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Combat Quest is a full-throttle roguelike RPG in an incredible fantasy setting. Go ahead, monster hunter: embark on an epic quest and explore the world of magic! But be careful! The adventures you face can be dangerous. Get ready for ferocious monsters, strong bosses, all kinds of weapons, archery, a quest in a mysterious dungeon and lots of magic.
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Apr 13, 2023
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In Combat Quest Mod APK, players will spend their time progressing through levels filled with monsters and archer characters with impressive skills. You can easily access the controls to guide your protagonist and confront many different types of monsters. The character’s power system is determined by various factors, so you will need to upgrade them and create an optimal combination of skills and stats.

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Introduce About Combat Quest Mod APK

Combat Quest is simple to understand but difficult to master. You’ll need to spend some time learning the ropes before you can become a true champion.

Join the Fight Against Evil

With the never-ending increase in Combat Quest monsters, the world is screaming out for a hero. Luckily, you decide to be that powerful opponent and utilize a bow against various size creatures. Not only this, but any player can easily understand and control the character with one button on their screen. The character will automatically attack whenever they sense an enemy nearby. The game allows you to easily control your character with one hand, and if you have played similar games like Archero, then the gameplay will be approachable. You’ll be moving around inside the environment, attacking enemies while simultaneously trying to dodge their attacks. Over time, as you get more practice, your ability to handle tougher situations will increase.

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Face Your Fears

You will start out by playing a tutorial level of Combat Quest in order to get familiar with the mechanics. The game screen is usually divided into rooms, and after you defeat all the enemies in one room, the door to the next area opens. You don’t have to worry about picking up gold or experience because it’s automatically collected after each match. Just focus on killing all the monsters. They each have different traits that you’ll need to learn how to beat.

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There are two main types of monsters: normal monsters and bosses. You can usually tell which is which by looking at the health bar, bosses often have more extensive bars than regular monsters. Each monster also has its own unique attack pattern, so over time you’ll learn to recognize them and how to dodge their attacks easily. That’s useful because as you level up, enemies will deal more damage and there will be more of them attacking at once.

Level up Your Skills to Level up Your Strength

One of the defining features of a game like Combat Quest Mod APK is the skill system that allows your character to grow in power as they progress through the game. After each level up, you will be presented with three new skills to choose from, and you can view their information before making your decision. Additionally, if you happen to come across a skill you’ve already chosen before, you can select it again to further increase its effects. However, each Skill can only be upgraded a limited number of times. Players will find a system of weapons and skills to defeat powerful enemies. Your damage can increase when equipped with high-rarity weapons, which are distinguished by color. At the same time, the game offers a passive skill system for players to unlock at random. Therefore, you will choose an appropriate skill set for the battle and upgrade your character’s strength effectively.

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Feature of Battle Quest MOD APK

  • With multiple levels and a range of difficulties, you’ll never be bored playing this game.
  • The world is a huge place with so much to explore!
  • With many dungeon modes and endless progression, this game has it all.
  • Among the best 3D graphics you’ll find.
  • Hundreds of tough opponents and monstrosities.
  • There is a lot of grinding, upgrading and choosing the gear set that best suits you when it comes to weapons and equipment.
  • There are plenty of combat skills to choose from – see if you can find some killer combos.
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Is it easy to be in charge?

The gameplay is easy to follow and players will not have any trouble fighting. In the first play, players will be guided step-by-step with details so they can memorize them. Also, the game supports multi-language translation in case you’re worried about foreign language barriers.

Who is Combat Quest MOD APK suitable for?

The game is easy to play and has uncomplicated controls, which makes it good for most players. Note that there is an age requirement to participate. You must be over 10 years old to join in the fun. The game includes pictures that might not be appropriate for younger children.

Does the game cost money?

The games on UpToMods are free to download, and the MOD version also comes with many other great features. So you can play without worrying about costs or money problems!


Combat Quest Mod APK is a great game for those who are looking for a challenge. It’s easy to learn but difficult to master, and it’s perfect for those who enjoy spending their time upgrading their stats and skills. If you’re looking for a new game to play, we highly recommend giving Combat Quest Mod APK a try.

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What's new

- Stability improved and bugs fixed



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