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The ultimate anime action RPG is here! DRAGON BALL LEGENDS puts the power of your favorite DRAGON BALL heroes in your hands! Epic 3D visuals and animations bring your collection of heroes to life: More than 400 characters to find and train to make your ultimate team for the battles ahead. Goku, Vegeta, Trunks, Piccolo, Frieza, Broly, Majin Buu and many other heroes and villains are waiting for you! Discover a new original story based off the brand-new character designed by Akira Toriyama, the mysterious Saiyan known as Shallot! Join Shallot and your favorite DRAGON BALL characters to help save the world!
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Apr 6, 2023
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Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK is a fighting game with high-definition 3D visuals developed by Bandai Namco in 2018, and the US was the first territory to receive it. The company claims that Dragon Ball Legends is set to release on a worldwide scale, available on Android and iOS app stores, in the same year.

Dragon Ball Legends has broken Bandai Namco’s full-time record with over 4.5 million subscriptions, according to a pre-launch campaign in March 2018 and surpassing the previous mark set by Dragon Ball Fusions. Everyone who pre-registered for this game will get Goku, Frieza, a unique character named Chrono Crystals, and other rewards. An item that may be used to summon gamers.

In addition, the all-new trio of heroes, Shallot, Zahha, and a mysterious guy, have been introduced to Dragon Ball Legends. While the game is free to download and play, you must spend money on items in order to improve your character’s power.

Dragon Ball Legends apk mod

Background Story

The plot of Dragon Ball Legends Mod Apk mirrors that of the manga and anime. We are all familiar with Goku’s and his pals’ adventures. On his journey, the boy (and later, after time skips, a man) has faced numerous difficult tasks. Goku and his friends have survived many perils to preserve the Earth.

Your childhood memories will come rushing back with Dragon Ball Legends. You’ll meet such legendary characters as Son Goku, Gohan, Piccolo, Krillin, and other supporting characters. Each of them has his own approach. When defending, be aware of the actors’ power and lives.

In the trailer, you might notice a strange individual. It’s possible that it was a Saiyan with an unusual hairstyle and garb. He is most likely Yamoshi, the first Saiyan to transform into Super Saiyan. He is regarded as the country’s founding legend. But Banco has not yet revealed whether this character is real or not.

Dragon Ball Legends

Special Features

Achieve Lockable Characters

In Dragon Ball, whether it’s comics, animation, or video games, there will always be new characters with distinct abilities. They’re frequently in the plot twists. In Dragon Ball Legends, players will have the ability to unlock a growing number of fighters for training and combat as they play through the game.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to simply unlock the figures you want by regular trading. Sometimes, you’ll need a lot of luck or may have to complete numerous tasks in order to earn the rewards of the character you desire.

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Dragon Ball Legends mod

Summon System

This is the most common method for you to get new heroes. To have any of the desirable characters in Dragon Ball Legends, players must use Chrono Crystals, which are a high-end currency in the game.

Despite the fact that you may effectively ignore characters that you already own, they are useful when you upgrade existing characters to the Z Power level. In addition, finishing story missions unlock new heroes.

In Pokémon GO, there are daily missions that you can complete to earn Z Power and Stardust. These short-term goals usually offer a tiny amount of Z Power to a certain number associated with the event once you’ve completed the first mission or completed the event quest. These tasks are typically easy, such as battling with a specific character ten times. So be sure to check the daily objectives on a regular basis and strive to maximize your earnings of powerful characters as much as possible.

Character Functions

In genuine manga, most characters practice or fight to increase their strength. As a result, there are several methods to boost the power of your chosen figures in Dragon Ball Legends. Let’s take a look at each one of them in detail.

Dragon Ball Legends MOD Download

Story EXP

The simplest approach to increase your power level is through STORY EXP. When you complete any story stage or event successfully, each animated character in your squad will gain experience points (EXP). You may continue doing these activities until the Energy runs out.

EXP Training

You may also level up the amount of EXP you gain via Training Weights by using Story EXP. There is also a Time Limit option, although it has not yet been implemented.

It’s important to note that characters in training can still participate in fights. As a result, you won’t have to worry too much about losing your best fighters midway through the game.

Dragon Ball Legends mod apk

Limit Breaks

Limit Breaks may be used to acquire Z Power from Summons or plot bonuses to increase a character’s overall strength.

Soul Boost

Users can also enhance their figures by unlocking new Boost Panels on the Soul Boost board. Users can only acquire new Boost Panels with Zeni and Soul by completing chapters in the storyline. In the Exchange Shop, users may exchange Rare Medals (received from quests and finishing the complete story challenge) for Soul.

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Interesting Gameplay

In Dragon Ball Legends Mod APK, you’ll battle in the 1v1 style with real-time combat and a selection of combat cards. The cards, on the other hand, are representative of the character’s abilities.

Each card contains its own unique attacks and random Dragon Balls. To activate that character’s best hegemony with major outcomes, you must gather a sufficient number of seven dragon balls.

In this playground, players will compete in a team of three characters drawn from the Dragon Ball universe. Players may use on-screen cards to activate a combat system that employs melee or ranged attacks. Players can also execute powerful combo assaults by synchronizing several cards. Each time a character is defeated, the next natural state enters the arena. The winner is the one who defeats all three members of the opponent’s team.

The game’s control scheme is relatively basic. With mobile devices or tablets, it’s quite easy. It is relatively simple to learn how to maneuver other players, but becoming a master is an unusual tale. Offline and PVP are the two prominent modes in Dragon Ball Legends.

Unlike other games, Dragon Ball Legends skills are unlocked by a card system, allowing you to mix and match a variety of abilities. And don’t worry, collecting all of the tips isn’t too difficult for you.

Graphics and Effects

Bandai Namco is a well-known game company for its excellent visuals. The graphics in Dragon Ball Legends are critical to the game’s success. When you play this game, it seems like you’re watching a real cartoon movie. The movements are very smooth, and the figures are extremely clear, just like the original version.

The audio quality is also fantastic, with everything being well spent and meticulous. The characters are said to have popular lines. The manner in which the figures are voice-activated is also consistent with the narrative’s situations. Legends’ expressions aren’t that dissimilar from what you see in anime or manga.

Final Words

If you feel that Dragon Ball Fighter Z or Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is the best game in this popular manga series, you’re mistaken. The fans have enjoyed the Dragon Baseball franchise for a long time, so Bandai Namco has always wanted to make many different versions of it.

The most recent Dragon Ball Legends release by Bandai Namco takes 1v1 online fighting to the next level with stunning and dramatic real-time action. The cards take the place of the characters’ abilities, allowing you to develop a variety of creative and powerful combos that you can play with your buddies.

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