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May 11, 2023
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The camera is one of the most important aspects of any video or photography session. With today’s high-tech devices, you can take pictures that are clearer than ever before with just an app on your phone! FiLMiC Pro has some great features for capturing those perfect moments and giving them life through their incredible mobile application – download it now so we’ll all be able to enjoy seeing what our lives look like through different eyes every day!


FiLMiC Pro MOD APK offers an app that has all of the features you need to take great photos, without sacrificing your phone’s normal function. You can use this camera application as a quick-access tool for creating amazing images and video clips on demand – there are no limitations! It works seamlessly with other applications like Instagram or Snapchat so it won’t get in anyone else’s way when they want their own piece o’ personalized scenery captured midlegarghh!

Introducing FiLMiC Pro

When you want to make a movie but don’t have the time, money, or know-how for anything more than just getting yourself together in front of your phone’s camera; there are some really great apps out on Android. One is called “FiLMiC Pro” which has features that will help users create awesome videos without any professional equipment – all from within their own homes!

With the camera in FiLMiC Pro, you can take videos like a pro! The app has amazing features that will allow your creativity and skills to shine through. With all of these great tools at hand, it’s easy for anyone who wants one (or more) videos to be taken professionally right now – so give us just 30 minutes when we ask what’s stopping them.


Interested in this awesome mobile app? You can easily have FiLMiC Pro installed on your Android devices from the Google Play Store. Since its’ a paid application, you’ll need to part with some cash for it though – but don’t worry because we’ve got all sorts of promotions going on right now! When installing the application, you will be asked to allow certain permissions on your phone. Make sure that these are accepted before using FiLMiC Pro!

FiLMiC Pro also suggests its users always run the app with the latest firmware version, preferably Android 6.0 and up so you can get optimal results from your camera every time! As for what kind of device is best- try getting one that has a good picture quality already installed because this will help optimize photos quickly – even if they aren’t perfect right off bat.

Explore the features of FiLMiC Pro

Standard features of a video camera

FiLMiC Pro will provide Android users with the option to enjoy their standard video capturing features, which are many and include accessible ones for you. Feel free to make use of different shooting modes in this program like “standard” or manual – both customized just right!

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The horizontal and vertical shooting modes can be quickly enabled with a press of a button, allowing for easy portrait or landscape shots. The variable zoom speed allows you more precision when taking pictures at varying distances from your subject to ensure accurate results every time!


With the different frame rates available in FiLMiC Pro, you can get a variety of videos that will suit any device. Choose 30 or 60 fps if your phone isn’t powerful enough for 240fps but don’t worry because there are also 120 FPS!

You can have fun trying out the interesting slow-motion or fast-forward video effects in this editor. You might want to experiment with different speeds depending on your needs, which is possible because you’re able customize everything about it!

Android users in FiLMiC Pro can learn to use the Tri-Mode Histogram and waveform monitor for a more professional video-capturing experience. With FiLMiC Pro, you can try out many amazing video settings that will allow you to adjust the exposure, contrast, saturation, color temperature, and other important settings. This will enable Android users to create interesting visuals in their videos.

With the use of this app, you can enjoy stable and dynamic videos with amazing image quality. Enjoy working without worrying about your device falling apart because it will autopilot everything for you!

Then there’s the FiLMiC Pro preset option. This will save your customized video settings so you can use them at any time and also sync with a cloud drive for ultimate convenience!


More advanced control options

FiLMiC Pro lets you take your mobile camera to a whole new level with its advanced settings. It’s perfect for professionals who want ultimate control over their footage and the best possible results in any situation!

You’ll feel like a professional cameraman with the dual arc slider, allowing you to easily adjust your capturing footage’s real-time focus and exposure. With just one little tweak of this tool that is available in videos captured by means such as Zebra Stripes Clipping False Color Focus Peaking; it will allow users awesome captures thanks for having access live analytics about their own work!

The Zoom Video Editor has many different tools to help you perfect your videos. You can customize the white balance with customizable controls and presets, adjust gamma curves for natural scenes versus flat colors (LOG mode), as well create beauty effects like skin tones by playing around with the spherical distortion values – all in an easy-to-use interface!


With the latest update, Android users can now make use of live shadow and highlight adjustments as well! With this feature, they will be able to see instant changes. With the Content Management System now available on Android users can easily manage their projects with an accessible UI. Make use of the clip favoriting to highlight prioritized videos and batch uploads in order to share your creative works!

Full-featured manual controls

FiLMiC Pro is a new app that lets you take professional-grade photos with the awesome DSLR camera tool. You can adjust exposure, ISO settings, and more! The fully featured manual controls in this fantastic program allow for creative control of your photo shoot so give it a try today – no matter what type or level of photographer is looking to be.

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Convenient Aspect Ratio adjustable

To make video capture easier, Android users can use the adjustable aspect ratios in FiLMiC Pro. There are many presets available which should be suitable for different uses. For example, choose the standard HD Widescreen (16:9) for TV and monitor use. Or, capture videos with the Cinerama (2.59:1) setting for a more professional look. For an even wider angle, try out the Ultra Panavision (2.76:1) setting. The possibilities are endless!


Advanced audio features

FiLMiC Pro’s advanced stereo recording option gives you the ability to capture high-quality audio while shooting videos. Plus, you can also add external microphones to improve the captured audio quality. Quickly record your videos and make use of the adjustable audio gain to carefully tweak the collected sounds. Adjust the dynamic audio meter so you can easily capture the right sounds for your creative works.

Flexible and accessible encryption options

FiLMiC Pro allows you to choose from four different encoding options that will optimize your video for the web and give it a high-quality finish. For those looking at maximum speed, use FiLCM Extreme with files up to 100mbps in size! The FiLMiC Quality option is great if you need to export videos quickly and at lower file sizes. The Standard setting will let Android users work with our app even on their low-end devices, while Economy helps them achieve the best possible visual experience for all types of hardware by providing high-quality output in tandem with meaningful performance enhancements.

Support other 3rd party hardware

FiLMiC Pro has compatibility with many 3rd party apps that will allow you to make better videos. The app offers support for Moondog Labs Anamorphic Adapters, 35mm lens adapters, and Zhiyun Smooth 4 among others which is perfect if what your looking into doing involves film conversions!

Save and share your work online quickly

FiLMiC Pro offers a quick export and sharing option so you can easily have the app select what’s best for Facebook, Dropbox Vimeo. It also contains buttons that will allow it to be uploaded onto these platforms automatically!

Enjoy free and unlocked apps on our website

For all the Android users who have been bummed out about the FiLMiC Pro app being expensive on the Google Play Store, we’ve got great news! You can now get the free and unlocked version of the app on our website. That’s right – all of the premium features available in the app can be yours for absolutely no cost. Simply download the FiLMiC Pro APK from our website and follow the provided instructions to successfully install it. We know you’ll love being able to use all of the features without having to pay anything, so enjoy!


FiLMiC Pro is a great app for creating professional videos with your Android device. With features like advanced and effective editing options, this mobile software can help you create better content than ever before! You’ll also find it to be more accessible thanks to our free unlocked version of the program that’s available online on site too so download now if interested in learning how easy video-making has become today!

What's new

* Filmic Pro now includes LUT support 🎉
** Under the Imaging Panel there is a new LUT pane that allows import of up to 8 LUTs.
** We support .cube LUTs up to 65pt.
** You can choose to burn the LUT into final recording or display in preview only.
** Under the custom function list view there is a new LUT QAM available that makes applying and visualising LUTs easy.


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