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Too many death magics have been abused for the decades of wizard war...
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Apr 18, 2023
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We understand that there are a lot of fighting games to choose from, and most people like playing them. But what if you could use magic to fight against your opponents in a game? It sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? So today I’m going to show you the game called Magic Survival Mod Apk, which is an exciting new game. In this game, players will have to use different magic spells to defeat stronger enemies and bosses. As you progress in the game, more powerful spells will be unlocked. You can also upgrade your existing spells to make them stronger.

About Magic Survival Mod Apk

The Magic Survivalist is a unique new roguelike game that employs an interesting approach to offer players an exciting and new experience. The game takes place in a world where magic exists, and the player must utilize their understanding and talents to survive. The game’s focus is on exploration and discovery, with the aim of discovering new spells and objects in order to advance.

The player assumes the role of a magician in this game, who must cast their spells to survive in a hostile environment. Magic Survival is an entertaining and difficult game that will keep players occupied for hours. There are many things to find out, and the creative concept adds pizazz to the experience.

magic survival mod apk god mode

You are the last hope for peace in a world of Medieval might and magic. Evil exists everywhere, and you must set things right. You’ll play the part of a strong hero in Magic Survival, battling back against hordes of monsters and bad guys. Clash with your foes in thrilling combat, solve puzzles and save the day while using your trusty sword and shield. Are you up to the task? download Magic Survival Mod Apk now to find out if you have what it takes.

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In this game, you must utilize your magic powers to survive in a hostile environment. In order to survive, you’ll have to gather resources, construct shelter, and battle foes.

In Magic Survival, players are set in a dark city that has been consumed by filth and must use their magic to cleanse the town and vanquish corruption. The gameplay is fast-paced and challenging, requiring players to be quick on their feet and think strategically to survive. With its edge of your seat suspense, Magic Survival is sure o keep players entertained.

magic survival mod apk all unlocked

Not only is the gameplay itself both challenging and rewarding, but there’s also an impressive amount of content to keep you thoroughly occupied for hours upon end. The modded version of the game gives you unlimited money, research points, a menu mod, free shopping, and unlocked all features. So you can enjoy the entire experience without having to spend any money. So if you’re ready for a new survival adventure.

Power Upgrading

There are many ways to upgrade your powers or learn new abilities in the Magic Survival game. One way is to find magical artifacts and use them to unlock new spells. There are also particular trainers located worldwide who can teach you new techniques.

You can get stronger by completing certain tasks and other goals set forth in the game. Not only will this make your character more powerful, but you’ll also be handsomely rewarded with points that can be used to buy better gear and items. So whether your goal is to simply progress through the story or become the ultimate survivalist, there’s a way to do so by upgrading your capabilities in Magic Survival.

magic survival mod apk free shopping

Get new weapons

The objective of the game Magic Survival is to make your weapons stronger by improving them. You are able to do this through different methods, such as getting new weapons or making the ones you have more power. There are many ways to get new weapons like taking them from other people you defeat, uncovering them in treasure chests, or purchasing them from shops. It’s also possible to find weapon blueprints at the Blacksmith that enable you to create completely new weaponry.

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You may use a new weapon right away or store it for later, as you desire. If you wish to upgrade it, you have the option of doing so. Resources such as metal and stone can be found throughout the world or purchased from stores if you want to improve your weapons. You’ll be able to kill stronger enemies and overcome greater challenges with more powerful weapons. So, if you want to be the greatest Magic Survival winner possible, keep upgrading your weapons on a regular basis.

download magic survival mod apk free

Different levels

The game includes a series of various game levels that you must complete and win to gain access to the following ones. Waterfalls, ice caves, and jungle are just a few of the thrilling gaming environments available. Any opponent may be defeated in order for the player to survive in these difficult circumstances. The goal is to achieve the main aim: removing the opponents.

Exciting action

Some enemies are relentless and will not die easily. They will keep attacking you until you eliminate them first. You need to use all your accumulated power to get away from them and protect yourself. Use shields and potions to avoid being hit by the enemy’s attacks. Download the magical survival game now so that you can wipe out all the infected spirits coming from every direction with various magical moves.

magic survival mod apk all unlocked


If you’re a fan of fighting survival games, you’ll love this one too. In it, there are different magic spells available to defeat various enemies; additionally, there are many tough bosses throughout the game. As you progress and the game gets more difficult, you can upgrade your spells to make them stronger. Download Magic Survival Mod Apk at

What's new

[HotFix v0.883]
* Some optimization work has been done.
* Fixed a problem where sometimes loading did not proceed properly.

[HotFix v0.881]
* Non-mainstream magic performance is improved.

[UPDATE v0.88]

* A New Area is added.
* New combination magics are added.
* Non-mainstream magic performance is improved.



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