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What You Need to Know about Metavoicer APK

Metavoicer is an industry-leading application that helps you convert text to speech with more than 900 professional actors offering near-realistic voices for all your speeches. This feature sets the app apart from its competitors as most only use robots with highly synthetic and unreliable voices.

Moreover, the application is small (around 127MB) and designed to avoid any errors while converting your text. It also works best on android devices that are running 5.0 or higher.

The game has numerous fake audio clips that you can use to prank your friends. You can even use it in games such as Call of Duty and PUBG. This diversity means that you won’t have to download several different apps to get everything you need – this app has it all!


What is Metavoicer APK?

Metavoicer is text-to-speech software that provides intelligent and natural speech synthesis. It employs artificial intelligence methods to give realistic and humanlike voices. The program can convert texts from a variety of languages into speech, using AI techniques as well. It’s available in more than 40 countries and includes over 60 dialects.

How Metavoicer APK Works

It is simple to use this software. Simply copy and paste, or type the text you wish to convert into speech. The program employs a proprietary technology that analyzes the text and generates a natural-sounding voice.

The app first retrieves the text you wish to convert. It then analyses the grammar, sentence structure, and tone of voice. Then it chooses a suitable voice and begins reading the text. Finally, it produces naturally played speech as a result of this conversion.

By clicking the “Save” button, you can save the converted speech as an audio file to either play later or share with friends.

To modify the reading speed, pitch, and volume, press the “Settings” button. Also available are different voices and languages.

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The app’s algorithms are updated all the time, ensuring that it delivers high-level accuracy. This precision is crucial, particularly if you’re using the program for business purposes.

metavoicer apk

Advantages of Using Metavoicer APK

  • Easy to Download and Set Up: The app is available for download from the Google Play Store, and installation takes only a few minutes.
  • Highly Intuitive User Interface: The app is designed with a simplistic interface that any user, whether experienced or not, can navigate through easily.
  • Helps You Meet Different Needs: This software may be used for both professional voice-overs as well as having some fun. It can be utilized in the creation of promotional advertising, including video commercials, radio jingles, and even video games.
  • Highly Affordable: Hiring a professional voice-over artist might be costly. Metavoicer provides a more cost-effective option while still maintaining high quality. The basic version is completely free, and the premium edition is quite reasonably priced!
  • Makes it Easy to Decipher Content: If you don’t enjoy reading novels, you may speak them or listen to them instead. As a result, when attempting to understand lengthy sections of text, you won’t have to strain your eyes. This function is also beneficial for kids who are learning how to read.

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Features of Metavoicer APK

  • Type and Speak: The program may read out any text you enter. Simply type in the phrase and the software will begin reading it right away.
  • Text to Speech: This app allows you to convert any written text into speech. Just copy & paste, choose your ideal narrator and click play.
  • Customize the Sound: You have complete control over the reading speed, pitch, and volume. You can also choose from a variety of sounds, including male and female voices.
  • Save as Audio File: You may save the converted speech as an MP3 file for later play. You may also export it to various devices for easy sharing. This is ideal if you only want to listen to the dialogue without using data or simply sharing it with others.
  • Create a Playlist: The playlist feature allows you to save different pieces of text for easy access. This is especially helpful when working on lengthy projects.
  • Unlock the Premium Version: For an upgraded experience that includes more voices and languages, as well as Advertisement-free service, consider purchasing the premium version. In-app prices range from $0.99 to $59.99 per item.
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MetaVoicer Mod APK

Multi-Lingual Support

This program supports a wide range of languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, and Chinese. This multiculturalism allows you to create material in other languages, allowing you to learn at the same time.

For example, you can convert Tamil text to Turkish, Swedish to Swahili, and Hindi to Hebrew. Metavoicer is always looking for ways to improve its language support in order to ensure the greatest user experience possible.

metavoicer apk premium

Nice interface, good sound

This app boasts excellent graphics that provide users with a realistic experience. The visuals are quite pleasing and help users stay focused while using the app.

Furthermore, the program features enveloping background music to assist you to unwind while listening to the converted speech. You can also alter the sound and narration pace to your liking.

Highly Interactive Prank Dialer

The app also serves as a prank dialer. You can use it to call your friends and family and pull pranks on them. They will be left wondering what is wrong with your voice!

To do this, all you have to do is select a voice and call. You may also share it on other social media sites. To make your joke even more hilarious, use different genders or languages!

Metavoicer MOD APK Free Download

The Metavoicer MOD APK premium gives you access to pro features without cost. It includes the following capabilities:

  • Metavoicer MOD APK All Unlocked: The app includes all features unlocked from the get-go. You’re able to use any of the available voices and languages without limits.
  • Metavoicer MOD APK (No Ads) Experience: You can use the app completely uninterrupted because it is free of ads.

You may get the MOD version from a variety of third-party sources. We recommend downloading it from our website because you will be certain that you are getting a safe and functional program. Also, make sure your phone’s settings allow downloads from unknown sources before going any further.


Metavoicer is a fantastic text-to-speech conversion program. It provides high-quality audio transformation with a variety of functions. The program is also ad-free and simple to use.

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