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Vodobanka is a simple tactical game where you have to control a swat team. It has no ads or microtransactions.
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Mar 30, 2023
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1.02b 300323
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In the new season of Vodobanka Pro APK, you’ll be leading a swat team in an intricate series of quests. You and your squad will have to invent efficient strategies and level up quickly to progress through the game. Making decisions in-game also helps your squad find objects hidden away in dark rooms. Although the scope of this campaign is grand, a miniature map will give you a god’s eye view of everything happening so that you can better direct your team. Take on our challenges and unlock new levels with the updated version today!

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Introduce Vodobanka Pro

As a member of Vodobanka Pro APK, you will play the role of detective and be in charge of your team’s success. You will need to develop a strategy and make the best possible moves to complete your mission. Your goal is to rescue trapped victims from thieves lurking in the shadows. Only when you shine a light on these suspects will you be able to apprehend them. Your team of agents must work together efficiently to the corner and neutralize all threats. By doing so, you can ensure that everyone makes it out safely.

Highligt features of Vodobanka Pro

Compare and contrast different types of maps

The rooms in Vodobanka Pro will not be vastly different from one another. They will all be dark and contain the same types of furniture and appliances. Thanks to the darkness, many objects will escape your notice and make your search take longer. However, the room textures are so familiar and repeatable that you can quickly learn and absorb the terrain. Play as a control character and have specific strategies to find the rest quickly.

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Vodobanka Pro full

Join the campaign at your preferred level

What’s great about Vodobanka Pro is that each level presents new challenges. Players will face multiple levels of difficulty, with tasks that change and renew daily. You’ll need to set goals in order to complete the objectives assigned by the system. The campaign features two teams in competition with one another. Be proactive, find and destroy enemies who are trying to escape as quickly as possible.

Production system providing specialized support

Vodobanka Pro’s interface is geared more towards simplicity and neglects the smaller details. The colors in the game are subdued and work together to form different rooms. The characters are simplistic, only made with a few strokes, donning small hats and guns. As they explore new rooms, flashlights will automatically light up to help guide them along their way. Performance-wise, movements in the game have notably increased speed-wise.

Our search feature gives you the best experience possible

Vodobanka Pro is proud to introduce new levels and changes in the coming weeks. Assigned tasks will be more comprehensive and updated daily, providing you with a unique space to explore. Many rooms will have structural changes which mean players need to search for dark spots carefully in order to complete a set number of tasks. Join the expedition today and receive many rewards for your participation!

Vodobanka Pro apk

Key features

  • You play the role of the protagonist in this campaign, searching for and destroying opponents hiding in a house with many rooms. Start your search from smaller spaces to quickly finish the game.
  • When the game starts, you will be assigned tasks by the system. Once you have completed the required amount, you can leave and enjoy.
  • Rewards await you as progress through the game levels and take on different bosses. Special perks will make your gaming experience even more unique!
  • Engage with the game by progressing through its levels and encountering increasingly difficult puzzles. You won’t be able to exit until you finish the mission.
  • The system’s interface is a seamless blend of images and sounds that makes for an immersive gaming experience with no lagging or performance issues.
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What's new

- New user levels
- Small changes
- Bug fixes


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