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Buddy Toss is super fun and makes me laugh every time!
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Dec 28, 2022
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Buddy Toss MOD APK is a fantastic entertainment game with original gameplay that provides amusing moments for players. Now is the time to join Buddy Toss and fly far into space in order to discover other planets.

Introduce about Buddy Toss

Buddy Toss was developed as a fun-themed game that would appeal to players of all ages. The gameplay is completely unique and straightforward, designed to give you the most enjoyable experience possible. The game’s visuals are relatively friendly, with bold colors that help create a sense of freshness. There are also diverse characters with many different themes to choose from, making it easy for players to find one they like.

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Simple gameplay

In one word, Buddy Toss’ playstyle may be summed up as “timely touch”. After the first touch, your character is launched into the air by a muscular dog or wrestler that I haven’t discovered yet. When you fall down, keep touching the screen so that the muscular dog can toss you into the air over and over again. Continue doing this until the next throw is higher than the previous one, at which point you will earn more points.

This is the game my father used to make me when I was a little kid. Of course, I can’t fly as far as in the game. But we had a really great time, didn’t we? Have you ever spent time with someone who made you feel this way?

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Fly to space

Buddy Toss defies all known and unknown laws of physics. You may fly as far as a 30-story building and even beyond the law of universal gravitation, surpassing it. Explore the solar system, galaxies, cosmic black holes, stars, and Jedi without using a spaceship. All that is needed is for a strong man with an odd hobby to toss others into the air. However, be wary! If you make an incorrect contact with him, the game’s protagonist will fall straight to the ground from 10 million light-years away.

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Upgrade characters

The only Buddy Toss upgrade option is character improvement. After upgrading, your character will be able to fly higher after each throw. How do you do it? Each game may provide a number of stars as a reward. In the Store, use this star total to improve your character.

Furthermore, you may buy costumes and accouterments for characters such as clothing, hair, glasses, shoes, and … There are 51 costumes and 32 accessories inspired by well-known figures like Darth Vader, Jedi Knights, Spiderman , Batman , Frozen Elsa.

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In terms of visuals, Buddy Toss is brightly colored and designed in a lighthearted cartoon style. They may make you laugh with their imitation abilities. You can feel like Ant-Man when you soar into space, where there are many abstract designs and hues. In addition, the cries of the characters when he falls are really amusing.

About Buddy Toss MOD APK version

MOD features

Unlimited Stars: If you’re looking to save time and money, you can download the Buddy Toss MOD APK. The game gives you tons of stars right from the start, so you don’t have to grind for hours or watch endless ads. Just keep in mind that if you want to download the MOD version, you’ll need to first uninstall the regular version from Google Play.

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VIP Unlocked: With this new version, you will no longer be annoyed by ads. If you have already used up all of the stars in the MOD version, simply watch an ad video to get more stars instantly.

Download Buddy Toss MOD APK latest version for Android

Buddy Toss MOD APK is a fun, simple, and completely free game in its basic form. Everything is simulated in a humorous way without the violence component, making the game appropriate for everyone, including children. Maybe the game will evoke some anxiety if you are afraid of heights!

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