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Welcome to the Manor, detective! Ready to start your investigation?
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Jan 23, 2023
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Mystery Manor Mod Apk transports you to a huge Manor controlled by Mr. X, where you will do your detective work. There are several areas that may be explored, and they’re all meticulously detailed, making it tough for the player to locate anything in particular. At the same time, if players want to visit new rooms, the traditional match-three levels will test them for a long time.

About Mystery Manor Mod Apk

Uncover the mysteries

Mystery Manor begins when you play the main character, who goes to Mr. X’s Manor seeking answers about his own identity. The owner of the Manor invites you to come as a detective and begin receiving the first assignments from him in order to discover the clues needed by Mr. X. At the same time, there are several tasks that you will have to accomplish, and they are definitely not difficult.

The game’s mechanics are very different, with situations that no other player has encountered. You may play match-three levels to solve difficult puzzles or discover objects in a certain room, for example. In addition, you will discover the specifics of each chamber’s design and appreciate the beauty of the Manor. It is also one of the reasons why you invest time in completing the game’s objectives.

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Looking for suggestions

When you begin with Mystery Manor’s first order, you’ll be led to a room and instructed what to search for. The list of items that you must collect on the right side of the frame is lengthy, and it’s important that you pay attention and closely examine what’s in the room. You must correctly touch the things until they are removed with the word in the list, and you will do this until there are no words left.

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The list will sometimes provide you with a keyword and silhouettes of things. Each criterion has its own set of challenges, and if you can’t discover it, there are numerous options to assist you. Specifically, laser light may be used to indicate the position of the other thing you’re looking for, with just one touch. Its application will be restricted, therefore think carefully before employing it.

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Overcoming challenges

The match-three levels in Mystery Manor are available to players since this gameplay resembles that of the player. It is simple to place an element in order to make a match with three or more components from the same category. Furthermore, there will always be criteria you must meet, and you must stick to a specific number of moves advised by the game. As a result, while the mechanics are basic, they provide plenty of challenges in terms of strategy and puzzle difficulty.

The inclusion of boosters, which are extremely powerful in terms of demolishing objects, is a feature that every match-three game will have. Their main feature is that certain elements are lost depending on specific requirements, but their particular features will be determined by how you combine and match the pieces. As a result, you’ll want to thoroughly complete the stage and come up with helpful moves that significantly influence the frame.

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Offline games

When you’re trying to kill time and there’s no Internet connection to be found, it’s maddening. There is, however, a new game that does not require an Internet connection to play. Offline Hidden Object Games is a hidden objects game that may be played without access to the internet.

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The game is great for long vehicle journeys, plane flights, or any other time you’re unable to use the Internet. The game includes a number of various difficulties with its own set of items to discover. There’s also a helpful hint system that can assist you if you get stuck.


If you’re looking for an offline game to play that is both enjoyable and challenging, then look no further than Offline Hidden Object Games. The game is perfect for times when you can’t access the internet, and with its many difficulty levels, there’s something for everyone. So download the game today and start playing! Mystery Manor Mod Apk is a great way to keep yourself entertained without using up your data. Download Mystery Manor Mod Apk at

What's new

It's the holiday of love at Mystery Manor! Decode the flower message together with the brilliant florist Nicole Oliveras. What was the sender trying to say? Get ready for surprises, real emotions, intimate secrets, and presents!
New season! For centuries, people have been telling legends of the bountiful White Island. Mr. X is on the verge of a revelation… and mortal danger. Decode the diary and find out everything!
We also improved the overall stability of the app. Enjoy the game!



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