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Stickman Action Game - Anger of Stick 5 : Zombie
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May 11, 2023
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Take a step into the shoes of your favorite superhero and fight against an endless supply of zombies in this stick-fighting game. Gather friends to take on challenges with you, from basic battles all way up through epic brawls! With multiple levels that get more challenging as they go along, there will always be something new waiting just around every corner – so come find out what it could be today by downloading now at Google Play Store!”


Introducing Anger of stick 5: zombie

You are about to enter the world of fighting where your reflexes will be tested and all you need is one decisive blow. You can pick up different abilities as you go, but beware: there are some tough opponents in this game! Get ready to fight the threats of the zombie apocalypse with this free, Action RPG game. Earn epic rewards and save Stick City from destruction in Anger Of Stick 5: Zombie MOD APK!

When a group of enemies appear in the city and plan to take over it through their evil experiments, most people have been turned into mindless zombies that now roam around. Knowing this fact you decide to join other quests with your friends on taking them out before they cause any more damage!


The game is divided into two different worlds, the normal world where you play as a stick figure and battle against enemies using your skills; however, there are also other places called “Zombie City” which contain some of the nastiest zombies around! You’ll find yourself caught up in internal conflicts when cities slowly fall apart because it’s not just about saving oneself anymore – every person must work together if they want any chance at survival.

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Explore the features of Anger of stick 5: zombie

Simple shooter experience

Though the game’s tutorials will help you get started, it is still easy enough for even a casual gamer to jump right in. With simple controls and intuitive instructions available at your fingertips as well as an ever-increasing series of levels with increasingly difficult challenges waiting just around each corner – what more could any Android gaming fan want?

If you’re looking for a game that will allow your skills to grow while providing an addictive experience with challenging missions, then look no further than this awesome 3D platformer. Not only does it have intuitive side-scrolling gameplay but also 2d bosses and other obstacles on the road ahead!


Your trusted colleagues support you in your adventures

The game’s protagonist, the anger of stick 5 allows players to select one or more recruitable fighters from a vast array. These are some great heroes that you can bring along on your challenges to help make things easier! The companions you recruit to follow your journey will have their unique skills and abilities. Make use of these in battles, because only 3 can join at once! You’ll need teamwork if want succeeds against the foes that await on every level – but don’t worry; with some clever strategy or lucky chance encounters things might turn out pretty well for all four parties involved after all.

Collect various weapons and gears on your journey

But the weapons are not all you will find on your journey. The game also features a variety of different gear that can be picked up during gameplay such as melee and ranged, with varied powers like pistols or rifles to help fight off enemies in front-line combat situations! So make sure when collecting these items from fallen foes they’re equipped properly because if not then there might just end up being another loss for someone else. The game features an ultimate robot with absolute defense and offense capabilities as well as each weapon or gear in the world having its upgrade options. You can pick your favorite ones to make use of devastating power against enemies!

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Choose your buff to gain an advantage over enemies

The player will find themselves picking up the toughest and nastiest opponents in Anger of Stick 5. To deal with these challenges, it is natural that you might need a little help from time to time; besides being backed by reliable guys on your team who are fighting alongside you – there’s also a variety of buffs available for Android gamers which can be collected during gameplay!

Discover exciting RPG development elements

The game features an unusual mix of RPG elements that will be sure to please fans. You can level up your character using EXP earned from battles, and complete missions for them to progress through different stages! As you defeat enemies and explore new areas, your character will learn skills to help them in their quest. These upgrades apply to all of the fighters on-screen which means that even a fellow companion could have some training too!


Enjoy the exciting game modes

The latest addition to the Anger of Stick series, the 5th iteration features Android gamers with an opportunity for exciting single-player challenges in a new RPG game mode. This fun and easy interface that’s perfect if you want some time alone or just need something different from your routine! The endless challenges of the game modes where you can put your skills and abilities to test are waiting just for you.

Get various events and achievements to complete

Nothing beats winning. And for those who are interested in competing against other players, this game features a variety of events and achievements that can’t be found anywhere else! You’ll have to take on the awesome challenges before you unlock unique rewards- so don’t miss out on these epic opportunities if they suit your fancy (or gaming skills).


The Anger of Stick 5 is a free game, but there are still ads and in-app purchases that might be annoying. If you’re not satisfied with your adventure through the fifth level on this modded version though we have fully unlocked gameplay for those who want more from their time spent playing angry birds! With the Anger of Stick 5 Mod, you can have an unlimited supply of money and remove all ads from your favorite game. The APK is easy to download on our website so just follow these instructions!

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