Dark Riddle

This is a first-person adventure thriller with an interactive environment and interesting quests. Solve puzzles and uncover the secrets of a suspicious neighbor who lives across the street from you.
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Apr 24, 2023
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Dark Riddle is an immersive, interactive, and challenging game that will have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish! Explore what’s happening in this mysterious neighbor’s house by using multiple elements within Dark Rift. Find clues that help guide players through each level as they try not only to solve puzzles but also hide objects throughout their surroundings so others can find them too- all while avoiding danger at every turn.


Introducing Dark Riddle MOD APK

Try to get past the alerted neighbor and attempt to discover his secrets while playing levels of enjoyable gameplay in Dark Riddle MOD APK. Have fun with addictive actions, and explore brilliant puzzles that you will need to solve if it’s what meets your eye when you first see a house from Nika Entertainment! Find yourself transformed into a nosy character who has access everywhere – find out more about exciting game-play here reviewed by us at Gamezebo for all devices.

The game is afoot in the city. There are plenty of spooky things that happen around you, and it’s up to our protagonist (you) as an average guy with nothing special about him except for his ability to be able to find answers on how these events could’ve taken place without any explanation from others who live nearby or even beyond town boundaries; after all, nobody has seen anything!


The game is full of engaging quests that will keep you on your toes! Follow this guide to find out how much adventure and action can be found in one neighborhood. Start by entering the house next door, then head down into their basement – here’s where all sorts of mischief await.

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Feel free to explore the various settings of this game with an eclectic range and variety. There are objects that can be interacted with, platforms for you to jump on or off from – it’s your choice! You’ll also have access to exciting gameplay as well; whether it’s an exploration through stealthy means (without being detected), or fighting large bosses at high levels it all awaits in our newest title ” intruder.”

The exciting gameplay of puzzle-solving, detective and stealth actions will have you on your toes. You’ll find the game extremely fun!

Explore the features of the game Dark Riddle MOD APK

Easy access with simple touch controls

With its simple and accessible touch controls, the Android game will allow gamers to immerse themselves in an RPG adventure. The first-person view offers a lot for those who enjoy exploring virtual worlds with their friends or family members as they are completely hooked from start until the end! Use available buttons on your device screen (touch analog) when interacting within different scenes; it’s easier than ever before so you don’t have any trouble navigating through them all while having lots of fun at once too!


Interact with many objects in a large environment

Dark Riddle takes Android gamers on an exciting adventure through the vast in-game environment. The objects that they can play with are numerous and interactive, so there’s no shortage of fun! You’ll also be able to explore your unusual town full of accessible areas where characters await for you to interact as well; it doesn’t get much more immersive than this game experience now does it?

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Addictive stealth action game

In this new stealth action game, you’ll have to carefully calculate your steps and moves so that the enemies can’t notice. You’ll also use certain items efficiently in order for them not to be discovered by any of those who are looking around!


Game with diverse characters

Meet the neighbors, an angry one-time chaser, and more in this amazing adventure! You’ll meet multiple characters with unique designs that all play important roles throughout your stories. The game also introduces some useless police officers who keep wandering around or mysterious sellers selling alien devices for you to find out what they want when noone’s there at night–with plenty of creatures waiting just beyond Dark Riddle’s doors ready to make things happen if only we explore enough.

Captivating plot with role-playing episodes

There are multiple obstacles and traps in this game that you have to overcome. You’ll also be engaged with immersive episodes as it offers its own unique gameplay for each chapter, which includes interesting stories about what’s going on around town! So if adventurousness is your thing then make sure to give Dark Riddle a try today.


Enjoy the game offline

The developers of this game have added offline gameplay so you can play it whenever and wherever without having an internet connection. It’s perfect for people who want to get away from their phones during long flights or when they’re out exploring new places!


The game has immersive, addictive gameplay that will keep you on your toes. The improved visuals allow for a more engaging experience as well! But most important is how this free version of the app on Google Play allows players to immerse themselves with no strings attached – just find it in our website’s catalog today and start playing right away!

What's new

What's New?
• Added reward for police mini game.
• Neighbor's quests have been optimized and moved to the detective menu.
• Bug fixes and stability improvements.


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