vera Outline White, our shapeless linear android icon pack—a unique and stylish collection of white outlined glyph icons perfect for any modern Android phone. With a focus on simplicity and elegance, these icons feature clean lines and a minimalist design that will elevate the look and feel of your homescreen and app drawer. The pack includes over 5,125 icons, 25 wallpapers, and 9 KWGT widgets to complete the look of your homescreen. For the price of one app, you get content from three different apps! Our shapeless Vera Outline White icon pack will take your homescreen design to the next level!
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May 11, 2023
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Do you want to make a change in your icon choice? Vera Outline White Icon Pack will satisfy those preferences and provide more distinct highlights. The modern dark background will give white borders to the icons, making them appear more distinct. The app’s icon is based on the user’s profile image, which adds an interesting dimension that prioritizes personalization. As a result of this, we may immediately assess how appealing it is and always generate a fresh sensation. We are interested in the program since the user will be able to modify and customize it to their liking.vera outline white icon pack apk

We try to provide our consumers with only the highest-quality services.

Icons and icon packs are always introduced by applications. These icons are of the highest quality and will be more suited to your preferences than ever before. It improves the icons’ inherent worth when the quality is completely guaranteed.vera outline white icon pack apk app


The icon pack will be divided into categories based on the themes. This program has its own features because of this, which makes it appealing. Users should also give their selections and preferences, and the program will then assist them filter through the options.


The biggest distinction between the two applications is that their icons will have a distinct white border. The primary goal of this feature is to distinguish your logo from other logos.vera outline white icon pack black


The program offers a set of icons, which is followed by a wallpaper. This wallpaper will make our device look more consistent than ever before. Each icon pack will include a variety of dark wallpapers to make the white-bordered icons stand out even more.vera outline white icon pack background

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You may personalize your icons based on your own feelings and ideas. More specifically, you can generate concepts for the program to use.

Create something new and distinct in the collection by designing your own unique icons.

You can use the app’s built-in icon library or a variety of third-party icon packages to personalize your application.

To create a fresh and intriguing application, provide a number of dark background themes.

This software is highly specified and has excellent quality. Resolution is a major concern in this application.

You have the choice to add brand-new information and images as they become available, and make use of them for your device to the greatest extent feasible.vera outline white icon pack Apk Mod

What's new

May 11 - 5.3.2
30 new icons

May 1 - 5.3.1
70 new icons

April 25 - 5.3.0
33 new icons

Apr 15 - 5.2.9
45 new icons

Apr 6 - 5.2.8
20 new icons

March 27 - 5.2.7
40 new icons

March 16 - 5.2.6
40 new icons
70 redesigned icons


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