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Making music videos has never been easier than now! All you need to do is just upload your photos and export them in videos with Mivi - Music & Lyrical Status Video Maker!
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May 10, 2023
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Music videos and social stories are now easier to create than ever, with the help of Mivi. The app allows you to upload your images for easy editing using high-quality visuals that include amazing effects like music integration or text options in just about any way imaginable!

Using an easy-to-use interface, the Music Video Studio allows users of all levels and skill sets to create professional quality videos in no time at all. With powerful tools like cutting & burning combined with amazing video editing materials from Mivi- you’ll have everything, you need for your next big project!


Introducing Mivi: Music & Beat Video Maker

Mivi is the perfect music video maker for Android users who want to create beautiful story videos with ease. With Mivi, you can select your favorite images, add on-themed music, and enable visual effects and filters to create stunning videos for your social media posts or to share with friends. With Mivi MOD APK, it’s easy to create beautiful story videos that will make your friends say ‘wow!’

The app is an easy-to-use, yet powerful tool for musicians looking to create their music videos. With many available templates and filters that you can customize with color or visual elements; this will save time in having to come up with something fresh on your own! Mivi is a great tool for Android users who want to be able to create quotes, captions, subtitles, and other text elements. With Mivi, you can quickly and easily edit the text to create beautiful artwork. You can also use powerful effects to change the background of your photos. Once you’re done, simply export and share your creations with friends and others.


Mivi is a great app that offers many features for both Android and iOS users. You can download the app for free from either the Google Play Store, and you can enjoy many features without ads or in-app purchases. However, if you want to make the most of its features, you will need to upgrade to the pro version, which requires a subscription.

It’s important to keep your Android devices updated to the latest firmware versions, preferably Android 5.0 and up. This will ensure that the Mivi app is stable and compatible with the latest updates. Just like other Android apps, Mivi will require certain access permissions from your device. These are needed to ensure its functions and features are the inefficient way!

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Explore the features of Mivi: Music & Beat Video Maker

Easy-to-use intuitive interface

This music video maker app is extremely easy to use, even for Android users. The app’s intuitive and beautiful interface makes it quick and easy to explore its features and start creating amazing artwork. Just select and upload your favorite photos into the platform, and Mivi will help you edit and design them on the go.

Activate unique music videos

If you enjoy making videos on the go, then these templates from Mivi will be a lifesaver. Not only do they offer some great visual arts that can easily fit into any project; but with Android users being so numerous it’s nice knowing there is an app for everything!


With Film 3D, Parallax, Magic FX, and other options available, you can easily add images to templates and customize your music to create amazing story posts and videos with just a few clicks. These one-click transforming tools make it super easy for Android users to create cool music videos from the provided templates.

Mivi is the ultimate resource for anyone who wants to be up-to-date with fashion trends. With more than 100 existing templates, each having its visual elements and creative arts combined in exciting ways; new templates being updated regularly – users will always find themselves enjoying the Mivi app’s mobile application no matter what they are doing!

Cool filters with amazing effects

What’s more fun than changing the way that your photos look? With Mivi, you can explore a huge collection of filters for all types and styles. You don’t have to be an expert in art or photography because these effects will show up naturally in any uploaded images!

There’s no need to be bound by traditional methods when it comes time for creativity. The Mivi app allows you greater freedom and control in your image-making with its vast collections of filters, which can enable different color adjustments or even turn subjects into cartoons – whatever suits one’s taste best!


Powerful and flexible text

Customize your font settings with all available system fonts to match the design you are going for. You can also change text colors and size in order further enhance whatever it is that’s happening on screen! Feel free to position captions, quotes or subtitles however makes sense given how much room they’ll be taking up (or not).

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Customize your font settings with all available system fonts to match the design you are going for. You can also change text colors and size in order further enhance whatever it is that’s happening on screen! Feel free to position captions, quotes or subtitles however makes sense given how much room they’ll be taking up (or not).

Fun effects to create amazing works of art

Android users can now create incredible art with Mivi’s new powerful visual effects. With just a few clicks, you can add amazing effects to your photos and videos. Simply choose your preferred effects and let the auto-apply option take effect. Mivi allows users to enable the unique effects of neon, spiral, wings, emoji, hearts, and other interesting visual elements. All of which will let you generate magics and all kinds of unique visuals on the selected videos.


Amazing background settings to explore

Android users can easily change the background settings to customize certain visual elements on their pictures with Mivi. Simply enable the background changer to let Mivi do its job. Use the many available tools and background options to change pictures with a few taps. And don’t hesitate to enable the blur tools to help blur video backgrounds.

Save and share your creations

If you’re interested in quickly saving and sharing your creative works with others, Mivi is the app for you. It provides high-resolution video stories that can be exported directly to your device’s storage. And if you want to share your creations with others, you can do that by selecting one of the many quick-sharing options in Mivi. By offering optimized settings and formatting options for each platform, Mivi will make sure that all videos are suited to their respective platforms.

Enjoy the unlocked app with our mod

To allow Android users to enjoy the premium app without having to pay for in-app purchases, we’re also offering our pro-unlocked version of Mivi. Here, you can enjoy all the in-app features and the ad-free application without having to pay anything. Simply download the Mivi Mod APK and follow the given instructions to start making use of its features.


Mivi is the perfect tool for Android users who want to create creative music videos from images and music files. Simply upload your images and Mivi will automatically edit them into perfect music videos for you. Alternatively, you can work on the editing tasks on your own and enjoy creating awesome pieces of art on the fly. With the free and unlocked version of the app on our website, you’ll now have even more reasons to start enjoying it.

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