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Join the next level of the 3D Among Us game - Super Sus: Who is the Impostor! The addictive free mobile game to socialize with local friends and those from worldwide offers you the unique experience of being Spacecrews, who struggle to prevent the spaceship from crashing while for impostors, killing crew mates is all they want.
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Apr 25, 2023
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Super Sus Mod Apk is a spaceship party game in which up to nine players may participate on a strange crew. Each crew member will be required to perform various ship maintenance activities, but one of them isn’t who they appear to be. The Impostor is one such individual, and his mission is to murder as many of the other players as possible before they are discovered. The controls in Super Sus Mod Apk are mainly used for touchscreen devices. By using your left thumb, you can move the crew around while performing different tasks with your right hand such as interacting with other features or Eliminating another teammate (if you’re the impostor). Each task that the team completes has its own mini-game.

About Super Sus Mod Apk

Who is the impostor?

We’ve all heard of the famous game Among Us, in which you must find the impostor. Super Sus is a strategic game with over ten million downloads. Its gameplay is similar, although it adds true 3D visuals to the mix. You may play with your existing friends and people from all around the world to locate the impostor together.

The spaceship is on the verge of colliding, but there’s an impostor within it that continues to kill other people. A new game mode called S3 Special Force has been added, which features a broad range of skins. You may select your desired role before the game begins, improve your abilities by completing tasks, and help locate the impostor.

super sus mod apk Unlimited Money

It was made as an online multiplayer game, with Squid Game, Among Us, and Werewolf themes. You have to beware of the impostor and neutral players in it. You have to complete many roles and tasks in the new version to win. We have provided all functions unlocked so you can choose your favorite one.

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You must pick your motivation for fighting, as there are numerous other characters to choose from, such as a battle to destroy, survive, and play and enjoy. There are many characters in it; one isn’t necessarily an impostor. You have access to the mod menu, which offers you limitless and unlocked capabilities in order to unmask the phony and defeat them.

There must be an impostor on board who is systematically murdering the crew members, and no one suspects a thing. As a result, you must take matters into your own hands and track him down. For free, we’ve also included a lot of money and other features. So go ahead and download the Super Sus Mod Apk version right away.

super sus mod apk unlocked all

Sensitivity challenge

This is a battle between psychology and intellect. If you play the part of an actual astronaut, you must find a way to survive. All you have to do as an impostor is avoid getting caught. You can pretend to be anybody at all. The goal is whether or not you know how to hide or be quick on your feet in order to identify who the bad guy is.

The primary objective is to safeguard the spacecraft, but each target’s behavior will vary considerably. You’ll most likely keep the craft in good shape. However, you could be the one who attacks the entire crew. The game is a battle of wits and psychology between players. To defend oneself, one must use every available opportunity to be clever in every action, word, and movement.

super sus mod apk new version

Clever reasoning

You will need to be very cautious and observant if you want to win at Ghost Wolf and Squid Game. Pay attention to the gestures and words of your teammates as well as other players. Try to focus and be careful in order to figure out who the impostor is. Even those who claim to be neutral need to be carefully vetted.

In Super Sus: Who Is Imposter, you have a conflict of impersonation, hiding, and neutrality. The analytical skills you acquire after each encounter are crucial. The game’s unusual character will appeal to players. You must remain watchful at all times and cautious in every activity and decision. But you won’t realize when you’ll be destroyed until it happens. Suspense and suspicion are the main hues of Super Sus.

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super sus mod apk

Difficult task

There are many different missions and challenges that players must overcome. A ten-member team will have very different activities. However, handling your teammates’ tasks is the best suggestion for you to find the traitor. You need to pass the requirements of the quests to bring more gifts. Super Sus designs many exciting ways to enjoy.

Your character’s outfit is also a very important aspect of the game. With so many bright colors to choose from, be bold and pick a company that suits your personality. A favorite company will also make you much more confident in battle. Do not forget to accumulate Gimmicks, which are extremely valuable and can be used to reverse harmful situations. This feature can let you take control of the situation and turn the tide in an emergency. So this is your chance to protect yourself and keep fighting.

super sus mod apk Mega Menu

Communication in the game

Super Sus – Who Is Impostor is popular with players because it has a direct dialogue feature. This is like having a panic button if you discover someone is an imposter. You just need to turn on the conversation function to be able to speak up and point out your opponent. Everyone in the game will be able to hear you talking. The player is now caught in this live trap, but it will not last indefinitely. The game mentality of the players will undergo a significant shift as they become aware of each other’s existence. With the many personalities of each character, the game is even more interesting.


The Super Sus Mod Apk is a game that deals with both internal and external obstacles. In the game, you are in a ship that is about to crash but there is an impostor who is killing the other crew members. You have to find him as soon as possible before he destroys everyone on board. Download now to start playing and see if you can find the impostor in Super Sus Mod Apk!

What's new

New Spacecrew Role: Hunter
- Can take someone out when gets voted out


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